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How do I reserve a computer?

Who can use the Internet computers?
Do I have to make an advance reservation?
How can I make a reservation?
What if I am late or miss my reservation?
What are the time limits?
What if no one else wants to use the computer? Can I continue to use it?
Where can I use Internet and Microsoft Office programs?
What if I need to step away from my computer?
How is my privacy protected?
I have more questions. Who do I ask for help?
How do I reserve time in the Digital Media Lab?

Who Can Use the Internet Computers?

Any patrons who are high school age and above can log in to the Internet computers in the adult areas of the Library. To log in, you will need one of the following cards:

  • Valid Skokie Public Library card in good standing
  • Library card from a member library
  • Computer Use Only card

Computer Use Only cards are available to adult patrons who live outside Skokie and would like to have regular Internet access at the Library. To obtain a Computer Use Only card, request the short application form at the East or West Circulation Desk. You will need to show one photo I.D. and you will be issued a card on the spot.

Patrons who do not have any of the above cards may obtain a Guest Pass by showing an I.D. to the Patron Technology Assistant in the Computer Commons. This pass entitles the user to one-time use only. If you intend to use the Library's Internet computers regularly, a permanent card is required.

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Do I Have to Make an Advance Reservation?

You can walk in without a reservation and log in to any computer not in use. Simply enter your library card barcode number, agree to the Internet Usage Policy, and your session will begin.

To ensure that a computer will be available for you when you need it, you may make a reservation up to seven days in advance by calling the Computer Commons at 847.324.3179. Only one reservation per day is permitted.

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How Can I Make a Reservation?

If all computers are in use, you can make a reservation for the next available computer or a specific computer at the Reservation Station located next to the Technology Help Desk. The computers in the Computer Commons, Scanners, and Computer Classroom areas are available for reservations. Please note that only one reservation per day is permitted.

To make a reservation at the Library, use the Reservation Station:

  • Click Next Available or Future Reservation.
  • Type in your barcode number.
  • Select PC Area in which you would like to work (Computer Commons, Computer Classroom, Scanenrs).
  • Click Accept Reservation.
  • Collect your printed receipt. This receipt will indicate the time of your reservation and the computer to which you have been assigned.

To make a reservation from home or work:

  • Call the Adult Computer Lab at 847.324.3179.
  • Have your library card or Computer Use Only card on hand. The Computer Lab Assistant will request the barcode number from you.

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What If I am Late or Miss My Reservation?

The system holds reservations for ten minutes. After ten minutes, the reservation will be deleted and the computer will be made available to another user.

If you arrive early for your reservation and your assigned computer is available, you may log in. If your assigned computer is in use, you may wait until your reservation time or you may exchange your reservation at another available computer.

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What are the Time Limits?

Most Internet computers throughout the second floor allow one hour of usage with the option to extend the time if no one is waiting. Express Internet computers, located in the Computer Commons have a time limit of 30 minutes. No reservations or time extensions are offered on these computers.

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What if No One Else Wants to Use the Computer? Can I Continue to Use It?

If no one else has reserved the computer, you may extend your session for 30 minutes at a time. You will be offered this option near the end of your session. If your computer has been reserved and you are not offered a time extension, you may move to another available computer and log in.

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Where Can I Use Internet and Microsoft Office Programs?

The Library has a variety of Internet-accessible computers. Availability of specific programs varies by location.

  • Full-service Internet computers are located in the Computer Commons and Computer Classroom. These computers include:
    Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher), OpenOffice, Audacity, PDF Creator, and other utilities for image editing and productivity.
  • Express Internet computers, located in the Computer Commons, include:
    Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher), and OpenOffice.
  • Laptop computers include:
    Internet Explorer , Firefox, and Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher).

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What If I Need to Step Away from My Computer?

Use the system's "Lock" feature to save your computer. When you click "Lock," you will be asked to supply a personal identification number (PIN). You may assign any number of your choosing. A screen saver will appear that indicates the computer is in use so that no other patrons may use it in your absence. When you return, enter your PIN and resume working. Please note that your time is still counting down while you are in "Lock" mode.

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How is My Privacy Protected?

It is Skokie Public Library's practice to erase all files of patron records, except those absolutely essential for Library use. When a computer session is ended, all information about that session is deleted. It is not possible for the Library to retrieve any information, including websites visited, passwords or credit card numbers entered, or any other data entered by the patron. After 24 hours, all computer log-in and reservation records are erased.

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I Have More Questions. Who Do I Ask for Help?

ThePatron Technology Assistant on duty is available to answer any questions you have about the system.

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How Do I Reserve Time in the Digital Media Lab?

The Digital Media Lab is available to Skokie Public Library cardholders who are high school age and above. Two-hour reservations can be made with extended time if no one else is waiting. When you check in at the 2nd floor Adult Computer Lab, please have your Skokie Public Library card and a photo ID ready. You will be given a security access card to gain entry into the Digital Media Lab. This card must be returned when you are done. To make a reservation, please speak to a computer lab assistant at the 2nd floor Adult Computer Lab or call 847.324.3179.

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