Family Television Series

The Addams Family. Not rated. 1964-1966.
DVD 791.4572 ADD TV

The Adventures of Merlin. Not rated. 2008-.
DVD 791.4572 MER TV

The Adventures of Tintin. Not rated. 1991-1992.
Youth DVD

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. Not rated. 1992-1993.
DVD 791.4572 ADV TV

The Andy Griffith Show. Not rated. 1960-1968.
DVD 791.4572 AND TV

Astro Boy. Not rated. 1963-66. Youth DVD

Ben 10. Not rated. 2005-2007. Youth DVD

The Brady Bunch. Not rated. 1969-1974. DVD 791.4572 BRA TV

Christy. Not rated. 1994-1995. DVD 791.4572 CHR TV

The Cosby Show. Not rated. 1984-1992. DVD 791.4572 COS TV

The Donna Reed Show. Not rated. 1958-1966. DVD 791.4572 DON TV

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Not rated. 1993-1998. DVD 791.4572 DOC TV

Family Ties. Not rated. 1982-1989. DVD 791.4572 FAM TV

Father Knows Best. Not rated. 1954-1960. DVD 791.4572 FAT TV

The Flintstones. Not rated. 1960-1966. Youth DVD

The Flying Nun. Not rated. 1967-1970. DVD 791.4572 FLY TV

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Not rated. 1990-1996. DVD 791.4572 FRE TV

Full House. Not rated. 1987-1995. DVD 791.4572 FUL TV

Happy Days. Not rated. 1974-1984. DVD 791.4572 HAP TV

Hannah Montana. Not rated. 2006-2011. Youth DVD

I Love Lucy. Not rated. 1951-1957. DVD 791.4572 ILO TV

iCarly. Not rated. 2007-2012. Youth DVD

Lassie. Not rated. 1954-1973. Youth DVD and DVD 791.4572 LAS

Leave it to Beaver. Not rated. 1957-1963. Youth DVD

Little House on the Prairie. Not rated. 1974-1983. Youth DVD

The Munsters. Not rated. 1964-1966. DVD 791.4572 MUN TV

The Muppet Show. Not rated. 1976-1981. Youth DVD

My Three Sons. Not rated. 1960-1972. DVD 791.4572 MYT TV

The Partridge Family. Not rated. 1970-1974. DVD 791.4572 PAR TV

Punky Brewster. Not rated. 1984-1988. Youth DVD

Road to Avonlea. Not rated. 1990-1996. Youth DVD

The Sarah Jane Adventures. Not rated. 2007-2011. DVD 791.4572 SAR TV

Shaun the Sheep. Not rated. 2007-. Youth DVD

Sister, Sister. Not rated. 1994-1999. DVD 791.4572 SIS TV

7th Heaven. Not rated. 1996-2007. DVD 791.4572 SEV TV

Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Not rated. 1993-2000. Youth DVD

The Simpsons. Not rated. 1989-. DVD 791.4572 SIM TV

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Not rated. 2005-208. Youth DVD

The Waltons. Not rated. 1971-1981. DVD 791.4572 WAL TV

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