Horror Films
Movie Recommendations

All of these movies are located in the Horror section unless otherwise noted.

If you enjoy Horror films you may also want to sample some of the films on our lists Monsters, Ghosts, Vampires, Witches..., Godzilla Movies or King Kong Movies.

Aliens. R. 1986. DVD SF/Fantasy

An American Werewolf in London.  R. 1981. DVD

An American Werewolf in Paris. R. 1997. DVD

Anaconda. PG-13. 1997. DVD

Audition. Not rated. 1999. DVD World (Japanese)

The Bela Lugosi Collection. Not rated. 1932-1940. DVD

Bhoot. Not rated. 2003. DVD World (Hindi)

Bless the Child. R. 2000. DVD

The Blob. Not rated. 1958. DVD

The Blob. R. 1988. DVD

Blood & Chocolate. PG-13. 2007. DVD SF/Fantasy

Boogeymen. Not rated. 2001. DVD

Bram Stoker's Dracula. R. 1992. DVD

Brotherhood of the Wolf. R. 2001. DVD World (French)

Cabin Fever. R. 2002. DVD

Cámara Oscura. Not rated. 2003. DVD World (Spanish)

Candyman. R. 1992. DVD

Carrie. R. 1976. DVD

The Cat and the Canary. Not rated. 1927. DVD

The Cell. R. 2000. DVD SF/Fantasy

A Chinese Ghost Story. Not rated. 1987. DVD World (Chinese)

Christine. R. 1983. DVD

Chucky: The Killer DVD Collection. R. 1990-2004. DVD

Cloverfield. PG-13. 2008. DVD SF/Fantasy

The Craft. R. 1996. DVD

The Crimson Rivers. R. 2000. DVD World (French)

Cronos. R. 1992. DVD World (Spanish)

Cujo. R. 1996. DVD

Dark Water. PG-13. 2001. DVD World (Japanese)

Darkness Falls. PG-13. 2003. DVD

Dawn of the Dead. Not rated. 1978. DVD

The Day of the Locust. R. 1975. DVD Drama

Day Watch. Not rated. 2006. DVD World (Russian)

The Devil's Backbone. R. 2001. DVD World (Spanish)

Les Diaboliques. Not rated. 1954. DVD World (French)

Donnie Darko. R. 2001. DVD

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Not rated. 1920. DVD

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Not rated. 1932. DVD

Dracula 2000. R. 2000. DVD

Dreamcatcher. R. 2003. DVD

Eight Legged Freaks. PG-13. 2002. DVD

The Evil Dead. Not rated. 1981. DVD

The Exorcist. Not rated. 1973. DVD

The Eye. PG-13. 2008. DVD

Fallen. R. 1998. DVD

Fear Dot Com. R. 2002. DVD

Final Destination. R. 2000. DVD

The Fly. Not rated. 1958. DVD

The Fog. Not rated. 2003. DVD World (Hindi)

1408. R. 2007. DVD

Frailty. R. 2001. DVD Drama

Freddy vs. Jason. R. 2003. DVD

From Dusk Till Dawn. R. 1996. DVD

Ghost Ship. R. 2002. DVD

The Gift. R. 2000. DVD Drama

Godsend. PG-13. 2004. DVD

Godzilla.  PG-13. 1998. DVD SF/Fantasy

Gojira. Not rated. 1954. DVD World (Japanese)

Gremlins. PG. 1984. DVD

Halloween. R. 1978. DVD

Hannibal. R. 2001. DVD

The Happening. R. 2008. DVD

The Haunting. Not rated. 1963. DVD

The Haunting. PG-13. 1999. DVD

High Tension. R. 2003. DVD World (French)

The Host. R. 2006. DVD World (Korean)

House on Haunted Hill. R. 1999. DVD

Hour of the Wolf. Not rated. 1968. DVD World (Swedish)

Identity. R. 2003. DVD

Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. R. 1994. DVD

It. Not rated. 1990. DVD

Jaws. PG. 1975. DVD and VHS

Jeepers Creepers II. R. 2003. DVD

Jigoku. Not rated. 1960. DVD World (Japanese)

Ju-On. R. 2000. DVD World (Japanese)

Kingdom of Shadows. Not rated. 1998. DVD 791.436164 K

Kwaidan. Not rated. 1965. DVD World (Japanese)

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Not rated. 1999. DVD 791.4572 LEG TV

The Lost Boys. R. 1987. DVD

Lost Souls. R. 2000. DVD

The Man Who Laughs. Not rated . 1928. DVD

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. R. 1994. DVD

Misery. R. 1990. DVD

The Mist. R. 2007. DVD

The Mummy. PG-13. 1999. DVD Action/Adventure

Nang Nak. Not rated. 1999. DVD World (Thai)

Night Watch. R. 2004. DVD World (Russian)

A Nightmare on Elm Street. R. 1984. DVD

The Ninth Gate. R. 1999. DVD

Nosferatu. Not rated. 1922. DVD

Nosferatu: The Vampyre. PG. 1979. DVD

The Omen. R. 1976. DVD

The Order. R. 2003. DVD

The Orphanage. R. 2007. DVD World (Spanish)

The Others. PG-13. 2001. DVD

The Penalty. Not rated. 1920. DVD

Pet Sematary. R. 1989. DVD

Planet Terror. Not rated. 2007. DVD

Poltergeist. PG. 1982. DVD

Prom Night. PG-13. 2008. DVD

The Prophecy. R. 1995. DVD

Psycho. R. 1960. DVD

P2. R. 2007. DVD

Pulse. R. 2001. DVD World (Japanese)

Raaz. Not rated. 2002. DVD World (Hindi)

Red Dragon. R. 2002. DVD

Reincarnation.  R. 2005. DVD World (Japanese)

The Relic.  R. 1996. DVD

Resident Evil. R. 2002. DVD

The Ring. PG-13. 2002. DVD

Ringu. Not rated. 1998. DVD World (Japanese)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. R. 1975. DVD Musical

Rogue. Not rated. 2007. DVD

Rosemary’s Baby. R. 1968. DVD

The Ruins. R. 2008. DVD

Scary Movie. R. 2000. DVD Comedy

Scream. R. 1996. DVD

Scream 2. R. 1997. DVD

Scream 3. R. 2000. DVD

Secret Window. PG-13. 2004. DVD

The Shining. R. 1980. DVD

The Silence of the Lambs. R. 1991. DVD Drama

Sleepy Hollow. R. 1999. DVD

Something Wicked This Way Comes. PG. 1983. DVD

Spirits of the Dead. Not rated. 1968. DVD World (French)

The Stepford Wives. PG. 1975. DVD

Stir of Echoes. R. 1999. DVD

The Strangers. R. 2008. DVD

Sukob. PG. 2006. DVD World (Tagalog)

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. R. 2007. DVD Musical

A Tale of Two Sisters. R. 2003. DVD World (Korean)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. R. 2003. DVD

The Thing. R. 1982. DVD

Thir13en Ghosts. R. 2001. DVD

28 Days Later. R. 2002. DVD

Valentine. R. 2001. DVD

Vampyr. Not rated. 1932. DVD World (German)

What Lies Beneath. PG-13. 2000. DVD

Wild Zero. Not rated. 2000. DVD World (Japanese)

Willard. R. 2003. DVD

Wolfen. R. 1981. DVD

Wrong Turn. R. 2003. DVD