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The Skokie Public Library collection includes thousands of DVDs, Blu-rays, and VHS videos — both feature films and nonfiction films. The Library also has a large collection of foreign films.  DVDs and Blu-rays new to the collection are restricted to Skokie Public Library cardholders. All DVDs, Blu-rays and videos may be checked out for one week. DVDs, Blu-rays, and videos may be reserved by Skokie Public Library cardholders.

View a list of recently released and soon to be released films on DVD. The Library shows a variety of feature films each month. Several times each day, a documentary, travelogue, or artistic performance is shown on the screen in the Movies, Music & More area of the Library.

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Staff Recommendations

Web resourceAnnual Staff Film Picks

Skokie Public Library staff members have selected their favorite DVDs and Blu-rays viewed last year. And, in case you missed them, it's not too late to see our Annual Staff Picks for books, films, and music from 2002 to the present!

Web resourceMovie Lists

Skokie Public Library staff have created many thematic lists of movies found in the Library’s collection. From "Funny Films" to "War Films" you're sure to find a list to match your interests.

Web resourceMovie Recommendations

Skokie Public Library staff have written hundreds of short reviews of some favorite and recommended movies found in the Library’s collection. You can browse the reviews by title, actor, director, genre, language, or reviewer.

Web resourceNational Film Registry

In 1988, under the terms of the National Film Preservation Act, the Library of Congress established the National Film Registry a collection of films exhibiting exceptional, aesthetic, cultural, or historic value. Each year, approximately one thousand films from the Library's archive are nominated for inclusion in the Registry. The Librarian of Congress and the National Film Preservation Board select twenty-five of those films for preservation and/or restoration. Many of these titles are available at Skokie Public Library. To view the entire list of films, visit the National Film Registry. To view a list of National Film Registry titles held by the Library, visit our catalog.

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Award-Winning Films

Web resourceAcademy Awards

The Academy Awards (the Oscars) are given out each year by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. provides a wealth of information about Oscar nominees and winners past and present. Test your Oscar knowledge with the trivia challenge, check out the answers to frequently asked questions, and view photos of past Oscar ceremonies to trace the evolution of Oscar style.

Web resourceBritish Academy of Film and Television Arts

BAFTA honors outstanding work in the film industry. Although films from other countries are included in the BAFTA awards, the best British film and best newcomer to the British film industry are honored with special awards. BAFTA also hosts a separate ceremony to honor "excellence in British television."

Web resourceChicago Film Critics Association

The Chicago Film Critics Awards were first given out in 1989 and continue to be presented annually to "outstanding film works, performances and individuals." The CFCA site includes information about past award winners, a list of this year's nominees, and brief information about the critics who actually vote for the awards.

Web resourceGolden Globes

The Golden Globes honor outstanding work in film and television and are awarded each January by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The Golden Globe awards are often a good indication of Oscar favorites (the Oscars are awarded in March). Current and past winners are highlighted in a photo and video gallery.

Web resourceScreen Actors Guild Awards

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are relatively new and are designed to recognize excellence in acting in film and television by both individuals and ensembles. The awards are presented each March and are televised live. The SAG website profiles past winners, current nominees, and previous Life Achievement Award winners.

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Film Festivals

Web resourceCannes Film Festival

The first Festival de Cannes was held in 1946 and was designed to "reveal and focus attention on works of quality in order to contribute to the progress of the motion picture arts." An international jury awards prizes each May to deserving feature films and shorts. The website includes a list of past winners, information about the jury, profiles of films and artists, as well as video of past Red Carpet ceremonies and news conferences.

Web resourceChicago International Film Festival

The Chicago International Film Festival is the "oldest North American competitive international film festival" and has been held since 1964. The festival highlights new filmmakers and awards their artistry. Recognition is given to feature films, first and second time directors, documentaries and short films. The website includes a schedule of events and ticket information.

Web resourceToronto International Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival has been spotlighting films from all over the world for over 25 years. The festival showcases the best in contemporary film. Awards include People's Choice, Best Canadian Feature Film, and the Discovery Award (given to a new director). The website provides festival schedules and travel information.

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Foreign Films

Web resourceForeign Film Collection at Skokie Public Library

Skokie Public Library has films in different languages from many countries.  These materials are shelved in the Movies, Music & More room and may be checked out for one week.  The Library also owns books in a number of other languages.

Aboriginal films Greek films Peruvian films
Afghan films Hebrew films Polish films
Afrikaans films Hindi films Portuguese films
Albanian films Hungarian films Punjabi films
Algerian films Icelandic films Purepecha films
Arabic films Indian films Romanian films
Argentinian films Indonesian films Russian films
Armenian films Inuktitut films Sanskrit films
Australian films Iranian films Serbian films
Austrian films Iraqi films Serbo Croatian films
Bambara films Irish films Slovenian films
Bangla films Israeli films Spanish films
Belgian films Italian films Swedish films
Bengali films Japanese films Swiss-German films
Bhutanese films Jula films Tagalog films
Bolivian films Kazajo films Taiwanese films
Brazilian films Kinyarwanda films Tajik films
Bulgarian films Korean films Tamashek films
Canadian films Kurdish films Tamil films
Cantonese films Kyrgyzstani films Telugu films
Chinese films Macedonian films Thai films
Colombian films Malayalam films Tibetan films
Cuban films Mandarin films Tsotsi-Taal films
Czech films Mayan films Tunisian films
Danish films Mexican films Tupi films
Dutch films Mongolian films Turkish films
Egyptian films Moroccan films Urdu films
Farsi films Nepali films Vietnamese films
Filipino films New Zealand films Welsh films
Finnish films Norwegian films Wolof films
Flemish films Pakistani films Yiddish films
French films Palestinian films Yugoslavian films
Georgian films Pashtu films Zulu films
German films Persian films  

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General Sites

Web resourceAll Movie

This site includes features that change periodically. It highlights such things as movies of the 60s. Check out the movie trivia and the list of upcoming releases.

Web resourceAmerican Film Institute

The American Film Institute works to advance and preserve “the art of the moving image.” To this end they have produced lists such as “AFI’s100 Years…100 Movies” highlighting some of the greatest American movies. Other lists highlight great thrillers, comedies, and stars.

Web resourceInternet Movie Database

The Internet Movie Database is possibly the most comprehensive movie site available. Search for movies by titles, actors, directors, characters, plots, and more. Features include biographical information for actors and directors, movie awards and nominations, links to external reviews, writing credits, release dates and ratings, and much more.

Web provides a summary of movie reviews, both positive and negative, from a variety of sources. Other features include lists of new movies playing in theaters, the latest DVD releases, and popular trailers.


In addition to basic information about current and upcoming movies, provides DVD reviews and a video rental guide. Extensive reviews are provided for some titles.

Web resourceVideoETA

Want to know when a movie will be available on DVD or video? VideoETA provides release dates, summaries, "news & rumors," and a lot more. The website is searchable by title, actor, director, and month of release. There is an "In Theaters" section that gives information on the newest theatrical releases and a "Star Profiles" section that provides short biographies and filmographies.

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Movie Ratings and Guides for Parents

Web resourceCommon Sense Media

Common Sense Media uses a 5-point system to rate movies for children by levels of violence; sex; language; consumerism; drinking, drugs, and smoking; message; and role models. Explanations of the nature of the rating are brief and to the point. In addition, a review and a synopsis are provided for each film, a scale illustrating recommended ages for viewers, and a paragraph describing "What Parents Need to Know" about the film with suggested talking points for families.

Web resourceIMDB

To find the parents' guide, search for a movie title and look at the sidebar on the left side of the results page. The IMDB parents' guide provides "movie viewers additional informaiton about the title that cannot be fully conveyed using a rating system."

Web resourceMotion Picture Association Film Ratings

The Motion Picture Association of America's voluntary rating system was started in 1968 and continues to be an important way for moviegoers to gauge the age-suitability of a movie.

Web resourceMovie Mom's Reviews

Movie Mom's Reviews is a compilation of reviews written by Nell Minow, a film critic who is featured on radio stations in the U.S. and Canada. Current and older movies are reviewed. You can browse for a specific title or generate lists of movies sorted by appropriate age group. Minow has included some tips for parents and some guidelines for watching TV and movies.

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Movie Reviews

Web resourceChicago Reader on Film

The Chicago Reader offers full reviews of movies currently playing in Chicago area theaters. Over 10,000 "capsule reviews" are provided for older movies as well as current releases. The main reviewer for the site is Chicago Reader film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum.

Web resourceChicago Sun-Times Movie Reviews

Roger Ebert provides reviews of both new and old films. The review archive dates back to 1985 and is searchable by title or name. This site also includes such features as: Ebert's list of "Great Movies," Movie Answer Man, and One Minute reviews.

Web resourceJinni

Jinni is an easy- to-use resource for movie and TV show recommendations. It allows you to browse topics by plot, genres, setting, time period, place, mood, and more.

Web resourceMetacritic

Metacritic is a comprehensive movie site. Reviews are provided for new and older releases and a numerical rating is assigned to each film based on a 10-point scale. Reviews are gathered from a variety of sources including a number of newspapers, magazines and websites.

Web resourceMovie Recommendations ...Skokie Public Library Staff Reviews

Take a look at movie reviews written by staff at Skokie Public Library!

Web resourceMovie Review Query Engine

The Movie Review Query Engine allows you to search for reviews on current and older releases. The database contains over 26,000 reviews from a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites.

Web resourceNanocrowd

This movie search engine uses a technology called “Reaction Mapping™” to interpret and analyze comments people write about movies from all over the Web. With these insights about what movies are about and what people think about them, Nanocrowd generates recommendations.

Web resourceRotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes offers over 87,000 titles and 200,000 review links in its database. Movies are rated on a scale that ranges from "Fresh" (Good) to "Rotten" (Bad). Reviews are gathered from a variety of approved "Tomatometer" reviewers.

Web resourceTasteKid

Type in your favorite stuff and get instant recommendations. This includes favorite movies, TV shows, musician, authors, and books. There are helpful tabs to restrict search results as well as summaries and links to more information.

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