Golden Globe Award Winners for Best Foreign Language Film

2014   The Great Beauty. Not rated. 
DVD World (Italian) and Blu-ray World (Italian)
2013   Amour. PG-13. 
DVD World (French) and Blu-ray World (French)
2012   A Separation. PG-13.
DVD World (Farsi) and Blu-ray World (Farsi)
2011   In a Better World. R.
DVD/Blu-ray Combo World (Danish)
2010   The White Ribbon. R.
DVD World (German) and Blu-ray World (German)
2009   Waltz with Bashir. R. DVD World (Hebrew)
2008   The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. PG-13.
DVD World (French)
2007   Letters From Iwo Jima. R.
DVD World (Japanese)
2006   Paradise Now. PG-13. DVD World (Arabic)
2005   The Sea Inside. PG-13. DVD World (Spanish)
2004   Osama. PG-13. DVD World (Pashtu)
2003   Talk to Her. R. DVD World (Spanish)
2002   No Man's Land. R. DVD World (Serbo-Croatian)
2001   Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. PG-13. DVD World (Chinese)
2000   All About My Mother. R. DVD World (Spanish)
1999   Central Station. R. DVD World (Portuguese)
1998   My Life in Pink. R. DVD World (French)
1997   Kolya. PG-13. DVD World (Czech)
1996   Les Miserables. R.
1995   Farinelli: Il Castrato. R. DVD World (Italian)
1994   Farewell My Concubine. R. DVD World (Chinese)
1993   Indochine. Not rated. DVD World (French)
1992   Europa, Europa. R. DVD World (German)
1991   Cyrano de Bergerac. PG. DVD World (French)
1990   Cinema Paradiso. R. DVD World (Italian) and Blu-ray World (Italian)
1989   Pelle the Conqueror. PG-13. DVD World (Swedish)
1988   My Life As a Dog. PG-13. DVD World (Swedish)
1987   The Assault. PG. VHS World
1986   Official Story. Not rated. DVD World (Spanish)
1985   A Passage to India. PG. DVD Drama
1984   Fanny & Alexander. Not rated. DVD World (Swedish)
1983   Gandhi. PG. DVD Drama
1982   Chariots of Fire. PG. DVD Drama and Blu-ray Drama
1981   Tess. PG. DVD Drama
1980   La Cage aux Folles. R. DVD World (French)
1979   Autumn Sonata. PG. DVD World (Swedish)
1978   A Special Day. Not rated. DVD Drama
1977   Face to Face. Not rated. DVD World (Swedish)
1976   Lies My Father Told Me. PG.
1975   Scenes From a Marriage. Not rated. DVD World (Swedish)