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Viewalike Films and Television Shows

Berkeley Square. Not rated. 1998. DVD 791.4572 BER TV

Bramwell. Not rated. 1995-1998. DVD 791.4572 BRA TV

The Cazalets. Not rated. 2001. DVD 791.4572 CAZ TV

Cranford. Not rated. 2007, 2009. DVD 791.4572 CRA TV

The Duchess of Duke Street. Not rated. 1976-1977. DVD 791.4572 DUC TV

The Edwardians. Not rated. 1972. DVD 791.4572 EDW TV

Flambards. Not rated. 1979. DVD 791.4572 FLA TV

The Forsyte Saga. Not rated. 1967. DVD 791.4572 FOR TV

The Forsyte Saga. Not rated. 2002-2003. DVD 791.4572 FOR TV

Gone With the Wind. G. DVD Drama and Blu-ray Drama

Gosford Park. R. 2001. DVD Drama

The House of Mirth. PG. 2001. DVD Drama

Howards End. Not rated. 1992. DVD Drama

Jeeves & Wooster. Not rated. 1990-1993. DVD 791.4572 JEE TV

Lark Rise to Candleford. Not rated. 2008-2011. DVD 791.4572 LAR TV

Manor House. Not rated. 2002. DVD 791.4572 MAN TV

Paths of Glory. Not rated. 1957. DVD Drama

Pride and Prejudice. Not rated. 1995. DVD 791.4572 PRI TV and Blu-ray 791.4572 PRI TV

Pygmalion. Not rated. 1938. DVD Comedy

Pygmalion. Not rated. 1973. DVD 791.4572 PYG TV

The Remains of the Day. PG. 1993. DVD Drama

A Room With a View. Not rated. 1985. DVD Drama

Royal Upstairs Downstairs. Not rated. 2011. DVD 728.810942 R

Secrets of Highclere Castle. Not rated. 2013. DVD 942 S

Secrets of the Manor House. Not rated. 2012. DVD 941.082 S

Upstairs Downstairs. Not rated. 1971-1975, 2010-. DVD 791.4572 UPS TV

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Readalike Novels

Byatt, A.S. The Children's Book. 2009. (Adult Fiction BYA).

Fellowes, Julian. Snobs. 2004. (Adult Fiction FEL).
      Also available: CD

Follett, Ken. Fall of Giants. 2010. (Adult Fiction FOL).
      Also available: CD

Forster, E.M. Howards End. 1910. (Adult Fiction FOR).
      Also available: Large Type, eAudiobook

Forster, E.M. A Room With a View. 1908. (Adult Fiction FOR).
      Also available: CD, eAudiobook, Digital Player

Goodwin, Daisy. The American Heiress. 2010. (Adult Fiction GOO).
      Also available: Large Type

Morton, Kate. The House at Riverton. 2006. (Adult Fiction MOR).
      Also available: CD

Osborne, Frances. Park Lane. 2011. (Adult Fiction OSB).

Solomons, Natasha. The House at Tyneford. 2011. (Adult Paperback-Oversize S).
      Also available: Large Type

Wax, Wendy. While We Were Watching Downton Abbey. 2013. (Adult Fiction WAX).

Weldon, Fay. Habits of the House. 2013. (Adult Fiction WEL).
      Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook

Weldon, Fay. Long Live the King. 2013. (Adult Fiction WEL).
      Also available: Large Type

Weldon, Fay. The New Countess. 2013. (Adult Fiction WEL).

Wilhide, Elizabeth. Ashenden. 2012. (Adult Fiction WIL)

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Nonfiction Books

Bailey, Catherine. The Secret Rooms: A True Story of a Haunted Castle, a Plotting Duchess, and a Family Secret. 2013. (941.082092 B).

Balsan, Consuelo Vanderbilt. The Glitter and the Gold: The American Duchess--In Her Own Words. 1953. (Adult Nonfiction B B1965.gL).

Carnarvon, Fiona, Countess of. Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle. 2011. (Adult Nonfiction B C2887ca).
     Also available: CD

Eaton, Rebecca. Making Masterpiece: 25 Years Behind the Scenes at Masterpiece and Mystery! on PBS. 2013. (Adult Nonfiction 791.450232 E14.ma).
     Also available: CD

Fellowes, Jessica. The World of Downton Abbey. 2011. (Adult Nonfiction 791.4572 D751fe).

Fellowes, Jessica and Matthew Sturgis. The Chronicles of Downton Abbey. 2012.
(Adult Nonfiction 791.4572 D751fe).

Fiona, Countess of Carnarvon. Lady Catherine, the Earl, and the Real Downton Abbey.2013. (Adult Nonfiction B C2887ca).

Powell, Margaret. Below Stairs: The Classic Kitchen Maid's Memoir that Inspired "Upstairs, Downstairs" and "Downton Abbey".1968. (Adult Nonfiction B P8852.be).
     Also available: Large Type

Powell, Margaret. Margaret Powell's Cookery Book : 500 "Upstairs" Recipes from Everyone's Favorite "Downstairs" Kitchen Maid and Cook.1970.
(Adult Nonfiction 641.5942 P).

Warwick, Sarah. Upstairs & Downstairs: The Illustrated Guide to the Real World of Downton Abbey. 2011. (Adult Nonfiction 941.0823 W).

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Pardody Books

Kelly, Chris. Downton Tabby. 2013. (Adult Nonfiction 818.6 K295.do).

Subhiyah, Camaren. Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey. 2013. (Adult Graphic Novel 741.5973 SUB PBK).

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Downton Abbey: The Essential Collection. 2012. (L DOWN DA D43).

Downton Abbey: Original Music from the Television Series. 2012. (L DOWN DA U60).

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