Historical Women in Film
Movie Recommendations

Agatha Christie, A Life in Pictures. Not rated. 2004.
(Agatha Christie). DVD 791.4572 AGA TV

Amelia. PG. 2009. (Amelia Earhart).
DVD Drama
and Blu-ray Drama

Anastasia. Not rated. 1956. (Anastasia Nikolaevna). DVD Drama

Anna and the King. PG-13. 1999. (Anna Leonowens). DVD Drama

Anna Boleyn. Not rated. 1920. (Anne Boleyn).
DVD World (German)

Anne Frank. Not rated. 2001. (Anne Frank). DVD 791.4572 ANN TV

Anne of the Thousand Days. PG. 1969. (Anne Boleyn). DVD Drama

Artemisia. R. 1997. (Artemisia Gentileschi). DVD World (French)

Becoming Jane. PG. 2007. (Jane Austen). DVD Drama

Bride of the Wind. R. 2001. (Alma Mahler). DVD Drama

Bright Star. PG. 2009. (Fanny Brawne). DVD Drama

Camille Claudel. R. 1989. (Camille Claudel). DVD World (French)

Carrington. R. 1995. (Dora Carrington). DVD Drama

Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach. Not rated. 1967. (Anna Magdalena Bach).
DVD World (German)

Cleopatra. G. 1963. (Cleopatra). DVD Drama

Coco Before Chanel. PG-13. 2009. (Coco Chanel).
DVD World (French)
and Blu-ray World (French)

Coco Chanel. PG. 2008. (Coco Chanel). DVD 791.4572 COC TV

Cross Creak. PG. 1983. (Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings). DVD Drama

Dangerous Beauty. R. 1998. (Veronica Franco). DVD Drama

The Diary of Anne Frank. Not rated. 1959. (Anne Frank). DVD Drama

The Diary of Anne Frank. Not rated. 2009. (Anne Frank). DVD 791.4572 DIA TV

The Duchess. PG-13. 2008. (Georgiana Cavendish). DVD Drama and Blu-ray Drama

Elizabeth. R. 1998. (Queen Elizabeth I). DVD Drama

Elizabeth, The Golden Age. PG-13. 2007. (Queen Elizabeth I). DVD Drama

Elizabeth R. Not rated. 1971. (Queen Elizabeth I). DVD 791.4572 ELI TV

Evita. PG. 1996. (Eva Peron). DVD Musical

Frida. R. 2002. (Frida Kahlo). DVD Drama

Georgia O'Keeffe. Not rated. 2009. (Georgia O'Keeffe). DVD 791.4572 GEO TV

Grey Gardens. TV-PG. 2009. (Edith "Big Edie" Bouvier Beale and Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale). DVD 791.4572 GRE TV

Helen of Troy. Not rated. 1956. (Helen of Troy). DVD Action/Adventure

Helen of Troy. Not rated. 2003. (Helen of Troy). DVD 791.4572 HEL TV

The Hours. PG-13. 2002. (Virginia Woolf). DVD Drama

Impromptu. PG-13. 1991. (George Sand). DVD Drama

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. R. 1999. (Dorothy Dandridge). DVD 791.4572 I TV

Iron Jawed Angels. Not rated. 2004. (Alice Paul and Lucy Burns). DVD 791.4572 IRO TV

Joan of Arc. Not rated. 1999. (Saint Joan of Arc). DVD 791.4572 JOA TV

The Josephine Baker Story. R. 1991. (Josephine Baker). DVD 791.4572 JOS TV

Julia. PG. 1977. (Lillian Hellman). DVD Drama

Lady Jane. PG-13. 1986. (Lady Jane Grey). DVD Drama

Lady Sings the Blues. R. 1972. (Billie Holiday). DVD Drama

The Lion in Winter. PG. 1968. (Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine). DVD Drama

The Lion in Winter. Not rated. 2003. (Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine). DVD 791.4572 LIO TV

Madame Curie. Not rated. 1943. (Marie Curie). DVD Drama

Margot. Not rated. 2009. (Margot Fonteyn). DVD 791.4572 MAR TV

Marie Antoinette. PG-13. 2006. (Marie Antoinette). DVD Drama

Mary of Scotland. Not rated. 1936. (Mary, Queen of Scots). DVD Drama

Mary, Queen of Scots. PG-13. 1972. (Mary, Queen of Scots). DVD Drama

Mata Hari. Not rated. 1931. (Mata Hari). DVD Drama

The Miracle Worker. Not rated. 1962. (Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan). DVD Drama

The Miracle Worker. Not rated. 1979. (Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan).
DVD 791.4572 MIR TV

The Miracle Worker. PG. 2000. (Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan). DVD 791.4572 MIR TV

Mrs. Brown. PG. 1997. (Queen Victoria). DVD Drama

Miss Potter. PG. 2006. (Beatrix Potter). DVD Drama

Nora. R. 1999. (Nora Barnacle). DVD Drama

The Other Boleyn Girl. Not rated. 2003. (Anne Boleyn and Mary Boleyn).
DVD 791.4572 OTH TV

The Other Boleyn Girl. PG-13. 2007. (Anne Boleyn and Mary Boleyn).
DVD 791.4572 Drama

Out of Africa. PG. 1985.(Karen Blixen). DVD Drama

Princess Ka'iulani. PG. 2008. (Kaiulani, Princess of Hawaii). DVD Drama

The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex. Not rated. 1939. (Queen Elizabeth I).
DVD Drama

Queen Christina. Not rated. 1933. (Queen Christina). DVD Drama

Queen Margot. R. 1994. (Queen Marguerite). DVD World (French)

Séraphine. Not rated. 2008. (Séraphine Louis). DVD World (French)

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days. Not rated. 2001. (Sophie Scholl). DVD World (German)

The Story of Adele H. PG. 1975. (Adele Hugo). DVD World (French)

Thérèse. PG. 2004. (Saint Therese of Lisieux). DVD Religious

La Vie en Rose. PG-13. 2007. (Edith Piaf). DVD World (French)

Waiting for the Moon. Not rated. 1987. (Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas). DVD Drama

Warrior Queen. Not rated. 2003. (Queen Boadicea). DVD 791.4572 WAR TV

A Woman Called Moses. Not rated. 1978. (Harriet Tubman). DVD 791.4572 WOM TV

The Young Victoria. PG. 2009. (Queen Victoria). DVD Drama and Blu-ray Drama

Zora Is My Name! Not rated. 1990. (Zora Neale Hurston). DVD 791.4572 ZOR TV