Films of Jewish Interest: Feature Films
Movie Recommendations

After the War. Not rated. 1989. DVD 791.4572 AFT TV
"The first time I saw Joe Hirsch, it was as though he'd come to find me." So thinks young Michael Jordan when a refugee student from Nazi-occupied Europe arrives at St. George's School in England, 1942. Michael and Joe share little in common. Michael is from a middle-class English family, while Joe has known only fear and isolation in Europe. Eventually, their shared Jewish heritage creates a bond between them. Their paths cross repeatedly over the years; they are "friendly enemies," yet their rivalry takes on dangerous tones when the love of one woman becomes the prize. One man is now willing to risk everything to win her for himself; the other will stop at nothing to prevent it.
Alan & Naomi. PG. 1991. DVD A Drama
Fourteen-year-old Alan Silverman, a skinny, rebellious kid who'd rather play stickball than become a good Samaritan, tries to hide his friendship with Naomi, a young refugee traumatized by the Nazis.
The Assisi Underground. PG. 1985. DVD A Drama
Padre Rufino helps Jewish refugees as the Germans begin to occupy Italy.
Atalia. Not rated. 1985. VHS A World
Set on Israeli kibbutz in 1973, this film depicts the relationship between a 40-year-old war widow and an 18-year-old man who has been rejected from the Israeli army for health reasons. Hebrew with English subtitles.
Au Revoir les Enfants (Goodbye, Children). PG. 1987. DVD A World (French)
Based on the director's life, this film chronicles Louis Malle's experiences during the German occupation of France in World War II. French with English subtitles.
Auditions. Not rated. 1995. DVD A World (Hebrew)
The story of young actors pursuing different paths, battling for survival and struggling for success. Every day is the performance of a lifetime in the world of auditions, a place where hopes run high and dreams are shattered.
Aviya's Summer. Not rated. 1988. DVD A World (Hebrew)
Presents Gila Almagor's autobiographical film about a Holocaust survivor who immigrates with her daughter to the newly founded Israeli state. Aviya is a spunky 10 old year girl who, like her mother, is a survivor in the face of persecution.
The Barbecue People. Not rated. 2003. DVD B World (Hebrew)
An Israeli immigrant family is celebrating Independence Day in 1988 by having a small barbecue, but things soon get out of hand.
Ben Hur. Not rated. 1927. VHS B Religious
The classic story of the young Jewish nobleman and his nemesis, a Roman centurion, set against the backdrop of the life of Jesus.
Ben-Hur. G. 1959. DVD B Drama
A prince of Judea leads his nation against the wrath of the conquering Romans. His self-imposed destiny brings tragedy to himself and his people, as he learns to fight, to love, to hate and, finally, to forgive.
Berlin Jerusalem. Not rated. 1989. DVD B World (Multilingual)
This moving drama of the birth of Israel focuses on two women: Else Lasker-Schuler, a German poet, and Tania Shohat, a Russian revolutionary. They meet first in Berlin, where utopian ideals and fear of the Nazis force their escape to Palestine. Reunited in Jerusalem, they confront a harsh reality in the city idealized in their dreams. In German, Hebrew, Arabic, and other languages with English subtitles.
Beyond the Walls. R. 1984. VHS B World
Focuses on the struggle between Arabs and Jews within the confines of an overcrowded Israeli prison. Hebrew with English subtitles.
Big Hit see Shlagger.
Birth of a Golem. Not rated. 1990. DVD B World (French)
This totally original dreamlike film "notebook" features Annie Lennox of The Eurythmics in an imaginative exploration of the Golem myth. The myth of the statue made of clay that comes to life becomes a platform for a parable about the art of filmmaking and the creative process.
Black Book. R. 2006. DVD B World (Dutch)
Rachel, a young Jewish girl hiding from the Nazi's during World War II in The Netherlands, sees her hiding place blown up. She escapes with her rescuer, a young sailor, but the boat sails into a trap set by the Germans. She escapes and joins the resistance, and under the false name Ellis de Vries she meets SS-hauptsturmführer Ludwig Muntze on a train smuggling weapons and soon they fall in love.
Blue la-Hofesh ha-Gadol (Late Summer Blues). Not rated. 1987. VHS L World
Students are on summer break between their final exams and their induction into the Israeli army. When the first of their friends to be inducted is killed, the students turn their graduation play into an anti-war statement. Hebrew with English subtitles.
A Brivele der Maman (Letter to Mother). Not rated. 1938. DVD B World (Yiddish)
Set in the Polish Ukraine and New York City, the film traces the break-up of a family due to stress, poverty, the chaos of war and the difficulties of immigrant life. One of the last Yiddish films to be produced in Warsaw, this moving story focuses on one Jewish mother's efforts to keep her family together.
Broken Glass. Not rated. 1997. VHS B Drama
When a doctor investigates the sudden, unexplained paralysis of a Brooklyn Jewish housewife, he discovers the connections between her illness and her sexless marriage to a self-loathing Jew and violent anti-Semitic riots in Nazi Germany. A Masterpiece Theatre episode.
Broken Wings. R. 2002. DVD B World (Hebrew)
An Israeli mother wrestles with her own grief and that of her four children while working two jobs to keep their family together, after the death of her husband. Winner of 9 Israeli Film Academy awards.
Café Tales. Not rated. 2003. DVD C World (Hebrew)
Learning that their neighborhood coffee house is scheduled for demolition, five customers join forces to save their home away from home.
The Cafeteria. Not rated. 2000. VHS 791.4572 CAF TV
Presents an adaptation of a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, which deals with a young Jewish refugee, Esther, who frequents a cafeteria on the upper Broadway section of New York City in the early 1960s. At the cafeteria, she meets a famous Yiddish writer (a thinly disguised version of Singer himself) and they become involved. The relationship starts out on a romantic note, but as the writer learns more about Esther, he realizes that although she may have survived the Holocaust physically, she is already spiritually dead.
Campfire. Not rated. 2004. DVD C World (Hebrew)
A 42 year-old widowed mother of two teenage daughters wants to join the founding group of a new settlement in the West bank. This is about their struggles with the acceptance committee and their living as an outcast in the settlement.
Canal. See Kanal.
Cast a Giant Shadow. Not rated. 1966. DVD C Drama
"Part fact, part fiction, Cast a Giant Shadow powerfully dramatizes Israel's heroic 1947-48 struggle for independence. A realistic war story and a passionate romance, the film centers on the legendary David "Mickey" Marcus, whose motto was 'life isn't a spectator sport; you've just got to get involved.' Kirk Douglas gives a strong, compassionate performance as Marcus, an American Jew and World War II hero who 'got involved' by becoming a volunteer military advisor to the new state of Israel and the country's first general in 2,000 years." --Container.
Le Chambon. Not rated. 1994. VHS C World
The French village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon was inhabited by rough farmers of Huguenot descent. They knew a lot about religious persecution from their history. During World War II when Hitler imposed his heinous laws and set out to arrest all Jews, this village would not stand for it. Under the courageous leadership of a Christian pastor, this village risked extermination by the Nazis to provide safety and refuge for 5,000 Jewish children. French with English subtitles.
Charlie v hetzi (Charlie and a Half). Not rated. 2001. Hebrew DVD C
An uncommon comedy about a small time extortionist, his half-pint assistant, and a slick scammer who charm their way through a continuing series of clever cons.
The Chosen. PG. 1981. DVD C Drama
Two teenagers at the time of the Normandy invasion in 1944 are friends but they are divided by the same thing that unites them--their faith. Though both are devout Jews, there's a subtle difference. Danny is an Hasidic Jew, brought up to accept faith blindly by his father--an ultra-orthodox rabbi who rejects the 20th century for the special joys of centuries-old tradition. Reuven, on the other hand, has been brought up by his father who is a secular scholar, to question everything around him.
Circus Palestina. Not rated. 1998. DVD C World (Hebrew)
A Palestinian businessman brings a struggling Eastern European circus to a town in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The action revolves around a lost lion, which becomes the focal point of everyone's desires, and perhaps a symbol in itself of a treasure so valuable that its seekers risk destroying it. In Hebrew, Russian, English, and Arabic with English subtitles.
Clean Sweep. Not rated. 2005. DVD C World (Hebrew)
A witty romantic thriller about a policewoman who, while on the job as an underworld decoy, discovers the infuriating truth about her married boss/lover.
Comrade. Not rated. 2006. DVD C World (Hebrew)
A young boy who is constantly fighting with his father finds a stack of secret letters. The writer of the letters is his sister that has been missing since their mother's death. This starts him off on the journey of a lifetime. He is reuinted with his sister and he meets Abraham, a man who calls himself the last true Communist.
The Couple. PG-13. 2004. DVD C Drama
A Jewish Hungarian is forced to hand over his wealth to the Nazis for the safe passage of his family out of occupied Europe, only to find his two remaining servants are left trapped in a web of deceit and danger, and he is their only hope for survival.
The Courageous Heart of Irene Sendler. Not rated. 2009. DVD 792.4572 COU TV
As a social worker, Irena had access to the Warsaw Ghetto, making it possible for her to rescue the daughter of a Jewish friend and safely hide the young girl with a Catholic family. Realizing that thousands of children were still in danger, Irena recruited sympathetic friends and co-workers to smuggle children out and place them in safe homes, farms and convents. At great personal risk, she devised extraordinary schemes to sneak the children by Nazi guards, bringing them out in ambulances, suitcases and even wheelbarrows.
Crossing Delancey. PG. 1988. DVD C Comedy
Comedy about a self-reliant young woman whose grandmother arranges for her to meet an eligible bachelor through the services of a marriage broker.
Cup Final. Not rated..2001. DVD C World (Hebrew)
The Israelis have just invaded Lebanon and the World Cup soccer tournament is taking place in Barcelona. Israeli reserve soldier Cohen, a rabid soccer fan, has tickets to the finals but is taken hostage en route to Beirut.
Dad on the Run. Not rated. 2000. DVD D World (French)
Jonah, a young musician and father to a newborn son, learns at the last minute that, according to an obscure Jewish custom, he must rush to bury the foreskin of his just-circumcised son.
Desperado Square. Not rated. 2001. DVD D World (Hebrew)
In a Mediterranean village that time forgot, the only movie theater has been shut down for 25 years. Now a glimmer of hope arrives in the form of a dream, the late theater owner appears and orders its reopening.
The Devil’s Arithmetic. Not rated. 1999.
Youth DVD 791.4572 D TV
and Youth VHS 791.4572 D TV
Sixteen-year-old Hanna Stern was a typical American teenager who ignored her family's heritage until a mystical Passover Seder takes her back in time to German-occupied Poland on an emotional journey of life, death, and survival.
The Diary of Anne Frank. Not rated. 1959. DVD D Drama
Teenaged Anne Frank, a Dutch Jew, perished along with most of her family in a concentration camp, but her hopes, dreams, and optimistic outlook has endured through the publication of her diary in 1952. Her diary conveys the precariousness of the Frank family and that of their fellow exiles, the Van Daan family and fussy dentist Mr. Dussel. They spent their time hiding from the Gestapo in a tiny Amsterdam attic.
Divided We Fall. PG-13. 2000. DVD D World (Czech)
During World War II and the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, a couple, Josef and Marie, decide to hide a young Jewish neighbor in their small apartment. They keep getting a visit from their neighbor, Horst, who is a German sympathizer and has his eye on Marie. When she rejects his advances, he seeks revenge by trying to move a Nazi clerk into their home, forcing the couple to tell a lie that will change their lives forever. Czech and German with English subtitles.
Eastern Wind: One Land, Two Traditions. See Hamsin.
Eight Crazy Nights. PG-13. 2002. DVD E Animation
When a small-town, extremely disgruntled guy, Davey Stone, faces another holiday season in his New England hometown, he does what he always has - he messes up big time and lands in jail. But after a few surprises - including the mysterious reason for Davey's bad attitude and the reappearance of his childhood sweetheart - Davey might just decide he has a reason or two to change his ways.
Enemies, a Love Story. R. 1989. DVD E Drama
Herman Broder, a man beset by problems, not the least of which is being simultaneously married to three women. Tamara, his first wife was believed killed in a concentration camp, only to resurface in America to find Herman remarried to the couple’s ex-servant. To complicate things further, Herman has taken on a mistress whom he also marries when she becomes pregnant.
Esther. Not rated. 1985. DVD E World (Multilingual)
In this beautiful transposition of the biblical story, Amos Gitai updates the passionate tale about the ruler of a great and sprawling kingdom who chooses as his queen a beautiful peasant girl named Esther. But when Esther hides her Jewish identity from her husband, a vicious cycle of revenge begins.
`Ets ha-domim tafus. Not rated. 1995. Hebrew DVD E
A coming of age story based on the autiobiographical memoir by Gila Almagor. It tells the story of a group of teenagers living in a youth village for orphans who survived the Nazi concentration camps. When life becomes unbearable, the teens find refuge under the beautiful Domim Tree.
Europa Europa. R. 1991. DVD E World (German)
The true story of a Jewish teenager who survived World War II by living as a Nazi. Based on the autobiography of Solly Perel. German and Russian with English subtitles.
Every Time We Say Goodbye. PG-13. 1986. DVD E Drama
A Royal Air Force officer is caught between the ravages of World War II and unrequited love. Flight Lieutenant David Bradford meets and falls in love with a beautiful Jewish girl, Sarah while recuperating from a leg wound in Jerusalem. Her family rejects him, however, and wages war on the couple by trying to keep them apart.
Exodus. Not rated. 1960. DVD E Drama
The story of the postwar Jewish struggle for independence and their fight to establish a homeland in Israel, beginning with the exodus from a Cypriot detention camp of a shipload of courageous European Jews headed toward Israel aboard a weathered freighter.
Fictitious Marriage see Nisu’in fiktiviyim.
Fiddler on the Roof. PG. 1971. DVD F Musical
Musical in which Tevye, the milkman of a pre-revolutionary Russian village, converses with God, lives for tradition, and has five daughters to marry off. Based on the books of Sholem Aleichem.
The Flying Camel. Not rated. 1994. DVD F World (Hebrew)
In Tel Aviv, a Jewish professor, an Arab garbage collector, and a nun embark on an adventure in pursuit of their uncommon interests. The film celebrates the differences that distinguish us, and the enduring friendships that emerge when we accept them.
Frida. R. 2002. DVD F Drama
Salma Hayek portrays artist Frida Kahlo. Her life is shown from her humble upbringing to her worldwide fame and controversy that surrounded both her and her husband, Diego Rivera.
The Frisco Kid. PG. 1979. DVD F Comedy
An Orthodox rabbi misses the last boat around Cape Horn and must travel overland to California to lead his new congregation during Gold Rush days.
Funny Girl. G. 1968. DVD F Musical
Follows the early career of Fanny Brice, her rise to stardom with the Ziegfeld Follies, and her stormy romance with Nicky Arnstein.
Funny Lady. PG. 1974. DVD F Musical
A musical film that follows the career of stage comedienne Fanny Brice with songwriter Billy Rose.
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis. R. 1970. DVD G World (Italian)
An aristocratic Jewish family is forced to acknowledge the world beyond its fenced garden when Mussolini's anti-Semitic edicts begin to isolate the Jews from their communities. Italian with English subtitles.
Gentleman's Agreement. PG. 1947. DVD G Drama
A writer assigned to do a magazine series on anti-Semitism decides to pose as a Jew.
Gloomy Sunday. Not rated. 1999. DVD G World (German)
Budapest in the thirties. The restaurant owner Laszlo hires the pianist András to play in his restaurant. Both men fall in love with the beautiful waitress Ilona, who inspires András to his only composition.
God is Great and I’m Not. Not rated. 2001. DVD G World (French)
Michèle is a 20-year-old model who has just broken up with her boyfriend. Although her life appears to be full, she becomes convinced something is missing and sets out on a mission to inject a bit of spirituality into her life. At first she dons a bindi and dabbles with Buddha. Along the way, she meets François, a veterinarian and non-practicing Jew. Festooning François' front door with a mezuzah, and asking to meet his parents, Michèle's passing interest in Judaism soon resembles a somewhat disturbing obsession.
The Golem: How He Came Into the World. Not rated. 1920. DVD G World (German)
In medieval Prague, a Rabbi gives life to the Golem who falls in love with his daughter and brings fear to the emperor's court. Based on the legend of the Golem, a popular figure in Jewish tradition. Silent with musical score and English intertitles. Originally produced as motion picture in Germany in 1920.
Golem: The Petrified Garden. Not rated. 1993. DVD G World (Multilingual)
This wry and humorous film follows Daniel, an art dealer, who travels to Siberia to claim his inheritance of an art collection, which includes a giant statue of a Golem. The long journey across Russia becomes an ironic encounter with the lost ideals of the Soviet Union after its collapse.
Golem: The Spirit of Exile. Not rated. 1991. DVD G World (Multilingual)
The famous story of a patriarch whose sons are murdered, and whose widow forges an enduring friendship with her daughter-in-law Ruth, is transposed to Paris. Here, in a world of immigrants, the two women are exiled from France and wander the seas.
Good Evening Mr. Wallenberg. Not rated. 1990. DVD G World (Swedish)
The story of Raoul Wallenberg, who with the help of the Swedish Embassy, moved to Budapest to help protect Jews from Eichmann's Sonderkommando. Swedish, German, and Hungarian with English subtitles.
Goodbye, Children. See Au Revoir les Enfants.
The Great Dictator. G. 1940. DVD G Comedy
Stars Charlie Chaplin in his first "talkie" playing two totally opposite roles. One is a Jewish barber facing the constant threat of storm troopers and religious persecution. The other is the dictator, Adenoid Hynkel, Chaplin's brilliant lampoon of Adolph Hitler.
The Grey Zone. R. 2001. DVD G Drama
Based on real-life events, a chronicle of a unit of Auschwitz's Sonderkommandos, a special squad of Jewish prisoners, who staged the only armed revolt that would ever take place at Auschwitz.
Hairdresser. Not rated. 1984. DVD H World (Hebrew)
Victor, a poor worker with seven kids, and Michel, an upscale gay hairdresser, are identical twins who haven't seen each other for 20 years. Now reunited, they pull off a scam of switched identites that has everyone fooled...or not.
Ha-Kayits shel Aviha (The Summer of Aviya). Not rated. 1989. Hebrew DVD K
Presents Gila Almagor's autobiographical film, based on her book, about a Holocaust survivor who immigrates with her daughter to the newly founded Israeli state. Aviya is a spunky 10 year old girl who, like her mother, is a survivor in the face of persecution.
Hanna’s War. PG-13. 1988. VHS H Drama
Real-life Hungarian Jew Hannah Senesh, became a martyr to the cause of freedom during World War II. Though safely ensconced in Palestine at the outbreak of the war, Hannah volunteers to venture behind enemy lines in Europe on a life-or-death mission. Unfortunately, she is captured, undergoing unspeakable tortures before the Germans are finished with her.
Hamsin (Eastern Wind: One Land Two Traditions). Not rated. 1983. VHS H World
The problem of Arab-Jewish relations is portrayed in this study of a Jewish landowner and his Arab worker. Hebrew with English subtitles.
Hester Street. Not rated. 1975. DVD H Drama
A young Jewish woman comes to America in the 1890s, only to discover that her husband, Jake, has given up the ways of the old country, and taken up with a new girlfriend, and a new life.
The Heritage. Not rated. 1993. DVD H World (Hebrew)
Two extraordinary love stories unfold 500 years apart. As modern lovers struggle against those who seek to separate them, a Christian soldier pursues a perilous romance with a young Jewish girl in the shadows of the Spanish Inquisition.
The Hiding Place. Not rated. 1975. DVD H Drama
Traces the life of Corrie Ten Boom, from the quiet years before World War II, to her work with the "underground" in helping to save the lives of countless Jewish families and her eventual arrest and imprisonment in one of Nazi Germany's most dreaded concentration camps.
Hill “Halfon” Doesn’t Answer. Not rated. 1975. DVD H World (Hebrew)
A wild comedy about three reservists in the Israeli army committed to serving but unable to stay out of trouble.
The House on Chelouche Street. PG. 1973. VHS H World
The story of a 15-year-old boy growing up in Tel Aviv, under British rule as the populace struggles to gain independence. Hebrew with English subtitles.
Intimate Story. Not rated. 1981. VHS I World
The warmth and concern of the kibbutz community is contrasted with the lack of privacy in this drama about the breakdown of a marriage on a kibbutz. Hebrew with English subtitles.
Jakob the Liar. PG-13. 1999. DVD J Drama
To combat the overwhelming depression and suicide that pervades a ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II, Jakob, a poor Jewish cafe owner, invents fictitious news bulletins about Allied advances against the Nazis.
The Jazz Singer. Not rated. 1927. DVD J Drama
A melodramatic story of a Jewish cantor's son (Al Jolson) who aspires to be a jazz singer despite his father's objection and religious tradition. This was the first feature film to utilize synchronous sound in motion picture history. Jolson's songs include "Toot, Toot, Tootsie," "Blue Skies," and "Mammy."
The Jazz Singer. PG. 1980. DVD J Drama
A fifth generation cantor is torn between his predestined life in a Lower East Side synagogue and his talent as a popular songwriter. Neil Diamond stars.
Jester. See Purimshpiler.
Jew-Boy Levi. Not rated. 1999. VHS J World
A peaceful, isolated community is engulfed by the hatred and violence of the outside world in this taut drama set in pre-war Germany. Levi, the Jewish cattle dealer, makes his annual trip to a remote farming village but things have changed since his last visit. Nazi propaganda has infected the town and Levi realizes that he has become a target. German with English subtitles.
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Not rated. 1999.
DVD 792.642 J and VHS 792.642 J
A lively and colorful journey through ancient Egypt, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat follows the rags-to-riches story of Joseph, his eleven brothers and the coat of many colors. Starring Donny Osmond, Maria Friedman, Richard Attenborough, Joan Collins.
Joy. Not rated. 2005. DVD J World (Hebrew)
Joy Levine, oversized but with an enormous heart, is chosen to throw a surprise party for her parents for the television show, "Gotta Be Happy." The theme of the show, to be aired right after Yom Kippur, is forgiveness. Joy has to get all of her parents' estranged friends to the party to achieve a reconciliation, but the price she must pay is sharing a dark secret that has hung over the Levines for 22 years.
Judgment at Nuremberg. Not rated. 1961. DVD J Drama
Fictional account of the war crime trial of four high-level Nazis.
Julia. PG. 1977. DVD J Drama
Born to great wealth, the firecely independent Julia devotes her life to political causes, fighting facism in the 1930's. While traveling in Europe, a friend of Julia's is swept into a dangerous world, smuggling money across hostile borders.
Kadosh (Sacred). Not rated. 1999. DVD K World (Hebrew)
The story of two Hasidic sisters in the Mea Shearim area of Jerusalem. Rivka and her husband are deeply in love, but he obeys his rabbi father and divorces her after 10 childless years of marriage. Rivka's sister Malka loves a man who has left Hasidism after joining the army, but accepts the marriage her parents have arranged to the rabbi's assistant.
Kanal (Canal). Not rated. 1957. DVD T World (Polish)
During the final days of the Warsaw uprising, a group of Polish citizens and patriots attempt to flee the Nazis through the sewer system. Polish with English subtitles.
Kedma. Not rated. 2002. DVD K World (Hebrew)
A group of European Jewish refugees arrive in Palestine in the critical year of 1948. Carried on deck of the freighter, Kedma, they come ashore to find not the Promised Land, but a war torn desert in the bloody throes of transformation into the state of Israel. Rescued from a British Army ambush at beachside by Palmach Jewish guerillas, the refugees are remade into soldiers expected to offer their lives to defend a nation that does not yet exist in a land they have never known.
Keeping the Faith. PG-13. 2000. DVD K Comedy
Two men, long-time best friends, reunite with the tomboy who was the best friend of both; but all of them have changed--greatly.
King David. PG-13. 1985 DVD K Religious
The story of the king of Israel who took on Goliath.
Kippur. Not rated. 2000. DVD K World (Hebrew)
Film takes place in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War in which Egypt and Syria launched attacks in Sinai and the Golan Heights. We are led on a day that begins with quiet city streets , but ends with death, destruction and devastation of both body and mind.
Kuni Lemel in Cairo. Not rated. 1976. DVD K World (Hebrew)
A madcap musical that follows twins Kuni and Muni Lemel as they set off to bring a Torah from Israel to a Jewish community in Cairo in exchange for valuable antique coins.
Kuni Lemel in Tel Aviv. Not rated. 1977. DVD K World (Hebrew)
Grandpa Kuni offers five million dollars to the first of his twin grandsons to marry a nice Jewish woman and move to Israel. Hebrew with English subtitles.
The Last Butterfly. PG-13. 1991. DVD L Drama
A French actor refuses to cooperate with the Nazis when he learns the horrifying truth about Terezin, a concentration camp filled with artists and children to prove to the world how well the Nazis treat the imprisoned Jews.
The Last Metro. PG. 1980. DVD L World (French)
In Nazi-occupied Paris, Jewish director Lucas Steiner is forced to hide in the basement of his theatre while his wife stars in its latest production. Romantic tensions mount as she and her leading man begin to fall in love. At the same time, a pro-Nazi theatre critic ensconces himself in the theatre causing stress to the entire cast. French with English subtitles.
Late Marriage. Not rated. 2001. DVD L World (Hebrew)
Unmarried at 31, Zaza's family tries to set him up with potential brides but discovers that his lack of interest is because of his secret relationship with a divorcee.
Late Summer Blues. See Blue la-Hofesh ha-Gadol.
Left Luggage. Not rated. 1998. DVD L Drama
A young Jewish philosophy student, with little knowledge of the many strict rules of the Hasidic way of life, becomes the nanny for a family that she learns to respect. Her parents are both concentration camp survivors and her father is obsessed with finding the two pieces of luggage he buried in Antwerp at the start of World War II.
Leon, the Pig Farmer. Not rated. 1992. VHS L Comedy
Leon, a nice Jewish boy, is living in London, has quit his job, and has serious girl problems. He accidentally learns that he is the product of artificial insemination and that his biological father is a Yorkshire pig farmer. What follows is Leon's flight toward self-realization in this comedy about Jewish guilt, identity crises, and role reversals.
Letter to Mother. See A Brivele der Maman.
Liberty Heights. R. 1999. DVD L Drama
The director's warmly funny, semi-autobiographical tale told with an uncompromising eye for period detail. The year is 1954, a season of dramatic social flux explored through the eyes of a Jewish family.
Little Mother see Mamele.
Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob. Not rated. 1973. DVD M World (French)
A racist, anti-Semitic French businessman on his way to his daughter's wedding unwittingly stumbles on a group of Arab terrorists. He is forced to disguise himself as a Hasidic Jewish rabbi, which leads to one crazy slapstick situation after another.
Mamele (Little Mother). Not rated. 1938. DVD M World (Yiddish)
Molly Picon is Khavtshi, the youngest daughter of a widower, who is left with the responsibility of tending house for a helpless and indifferent family of seven. As such, she becomes their little mother. Filled with that special brand of humor and song that made Molly Picon the undisputed queen of Yiddish musicals.
Marital Games. Not rated. 1973. DVD M World (Hebrew)
A popular wise man-folk healer is anxious to marry off his daughter, but she refuses all his suggested suitors.
The Merchant of Venice. R. 2004. DVD M Drama
Shylock has grown wealthy through money-lending, the only profession open to Jewish businessmen of the time, but faces indignity and danger when he ventures beyond the Jewish quarter. In the same city, though in a different world, lives Antonio, a Christian merchant beset by worry over the fate of his trading vessels and his increasing isolation from his best friend Bassanio. The younger man has fallen in love with the beautiful Portia, and seeks to go abroad to win her hand. When Antonio takes a loan from Shylock, a bond is sealed, the risk of which is one pound of Antonio's flesh. So when Antonio goes into debt to Shylock, the angst-ridden moneylender demands a pound of his flesh.
Miracle at Midnight. Not rated. 1998. DVD 791.4572 MIR TV
When word of the Nazi plot to arrest Denmark's Jews leaks out, Christian families such as the Kosters band together to thwart the impending raid by aiding their Jewish neighbors in hiding.
Mr. Klein. PG. 1976. DVD M WORLD (French)
Set in Nazi-occupied France 'Mr. Klein' is the riveting story of one man's search for another who shares his name, and who has stolen his identity.
Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story. Not rated. 1989.
VHS 791.472 MUR TV
When the American War Crimes Unit shuts down, Simon Wiesenthal continues to hunt down the Nazi war criminals on his own.
The Nasty Girl. PG-13. 1990. VHS N World
A young woman's attempt to enter a national essay contest on the subject of "My Hometown During the Third Reich" results in her obsessive quest for the truth. German with English subtitles.
Newland. Not rated. 1994. DVD N World (Hebrew)
Leaving the devastation of World War II behind them, a little girl and her brother travel from Europe to Israel in search of family, hope, and future. Placed in a refugee camp on their arrival they are confronted by a world of colorful characters whose intrigues both terrify and tantalize them and are forced to face the difficult realities of a new land.
Nisu’in fiktiviyim (Fictitious Marriage). Not rated. 1988. Hebrew DVD N
An Israeli man in the midst of a mid-life crisis leaves his family in Jerusalem, travels secretly to Tel Aviv, enters a fictitious marriage, and is mistaken for an Arab laborer.
Nowhere in Africa. R. 2001. DVD N World (German)
True tale of a Jewish family who flee the Nazi regime in 1938 and learns to cope with their new life, and each other, on a remote farm in Kenya.
Nuremberg. Not rated. 2000. DVD 791.4572 NUR
Dramatic presentation of the World War II war crimes trials in Nuremberg, Germany.
The Odessa File. PG. 1974. DVD O Drama
During 1963, a German journalist attempts to track down some SS war criminals that have formed a secret organization called ODESSA. Based on Frederick Forsyth's novel.
Operation Thunderbolt. Not rated. 1977. DVD O World (Hebrew)
On June 27, 1976, Air France Flight 139, enroute from Tel Aviv to Paris, was hijacked by Arab and German terrorists and commandeered to Entebbe, Uganda. The Israeli government negotiates while secretly planning one of the most daring rescues ever attempted.
Or: My Treasure. Not rated. 2004. DVD O World (Hebrew)
Or has a part-time job at a restaurant, but her full-time job is taking care of her mother, whose survival skills have deteriorated after years of prostitution. Now Or must decide if she wants to keep caring for her mother or have a life of her own.
Out of Sight. Not rated. 2006. DVD O World (Hebrew)
Ya'ara, an independent, confident, and intelligent blind woman, has just begun her Ph. D in Mathematics at Princeton University. When she learns of her best friend and cousin's suicide she returns to Israel in shocked disbelief to do a very private investigation.
Over the Ocean. Not rated. 1992. DVD O World (Hebrew)
Comedy set in 1962 and narrated from the perspective of a 10-year-old boy whose parents cannot agree whether to move to Canada or remain in Israel. Hebrew with English subtitles.
Passover Fever. Not rated. 1995. DVD P World (Hebrew)
A lively comedy about three generations of a modern Israeli family who convene to celebrate Passover.
The Pawnbroker. Not rated. 1965. DVD P Drama
A New York pawnbroker lives in a sheltered world with haunting memories of Nazi prison camps.
La Petite Jérusalem. Not rated. 2005. DVD World P (French)
In a Paris suburb nicknamed Little Jerusalem, a family of Sephardic Orthodox immigrants shares a low-income apartment. Beautiful, teenaged Laura distances herself from her family's religion and her own burgeoning desire by devoting every waking moment to intellectual discipline and secular philosophy. Mathilde, Laura's married older sister, worries that strict observance of the Torah's marital codes has driven her husband Ariel into the bed of another. When Laura falls under the spell of Djamel, a handsome Muslim journalist, and Mathilde discovers that her worst fears are true, the two very different sisters find themselves in very similar crises.
The Pianist. R. 2002. DVD P Drama
A movie based upon the memoirs of brilliant pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Polish Jew. He watched as his family was shipped off to Nazi labor camps. He managed to escape and lived for years in the ruins of Warsaw, hiding from the Nazis.
Pick a Card. Not rated. 1997. DVD P World (Hebrew)
A romantic comedy about an ordinary couple who move from their native town of Afula to Tel Aviv in an attempt to fulfill the man's dream of becoming a magician.
A Place by the Sea. Not rated. 1988. DVD P World (Hebrew)
Released after serving 3 years in prison, a convict settles in a secluded house by the sea, hoping to rekindle the relationship he was forced to abandon.
Playing for Time. Not rated. 1980. DVD P Drama
Fania Fenelon is a Jewish cabaret singer in Paris during the Nazi invasion. Fania and thousands of other Jewish and political prisoners are sent to the Auschwitz death camp. She and a group of other classical musicians are spared from death in exchange for performing music for their captors. They are also ordered to play for the thousands being herded to the gas chambers, a 'humane' means of easing the condemned into the next world.
A Price Above Rubies. R. 1998. DVD P Drama
A young wife in New York's Hasidic community must decide between her desire for independence and the security of the life she knows.
The Policeman. Not rated. 1970. DVD P World (Hebrew)
Officer Azulai has a kind nature to him, unable to let me advance. He lets thieves and petty criminal go free. When his career is threatened he must prove his usefulness.
Purimshpiler (Jester). Not rated. 1937. DVD P World (Yiddish)
A romantic comedy about a drifer, who wanders from shtetl to shtetl. He finds brief happiness when he falls in love with a shoemaker's daughter in a small Galician town in this likable fantasy about a love triangle and man's quest for the unobtainable.
QB VII. Not rated. 1974. DVD 791.4572 QBV TV
The story of a novelist who is sued by a doctor for libel because the author's best-seller accuses the doctor of being a Nazi collaborator who conducted experiments on Jews in a concentration camp during World War II. Based on the novel by Leon Uris.
The Quarrel. Not rated. 1990. DVD Q Drama
Two holocaust survivors meet accidentally in Montreal in 1948. One has become religious; the other has turned his back on God. The two spend the day reconciling their differences and renewing their faith and friendship.
Radio Days. PG. 1987. DVD R Comedy
A gentle and nostalgic tribute to the glory days of radio and coming-of-age during World War II. Joe, a teenage Jewish boy, grows up with a house full of relatives living chaotic lives in Brooklyn. Interspersed with these family relations are vignettes of radio lore.
Raid on Entebbe. Not rated. 1977. DVD 791.4572 RAI TV
In June 1976 an Air France plane was hijacked by terrorists who forced the captain to alter course and eventually land at Uganda's Entebbe Airport. With the tacit approval of president Idi Amin, the passengers were held hostage and threatened with death if the Israeli government didn't comply with their captor's demand to release 53 Palestinian so-called freedom fighters held in Israeli prisons.
Return from India. Not rated. 2002. DVD R World (Hebrew)
The story of a young doctor who accompanies his boss and his wife to India to rescue their dying daughter. The magic of India, the unusual relationship between the boss and his wife, and the wife's persistant advances are too powerful to resist.
Rosenstrasse. PG-13. 2003. DVD R World (German)
After the death of her father, Hannah becomes concerned with the strange behavior of her mother. As her mother's troubled childhood is revealed, Hannah realizes how little she ever knew.
Sacred. See Kadosh.
Saint Clara. Not rated. 1996. DVD S World (Hebrew)
A teenage Russian immigrant has clairvoyant powers, which create mayhem in her high school and disrupt the whole town as she predicts winning lottery numbers and an earthquake. Her powers may not last, however. She'll lose them the first time she falls in love. Hebrew with English subtitles.
Sallah. Not rated. 1964. DVD S World (Hebrew)
Satirical comedy showing the problems an immigrant family from North Africa encounters in adjusting to life in Israel. Hebrew with English subtitles.
Samson. Not rated. 1961. DVD S World (Polish)
A psychological study of Jakub Gold, a Polish Jew imprisoned for killing a schoolmate. He is released from prison at the outbreak of World War II, only to be confined to the Warsaw ghetto. Escaping the ghetto, he is confined by the fear of being Jewish in a world hostile to Jews. Polish with English subtitles.
Saved! PG-13. 2004. DVD S Comedy
Good girl Mary and her best friend Hilary Faye are at the top of the high school food chain at American Eagle Christian. But after Mary becomes pregnant, Hilary Faye and her devoted "disciples" turn on Mary and label her an outcast. Now Mary's only hope for salvation and friendship is through a group of rebellious misfits. Together, can they navigate the treacherous halls of high school life and make it to graduation ... or will Hilary Faye make all their lives a living hell?
Schindler's List. R. 1993. DVD S Drama
The true story of Oskar Schindler, Nazi party member, womanizer, and war profiteer who saved more than 1,100 Jews during the Holocaust. Based on the novel by Thomas Keneally.
School Ties. PG-13. 1992. DVD S Drama
A popular student at an exclusive New England prep school becomes the object of ridicule and scorn when his Jewish heritage is revealed.
Un Secret. Not rated. 2007. DVD S World (French)
A young boy who has a vivid imagination dreams up a brother for himself and a better past for his family. On his 15th birthday he finds his dreams shattered when he uncovers a shocking secret that ties his family to the Holocaust.
The 17th Bride. Not rated. 1985. DVD S Drama
A strong Jewish woman enters into a marriage with a man she dislikes believing it will save her from deporation to a Nazi labor camp in Czechoslovakia in 1942.
The Shop on Main Street. Not rated. 1965. DVD S World (Czech)
A man who takes a job as an "Aryan comptroller" for a Jewish-owned button shop befriends the owner and decides to shield her from the Nazis. Best Foreign Language Film, 1965. Czech with English subtitles.
Shlagger (Big Hit). Not rated. 1979. Hebrew DVD S
Skokie. PG. 1981. DVD 791.4572 SKO TV and VHS 791.4572 SKO TV
Based on the actual events of the conflict that developed when a group of Neo-Nazis planned to march through the streets of Skokie.
The Slingshot. R. 1993. VHS S World
Roland, the 12-year-old son of a Russian Jew and a Swedish Socialist, is the victim of ceaseless bullying and prejudice. When he's not busy being persecuted, the determined Roland is a budding inventor. Creating a powerful slingshot, the young survival artist ultimately seizes on an ingenious way to turn the tables on his oppressors, bringing him fame, fortune, and big trouble with the police.
Sol de Otoño. See Autumn Sun.
Solomon & Gaenor. R. 1999. DVD S Drama
Set in Wales in 1911, this is an ill-fated love story about a young woman, the daughter of a strict chapel-going Welch family, and a young Jewish man. In English, Welsh, and Yiddish with subtitles.
Sophie Scholl. Not rated. 2005. DVD S World (German)
A dramatization of the final days of Sophie Scholl, one of the most famous members of the German World War II anti-Nazi resistance movement, The White Rose.
Sophie's Choice. R. 1982. DVD S Drama
A personalized view of the Holocaust and its devastating effect on one woman who survived it. Based on the novel by William Styron.
Stolen Summer. PG. 2002. DVD S Comedy
Pete is an 8-year-old Catholic boy where, as classes let out for the summer, he's admonished by a nun to follow the path of Lord, and not that of the Devil. Pete decides to help someone get into heaven and decides to convert a Jew to Catholicism. Pete begins visiting a nearby synagogue, where he gets to know Rabbi Jacobson and makes friends with the Rabbi's son, Danny. When he learns that Danny is seriously ill, he decides Danny would be an excellent choice for conversion.
The Summer of Aviya. see Ha-Kayits shel Aviha.
Sunshine. R. 2000. DVD S Drama
A compelling epic about generations of a Hungarian Jewish family caught up in the upheavals and false hopes of a war-swept 20th century.
Swoon. R. 1992. DVD S Drama
A film noir "thriller" that presents the true case of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, brilliant young men from good Jewish families, who were convicted for murdering a 13-year-old boy.
Tel Aviv Stories. Not rated. 1992. DVD T World (Hebrew)
Follow the important moments in the lives of three outspoken and humorous young ladies. One is on the hunt for Mr. Right, one takes hostages in a desperate attempt to find her estranged husband and another puts Tel Aviv on edge trying to save a kitten.
The Ten Commandments. G. 1956. DVD T Religious
Lavish Biblical epic that tells the life story of Moses, who turned his back on a privileged life to lead his people to freedom outside Egypt.
The Ten Commandments: The Musical. Not rated. 2004. DVD 792.642 TEN
The gripping tale of two brothers, Moses and Ramses, that are united in love and divided by destiny as they each lead a nation in an epic struggle for freedom and respect.
Time of Favor. Not rated. 2000. DVD T World (Hebrew)
Depicts the stakes behind an Israeli settlement. Menachem is a highly respected soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces, who is also a devout student of a controversial settlement leader. Despite doubt and suspicion, Menachem is given permission to lead an Army unit that includes his friend and fellow students. As the Rabbi of Menachem's settlement's agenda, the Army's control, and his friends desperation build to a boil, Menachem's secret passion for the Rabbi's daughter threatens destruction. A violent scheme to blow up Temple Mount puts all allegiances to the test.
Train of Life. R. 1998. VHS T World
The year is 1941, and a tiny Jewish community in France is faced with some shocking news: the Nazis are coming. But Shlomo, the not-so-foolish village idiot, has a plan--before the Germans can dispatch them to camps, the townspeople will "deport" themselves to freedom. French with English subtitles.
The Troupe. Not rated. 1979. DVD T World (Hebrew)
In 1970 Israel, during the height of the War of Attrition, a group of Israeli soldiers with singing talent are formed into an entertainment troupe and sent to the front to raise morale.
Turn Left at the End of the World. Not rated. 2004. DVD T World (Hebrew)
A poor desert village, home to people from both Morocco and India, have their poverty in common and little else. When two girls realize that the sexual revolution is going on outside the village, they make plans to see what the fuss is all about.
The Ultimate Goldbergs. Not rated. 1939-1956. DVD 791.4572 GOL
Meet the Goldbergs, a lively Jewish family living in New York City! There are the dutiful children, Rosie and Sammy; Jake, the hot-tempered husband; old-world Uncle David; and, of course, the ever-cheerful and gracious matriarch Molly. With lots of extended family and neighbors, the Goldberg home is always overflowing with joy, laughter, and love. Television programs originally broadcast as individual episodes between Aug. 29, 1949 and the end of the 1956 season. Radio programs previously broadcast as individual programs between Sept. 21, 1939 and May 1945.
Ushpizin. PG. 2004. DVD U World (Hebrew)
A heartwarming and light hearted look at the daily lives of ultra-Orthodox Jews learning, livinig and loving in modern-day Israel. The story of a family facing hardships who must rely on their faith for miracles to happen during the holiday season.
Victory at Entebbe. Not rated. 1976. VHS V Action/Adventure
The hijacking was executed flawlessly. Minutes after departing Athens on June 27, 1976, Air France Flight 139 was commandeered by militant German and Palestinian terrorists. On board were 256 passengers and crew, 106 of them Jewish. Their new destination: Entebbe Airport in Uganda. Their only hope: a desperate rescue by Israeli commandos.
We Are Going to America. Not rated. 1992. VHS W World
The tale of one family's journey out of the shtetl and into a world of the unknown. Seen through the eyes of 11-year-old Motl, he creates a sense of wonder and chaotic adventure as his family makes their way toward America.
West Bank Story. Not rated. 2005. DVD 791.436
West Bank story is a musical comedy set in the fast-paced, fast-food world of competing falafel stands in the West Bank. David, an Israeli soldier, falls in love with the beautiful Palestinian cashier, Fatima, despite the animosity between their families' dueling restaurants. Can the couple's love withstand a 2000 year old conflict and their families' desire to control the future of the chic pea in the Middle East?
Wedding in Galilee. Not rated. 1987. DVD W World (Hebrew)
The elder of a Palestinian village under Israeli military rule, wants permission to hold a traditional wedding for his son that will go past the imposed curfew. The Army commander agrees on the condition that he and his officers be invited as guests of honor at the cermony.
William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. R. 2004. DVD M Drama
Shylock has grown wealthy through money-lending, the only profession open to Jewish businessmen of the time, but faces indignity and danger when he ventures beyond the Jewish quarter. In the same city, though in a different world, lives Antonio, a Christian merchant beset by worry over the fate of his trading vessels and his increasing isolation from his best friend Bassanio. The younger man has fallen in love with the beautiful Portia, and seeks to go abroad to win her hand. When Antonio takes a loan from Shylock, a bond is sealed, the risk of which is one pound of Antonio's flesh. So when Antonio goes into debt to Shylock, the angst-ridden moneylender demands a pound of his flesh.
A Woman Called Golda. Not rated. 1982. DVD 791.4572 WOM TV
Golda Meir grew up on the streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She harbored an incredible dream: she wanted to help the Jewish people build a new home. Her arduous journey led to a dusty kibbutz in Palestine and the struggle to establish the nation of Israel. Through hardship, war, and countless sacrifices, Golda survived it all and became Israel's first female prime minister. A stunning reminder that one life can truly make a difference.
Women. Not rated. 1997. DVD W World (Hebrew)
Set in the Sephardic Jewish Community in the Old City of Jerusalem at the end of the 19th century, a woman who still finds herself childless after 15 years of marriage urges her husband to take a second wife who can bear him a child.
Wondrous Oblivion. PG. 2003. DVD W Drama
Eleven-year-old David Wiseman lives with the singular dream of being a cricket star, but much to the dismay and ridicule of his classmates, he is all passion and no skill. The son of a traditional Jewish family living in the racial and cultural turbulence of 1960s South London, David and his world are shaken by the unexpected arrival of the Samuels, a lively and big-hearted Jamaican family.
The World of Sholom Aleichem. Not rated. 1959. DVD 791.4572 WOR TV
A compilation of three stories from Sholom Aleichem: A Tale of Chelm - a bookseller tries to buy a goat in a town of fools; Bontche Schweig - a tale of a poor man whose heavenly arrival coaxes tears from the angels; and The High School - about a couple's attempts to send their son to a nonreligious school.
Yana’s Friends. Not rated. 1999. DVD Y World (Hebrew)
Set in Tel Aviv during the Gulf War, this is a light comedy about romance and culture shock. Yana and her new husband arrive in Israel from Russia, only to have her spouse split town with the immigration money. Naïve, vulnerable, and three months pregnant, Yana is forced to fend for herself. Fortunately, she finds company with an eccentric fledgling filmmaker, Eli, who videotapes everything. With the fear of Iraqi scuds an ever-present threat, the two inch slowly toward a relationship.
Yentl. PG. 1983. DVD Y Musical
Barbra Streisand portrays a young woman who disguises herself as a man in order to gain entrance to an orthodox Jewish school. Based on Yentl the Yeshiva Boy by Isaac Bashevis Singer.
Yidl mtn Fidl (Yidl with a Fiddle). Not rated. 1936. DVD Y World (Yiddish)
A young girl, dressed as a boy, goes off with her father and a band of traveling musicians into the Polish countryside.  A classic Yiddish language musical-comedy.
Yossie & Jagger. Not rated. 2002. DVD Y World (Hebrew)
A sociological study of two men in the Israeli army who are lovers. The others in the unit react to their situation, suspecting, but not always understanding. One will leave the military soon, a few months away, as a snowy and desolate outpost is guarded from attack.