Movies With a Twist
Movie Recommendations

Barton Fink. R. 1991. DVD Comedy

The Big Sleep. Not rated. 1946. DVD Drama

Body Heat. R. 1981. DVD Drama

Chinatown. R. 1974. DVD Drama

Citizen Kane. PG. 1941. DVD Drama

The Crying Game. R. 1992. DVD Drama

Death Trap. PG. 1982. DVD Comedy

Dolores Claiborne. R. 1995. DVD Drama

Eastern Promises. R. 2007. DVD Drama

Fight Club. R. 1999. DVD Drama

From Dusk Till Dawn. R. 1996. DVD Horror

The Green Mile. R. 1999. DVD Drama

House of Games. R. 1987. DVD Drama

Identity. R. 2003. DVD Horror

The Illusionist. PG-13. 2006. DVD Drama

Inside Man. R. 2006. DVD Drama

Invasion of the Body Snatchers. PG. 1978. DVD Horror

Kill Bill Volume 1. R. 2003. DVD Action/Adventure

The Life of David Gale. R. 2003. DVD Drama

Matchstick Men. PG-13. 2003. DVD Comedy

Memento. R. 2000. DVD Drama

Miracle at St. Anna. R. 2008. DVD Drama

Miracle on 34th Street. Not rated. 1947. DVD Drama

Mission Impossible. PG-13. 1996. DVD Action/Adventure

Morlang. Not rated. 2001. DVD Drama

Mulholland Drive. R. 2001. DVD Horror

Ocean’s Eleven. PG-13. 2001. DVD Drama

The Prestige. PG-13. 2006. DVD Drama

Psycho. R. 1960. DVD Horror

Rear Window. Not rated. 1954. DVD Drama

Se7en. R. 1995. DVD Drama

The Shawshank Redemption. R. 1994. DVD Drama

Sleuth. R. 2007. DVD Drama

The Shining. R. 1980. DVD Horror

A Simple Twist of Fate. PG-13. 1994. DVD Comedy

The Silence of the Lambs. R. 1991. DVD Drama

The Sixth Sense. PG-13. 1999. DVD Drama

Soylent Green. Not rated. 1973. DVD SF/Fantasy

State of Play. PG-13. 2009. DVD Drama and Blu-ray Drama

The Sting. PG. 1973. DVD Drama

Stranger Than Fiction. PG-13. 2006. DVD Comedy

Tell No One. Not rated. 2006. DVD World (French)

The Third Man. Not rated. 1949. DVD Action/Adventure

Up in the Air. R. 2009. DVD Drama and Blu-ray Drama

The Usual Suspects. R. 1995. DVD Drama

Vertigo. Not rated. 1958. DVD Drama

The Village. PG-13. 2004. DVD Drama

The World According to Garp. R. 1982. DVD Comedy