Our Favorite Actors
... selected by Skokie Public Library staff

Skokie Public Library staff was asked to name their favorite actors or actresses. The following is a list of their choices. Click on the names of the actors to view a list of movies that they have directed, acted in, produced, or written. All items on the list are owned by the Library.



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Steve Buscemi
James Caan
Keith Carradine
Sean Connery
John Cusack
Daniel Day-Lewis
Robert De Niro
Johnny Depp
Clint Eastwood
Ralph Fiennes
Morgan Freeman
James Garner
Mel Gibson
Cary Grant
Rupert Graves
Tom Hanks
Ethan Hawke
Tobey Maguire
Ian McKellen
Jack Nicholson
Clive Owen
Al Pacino
Anthony Perkins
Brad Pitt
Robert Redford
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Steven Seagal
Peter Sellers
James Stewart
Spencer Tracy
John Wayne
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Stockard Channing
Katharine Hepburn
Holly Hunter
Grace Kelly
Nicole Kidman
Frances McDormand
Meryl Streep
Loretta Young
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