Business and Career Center Policy
at Skokie Public Library

The primary purpose of Skokie Public Library meeting rooms and business center is to provide facilities for Library activities and functions. When the rooms are not needed for Library use, they may be made available as a designated and limited forum for meetings and programs as described below.

The Business and Career Center on the second floor is for business and career assistance uses. The Center, a suite of three rooms, is available when not needed for Library functions free of charge on an equitable basis to all Skokie-based businesses that have a Skokie Public Library business card. Permission to use the Business Center does not constitute in any way an endorsement by the Library of any business or its activities, or the viewpoints expressed by the participants in any meeting. Primarily social functions are not permitted.

Businesses wishing to use the Library’s Business Center must comply with the Library’s procedures and rules of use.

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Conference and Committee Rooms

Anyone with a valid Skokie Public Library business card may use the two smaller rooms for private business meetings and individual appointments.

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Large Meeting Room

The large meeting room may be reserved for professional education, training, or networking events through a qualifying business-related nonprofit organization. Qualifying organizations are classified as 501(c)(6) organizations by the Internal Revenue Service.

No direct solicitation of goods or services, sale of merchandise, order placement, or demonstrations or showcasing of products to the public are permitted in the large meeting room or elsewhere on Library property. Any presentation intended for the public must meet the requirements above for Meeting Rooms. Organizations wishing to conduct business-oriented training at a nominal fee may make arrangements to do so through a qualifying 501(c)(6) organization, and may publicize such an event only to members of the sponsoring organization, with the understanding that no money will be collected by the Library.

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Adopted January 11, 2012

Revised: 7/11/12