Kickin' Flicks
Movie Recommendations

These movies feature either martial arts or swords and samurai. All of these movies are located in the Action/Adventure section unless otherwise noted.

The Accidental Spy. PG-13. 2001. DVD

Bulletproof Monk. PG-13. 2003. DVD

Charlie’s Angels. PG-13. 2000. DVD

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. PG-13. 2003. DVD

The Chinese Connection. R. 1971. DVD

City Hunter. PG-13. 1992. DVD World (Chinese)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. PG-13. 2000. DVD World (Chinese)

Dragon Fist. Not rated. 1979. DVD

The Defender. R. 1994. VHS World

Drunken Master. Not rated. 1978. DVD World (Chinese)

Enter the Dragon. R. 1973. DVD

Fists of Fury. R. 1971. DVD

Game of Death. R. 1977. DVD

Gate of Hell (Jigokumon). Not rated. 1953. VHS World

Heroic Trio. R. 1992. DVD

Iron Monkey. PG-13. 1993. DVD World (Chinese)

Jackie Chan’s First Strike. PG-13. 1996. VHS

Jackie Chan’s Project A. PG-13. 1983. DVD

Kill Bill: Volume 1. R. 2003. DVD

Kiss of the Dragon. R. 2001. DVD

Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. PG-13. 2002. DVD Comedy

The Last Samurai. R. 2003. DVD

The Legend 2. R. 1993. DVD World (Chinese)

The Legend of the Red Dragon. R. 1994. DVD World (Chinese)

The Legend of Drunken Master. R. 1994. DVD

The Medallion. PG-13. 2003. DVD

Meltdown. R. 1995. DVD Action/Adventure

Mortal Kombat. PG-13. 1995. DVD SF/Fantasy

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. PG-13. 1997. DVD SF/Fantasy

Mr. Nice Guy. PG-13. 1996. DVD

The Musketeer. PG-13. 2001. DVD

Once Upon a Time in China. R. 1991. DVD World (Chinese)

Once Upon a Time in China II. R. 1993. DVD World (Chinese)

Once Upon a Time in China 3. R. 1993. DVD World (Chinese)

The One. PG-13. 2001. DVD

Operation Condor. PG-13. 1991. DVD

Operation Condor 2: The Armour of the Gods. R. 1991. VHS

Police Story. PG-13. 1985. DVD

Police Story 2. PG-13. 1988. DVD

The Princess Blade. R. 2001. DVD World (Japanese)

Project A II. Not rated. 1987. DVD

Return of the Dragon. R. 1973. DVD

Romeo Must Die. R. 2000. DVD

Rumble in the Bronx. R. 1996. DVD

Rush Hour. PG-13. 1998. DVD

Rush Hour 2. PG-13. 2001. DVD

Sanjuro. Not rated. 1962. DVD World (Japanese)

Shanghai Noon. PG-13. 2000. DVD

Shanghai Knights. PG-13. 2003. DVD

Supercop. R. 1992. DVD

Supercop 2. R. 1993. DVD

Throne of Blood. Not rated. 1957. DVD World (Japanese)

Twin Dragons. PG-13. 1999. DVD

Yojimbo. Not rated. 1961. DVD World (Japanese)

Zatoichi Series. Not rated. 1962-1963. DVD World (Japanese)