Dennis Hopper (1936-2010)

Oscar nominated actor Dennis Hopper starred in many Hollywood films over the course of his five decade long career. He also directed several films. More information about Hopper's career can be found in the Internet Movie Database. A number of Hopper's films are owned by the Library and are listed below.

Americano. R. 2005. DVD Drama

An American Carol. PG-13. 2008. DVD Comedy

Apocalypse Now. R. 1979. DVD Drama

Apocalypse Now Redux. R. 1979. DVD Drama

Backtrack (directed). R. 1990. DVD Action/Adventure

Basquiat. R. 1996. DVD Drama

Black Widow. R. 1987. DVD Drama

Blue Velvet. R. 1986. DVD Drama

Carried Away. R. 1996. DVD Drama

Chelsea on the Rocks. R. 2008. DVD 306.097471 C

Colors (directed). R. 1998. DVD Action/Adventure

Cool Hand Luke. Not rated. 1967. DVD Drama

Crash (television series). Not rated. 2008-2010. DVD 791.4572 CRA TV

A Decade Under the Influence: The 70s Films That Changed Everything. Not rated.
2003. DVD 791.430973 D

Easy Rider (also directed and wrote). R. 1969. DVD Action/Adventure

EDTV. PG-13. 1999. DVD Comedy

Elegy. R. 2008. DVD Drama

Fishing with John. Not rated. 1991-1992. DVD 799.1 F

Giant. G. 1956. DVD Drama

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Not rated. 1957. DVD Western

Hang ‘Em High. PG-13. 1986. DVD Western

Hell Ride. R. 2008. DVD Action/Adventure

Hoosiers. PG. 1986. DVD Drama

The Indian Runner. R. 1991. DVD Drama

Jason and the Argonauts. Not rated. 2000. DVD 791.4572 JAS TV

Jesus’ Son. R. 2000. DVD Drama

Knockaround Guys. R. 2001. DVD Drama

Land of the Dead. R. 2005. DVD Horror

The Osterman Weekend. R. 1983. DVD Action/Adventure

Paris Trout. R. 1991. VHS Drama

The Pick-Up Artist. PG-13. 1987. DVD Comedy

Rebel Without a Cause. Not rated. 1955. DVD Drama

Red Rock West. R. 1992. DVD Drama

River’s Edge. R. 1986. DVD Drama

Rumble Fish. R. 1983. DVD Drama

Samson and Delilah. Not rated. 1996. DVD 791.4572 SAM TV

Sleepwalking. R. 2008. DVD Drama

The Sons of Katie Elder. Not rated. 1965. DVD Western

Speed. R. 1994. DVD Action/Adventure

Super Mario Bros. PG. 1993. Youth DVD

Swing Vote. PG-13. 2008. DVD Comedy

10th & Wolf. R. 2006. DVD Drama

True Grit. G. 1969. DVD Western

True Romance. R. 1993. DVD Action/Adventure

Wanderlust. Not rated. 2006. DVD 791.43655 W

Waterworld. PG-13. 1995. DVD SF/Fantasy