Movie Recommendations

Puzzle films portray a mystery where the audience member has just a much of a role in solving the puzzle as the film's protagonists. The films often feature a number of twists and turns, and may have ambiguous elements that are left for the viewer to interpret and resolve on their own terms.

And Then There Were None. Not rated. 1945.
DVD Action/Adventure

Clue. PG. 1985. DVD Comedy

Deathtrap. PG. 1982. DVD Comedy

Les Diaboliques. Not rated. 1954. DVD World (French)

Donnie Darko. R. 2001. DVD Horror

Existenz. R. 1999. DVD SF/Fantasy

Fracture. R. 2007. DVD Drama

The Game. R. 1997. DVD Drama

The Grifters. R. 1990. DVD Drama

House of Games. R. 1987. DVD Drama

Identity. R. 2003. DVD Horror

Inception. PG-13. 2010. DVD SF/Fantasy and Blu-ray SF/Fantasy

Ladrón Que Roba a Ladrón. PG-13. 2007. DVD World (Spanish)

The Last of Sheila. PG. 1973. DVD Drama

Memento. R. 2000. DVD Drama

Mulholland Dr. R. 2001. DVD Horror

North by Northwest. G. 1959. DVD Action/Adventure

The Others. PG-13. 2001. DVD Horror

Primer. PG-13. 2004. DVD SF/Fantasy

The Sixth Sense. PG-13. 1999. DVD Drama

Sleuth. R. 2007. DVD Drama

The Spanish Prisoner. PG. 1998. DVD Drama

The Sting. PG. 1973. DVD Drama

12 Monkeys. R. 1995. DVD SF/Fantasy

The Usual Suspects. R. 1995. DVD Drama

Vanilla Sky. R. 2001. DVD Drama