Heath Ledger (1979-2008)

The death in 2008 of young Australian actor Heath Ledger shocked Hollywood. Ledger starred in a number of successful films and recived critical acclaim (and an Oscar nomination) for his role in Brokeback Mountain. More information about Ledger's career can be found in the Internet Movie Database. A number of Ledger's films are owned by the Library and are listed below.

Brokeback Mountain. R. 2005. DVD Drama

The Brothers Grimm. PG-13. 2005. DVD SF/Fantasy

Candy. R. 2006. DVD Drama

Casanova. R. 2005. DVD Comedy

The Dark Knight. PG-13. 2008. DVD SF/Fantasy and Blu-ray SF/Fantasy

The Four Feathers. PG-13. 2002. DVD Drama

I'm Not There. R. 2007. DVD Drama

A Knight's Tale. PG-13. 2001. DVD Action/Adventure

Lords of Dogtown. PG-13. 2005. DVD Drama

Monster's Ball. R. 2001. DVD Drama

Ned Kelly. R. 2003. DVD Drama

The Order. R. 2003. DVD Horror

The Patriot. R. 2000. DVD Drama

Roar (television series). Not rated. 1997. DVD 791.4572 ROA TV

10 Things I Hate About You. PG-13. 1999. DVD Comedy

Two Hands. R. 1999. DVD Drama