Tribeca Film Festival
Award Winners

Best Narrative Feature

Documentary Feature

Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature

2013   The Rocket. Not rated
2012   War Witch. Not rated. DVD World (French)
2011   She Monkeys. Not rated.
2010   When We Leave. Not rated. DVD World (German)
2009   About Elly. Not rated.
2008   Let the Right One In. R. DVD World (Swedish)
2007   My Father, My Lord. Not rated. DVD World (Hebrew)
2006   Blessed By Fire. Not rated. DVD World (Spanish)
2005   Stolen Life. Not rated. DVD World (Chinese)
2004   The Green Hat. Not rated.
2003   Blind Shaft. Not rated. DVD World (Chinese)
2002   Rodger Dodger. R. DVD Comedy

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Founders Documentary Feature

2013   The Kill Team. Not rated.
2012   The World Before Her. Not rated.
2011   Bombay Beach. Not rated. DVD 306.097949 B
2010   Monica & David. Not rated. DVD 362.3 M
2009   Racing Dreams. PG. DVD 796.76 R
2008   Pray the Devil Back to Hell. Not rated. DVD 966.62032 P
2007   Taxi to the Dark Side. R. DVD 363.32 T
2006   The War Tapes. Not rated. 956.70443 W
2005   El Perro Negro: Stories from the Spanish Civil War. Not rated.
2004   Arna’s Children. Not rated.
The Man Who Stole My Mother’s Face. Not rated.
2003   A Normal Life. Not rated.
2002   Chiefs. Not rated. DVD 796.32362 C

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