Deepa Mehta
Featured Director

Deepa Mehta’s recent movie Water debuted at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival to a standing ovation and since has earned much critical acclaim.  It is the final installment in her elemental trilogy, which includes Fire (1996) and Earth (1998).  Fire takes place in contemporary India, exploring marriage and lesbianism.  Earth tells Photothe story of the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947.  Water, set in late 1930’s India, focuses on an 8-year-old widow sent to live on an ashram where her presence affects the lives of other residents.  Born in Amritsar, India, Mehta moved to Canada in 1973.  Her other feature films include The Republic of Love (2003), an examination of contemporary relationships; Bollywood/Hollywood (2002), a clever spoof on Indian film culture; and the offbeat road picture Camilla (1994).  Mehta is a brave and innovative filmmaker.  She tackles controversial subjects and creates strong roles for women.

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