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Feature Films

The Agony and the Ecstasy. Not rated. 1965. DVD Drama

Andrei Rublev. Not rated. 1969. DVD World (Russian)

Art School Confidential. R. 2006. DVD Comedy

Artemisia. R. 1997. DVD World (French)

Basquiat. R. 1996. DVD Drama

La Belle Noiseuse. Not rated. 1991. DVD World (French)

Brush with Fate. Not rated. 2003. DVD 791.4572 BRU TV

Camille Claudel. R. 1989. DVD World (French)

Carrington. R. 1995. DVD Drama

Chi-hwa-seon = Painted Fire. Not rated. 2002. DVD World (Korean)

Edvard Munch. Not rated. 1976. DVD Drama

Frida. R. 2002. DVD Drama

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. R. 2006. DVD Drama

Georgia O'Keeffe. Not rated. 2009. DVD 791.4572 GEO TV

Girl With a Pearl Earring. PG-13. 2003. DVD Drama

Goya. R. 1999. DVD World (Spanish)

Goya’s Ghosts. R. 2006. DVD Drama

I Shot Andy Warhol. R. 1995. DVD Drama

In Praise of Love. PG. 2001. DVD World (French)

Junebug. R. 2005. DVD Comedy

The King of Masks. Not rated. 1996. DVD World (Chinese)

The Lovers on the Bridge. R. 1991. DVD World (French)

Lust for Life. Not rated. 1956. DVD Drama

Me and You and Everyone We Know. R. 2005. DVD Comedy

Modigliani. R. 2004. DVD Drama

Off the Map. PG-13. 2004. DVD Drama

Pollock. R. 2000. DVD Drama

Portrait of Jennie. Not rated. 1948. DVD Drama

P.S. R. 2004. DVD Drama

Séraphine. Not rated. 2008. DVD World (French)

Sirens. R. 1994. DVD Comedy

Stefan Luchian. Not rated. 1981. DVD World (Romanian)

A Sunday in the Country. Not rated. 1984. DVD World (French)

Surviving Picasso. R. 1996. DVD Drama

Under the Hammer. Not rated. 1994. DVD 791.4572 UND TV

Vincent & Theo. PG-13. 1990. DVD Drama

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Nonfiction Films

Alfred Stieglitz: The Eloquent Eye. Not rated. 2001. DVD 770.92 A

Against the Odds: The Artists of the Harlem Renaissance. Not rated. 1994.
DVD 700.97471 A

Ambient Art. Impressionism. Not rated. 2004. DVD 759.054 A

American Masters. The Artists. Not rated. 1995-2001. DVD 709.730922 A

Andy Warhol. Not rated. 2006. DVD B W2756an

Ansel Adams: A Documentary Film. Not rated. 2002. DVD B A2114an

Art: 21: Art in the 21st Century. Not rated. 2003-2005. DVD 709.7309051 A

The Art of the Northern Renaissance. Not rated. 2007. DVD 709.024 A

Chihuly and the Masters of Venice. Not rated. 2003. DVD 748.2092 C

Chihuly at the V & A. Not rated. 2003. DVD 748.2092 C

Chihuly Gardens & Glass. Not rated. 2003. DVD 748.2913 C

Chihuly River of Glass. Not rated. 2004. DVD 748.2092 C

Degas and the Dance: The Man Behind the Easel. Not rated. 2003. DVD 759.4 D317de

From Monet to Van Gogh: A History of Impressionism. Not rated. 2002.
DVD 759.054 B

Golub/Spero. Not rated. 2004. DVD 759.13 G629go

Great Artists of the Italian Renaissance. Not rated. 2004. DVD 709.4 K

Hermitage Masterpieces. Not rated. 1992. DVD 708.471 H

How Art Made the World. Not rated. 2005. DVD 709 H

The Impressionists. Not rated. 2006. DVD 759.054 I

The Impressionists: The Other French Revolution. Not rated. 2001. DVD 759.054 B

In the Realms of the Unreal: The Mystery of Henry Darger. Not rated. 2004.
DVD 759.13 D217in

The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo. Not rated. 2004. DVD B K1225Li

The Louvre. Not rated. 1978. DVD 708.436 L

Michelangelo: Self- Portrait. Not rated. 2003. DVD 709.2 M6232mi

A Model for Matisse. Not rated. 2003. DVD 759.4 M433mo

Museum Masterpieces: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Not rated. 2008.
DVD 708.1471 B

My Architect. Not rated. 2003. DVD 720.973 K12my

My Kid Could Paint That. PG-13. 2007. DVD 704.083 M

The Mystery of Picasso. Not rated. 1956. DVD 759.6 P586my

Parrish Blue. Not rated. 1967. DVD 759.13 P261pa

Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with Time. Not rated. 2001.
DVD 709.2 G624ri

Sculptures of the Louvre. Not rated. 2006. DVD 708.4361 S

Simon Schama’s Power of Art. Not rated. 2006. DVD 709 S

Sister Wendy's American Collection. Not rated. 2001. DVD 708.13 S and VHS

Sketches of Frank Gehry. PG-13. 2005. DVD 720.973 G852sk

Vermeer: Master of Light. Not rated. 2001. DVD 759.9492 V523ve

Waste Land. Not rated. 2010. DVD 770.92 W

Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock? PG-13. 2006. DVD 759.13 P776wh


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