Film Noir
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Classic film noir (from 1935 through 1969)
Contemporary noir (from 1970 to the present)

All of these movies are located in the Drama section unless otherwise noted. If you like the titles on this list you may also want to view the documentary Film Noir: Bringing Light to Darkness on DVD.

Classic Film Noir (from 1935 through 1969)

Ace in the Hole. Not rated. 1951. DVD

Angel Face. Not rated. 1950. DVD

Angels With Dirty Faces. Not rated. 1938. DVD

The Asphalt Jungle. Not rated. 1950. DVD

The Big Clock. Not rated. 1948.  DVD

The Big Heat. Not rated. 1953. DVD 

The Big Sleep. Not rated. 1946. DVD 

Black Widow. Not rated. 1954. DVD

The Blue Gardenia. Not rated. 1953. DVD

A Blueprint for Murder. Not rated. 1953. DVD

Border Incident. Not rated. 1949. DVD

Born to Kill. Not rated. 1947. DVD

Brute Force. Not rated. 1947. DVD

Bullitt. PG. 1968. DVD Action/Adventure

The Burglar. Not rated. 1957. DVD

Call Northside 777. Not rated. 1948. DVD

Cape Fear. Not rated. 1961. DVD 

Citizen Kane. PG. 1941. DVD 

Clash by Night. Not rated. 1952. DVD

The Complete Mr. Arkadin a.k.a Confidential Report. Not rated. 1955. DVD

Crossfire. Not rated. 1947. DVD

Dangerous Crossing. Not rated. 1953. DVD

The Dark Corner. Not rated. 1946. DVD

Dark Passage. Not rated. 1947. DVD

Detour. Not rated. 1945. DVD 

Dillinger. Not rated. 1945. DVD

D.O.A. Not rated. 1950. DVD

A Double Life. Not rated. 1947. DVD

Double Indemnity. Not rated. 1944. DVD

Drive a Crooked Road. Not rated. 1954. DVD

Fallen Angel. Not rated. 1945. DVD

Film Noir Classics I and II. Not rated. 1952-1959. DVD

Force of Evil. Not rated. 1949. DVD

Fury. Not rated. 1936. DVD

Gilda. Not rated. 1946. DVD

Gun Crazy. Not rated. 1949. DVD

He Walked by Night. Not rated. 1948. DVD

High and Low. Not rated. 1963. DVD World (Japanese)

High Sierra. Not rated. 1941. DVD

His Kind of Woman! Not rated. 1951. DVD

The Hitch-Hiker. Not rated. 1953. DVD

House of Strangers. Not rated. 1949. DVD

The House on 92nd Street. Not rated. 1945. DVD

The House on Telegraph Hill. Not rated. 1951. DVD

I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang. Not rated. 1932. DVD 

I Wake Up Screaming. Not rated. 1941. DVD

I Want to Live! Not rated. 1958. DVD

In a Lonely Place. Not rated. 1950. DVD 

Key Largo. Not rated. 1948. DVD 

Killer Bait. Not rated. 1949. DVD

The Killers. Not rated. 1946. DVD

Killer's Kiss. Not rated. 1955. DVD

The Killing. Not rated. 1956. DVD

A Kiss Before Dying. Not rated. 1955. DVD

Kiss Me Deadly. Not rated. 1955. DVD

Kiss of Death. Not rated. 1947. DVD

The Lady from Shanghai. Not rated. 1948. DVD 

Lady in the Lake. Not rated. 1947. DVD 

Laura. Not rated. 1944. DVD 

Leave Her to Heaven. Not rated. 1945. DVD

The Letter. Not rated. 1940. DVD

The Lost Weekend. Not rated. 1945. DVD 

M. Not rated. 1931. DVD World (German) 

Macao. Not rated. 1952. DVD 

The Maltese Falcon. Not rated. 1941. DVD 

Man in the Attic. Not rated. 1953. DVD 

Mildred Pierce. Not rated. 1945. DVD 

The Mob. Not rated. 1951. DVD

Murder, My Sweet. Not rated. 1944. DVD 

My Name is Julia Ross. Not rated. 1945. DVD

The Naked City. Not rated. 1948. DVD

The Narrow Margin. Not rated. 1952. DVD

Niagara. Not rated. 1953. DVD

Night and the City. Not rated. 1950. DVD 

The Night of the Hunter. Not rated. 1955. DVD

Nightmare Alley. Not rated. 1947. DVD

No Way Out. Not rated. 1950. DVD

Notorious. Not rated. 1946. DVD

On Dangerous Ground. Not rated. 1952. DVD 

Out of the Past. Not rated. 1947. DVD 

Panic in the Streets. Not rated. 1950. DVD

Pickup on South Street. Not rated. 1953. DVD

Point Blank. Not rated. 1967. DVD

The Postman Always Rings Twice. Not rated. 1946. DVD 

Prowler. Not rated. 1951. DVD

The Racket. Not rated. 1951. DVD

Railroaded. Not rated. 1947. DVD

Raw Deal. Not rated. 1948. DVD

Rififi. Not rated. 1955. DVD World (French) 

Road House. Not rated. 1948. DVD 

The Roaring Twenties. Not rated. 1939. DVD 

Le Samouraï. Not rated. 1967. DVD World (French)

Scarlet Street. Not rated. 1945. DVD

The Set-Up. Not rated. 1949. DVD 

Shadow Man. Not rated. 1953. DVD 

Shadow of a Doubt. Not rated. 1943. DVD 

Shoot the Piano Player. Not rated. 1960. DVD World (French) 

Shoot to Kill. Not rated. 1947. DVD

Somewhere in the Night. Not rated. 1946. DVD

Spellbound. Not rated. 1945. DVD 

Strange Impersonation. Not rated. 1946. DVD

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers. Not rated. 1946. DVD

The Stranger. Not rated. 1946. DVD

Strangers on a Train. Not rated. 1951. DVD 

Sunset Boulevard. Not rated. 1950. DVD

Sweet Smell of Success. Not rated. 1957. DVD

T-Men. Not rated. 1948. DVD

Thieves' Highway. Not rated. 1949. DVD

The Third Man. Not rated. 1949. DVD Action/Adventure 

The 39 Steps. Not rated. 1935. DVD 

This Gun for Hire. Not rated. 1942. DVD Action/Adventure

Tight Spot. Not rated. 1955. DVD

Touch of Evil. Not rated. 1958. DVD 

Where the Sidewalk Ends. Not rated. 1950. DVD

Whirlpool. Not rated. 1949. DVD

White Heat. Not rated. 1949. DVD Action/Adventure

The Woman in the Window. Not rated. 1944. DVD 

The Wrong Man. Not rated. 1956. DVD 

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Contemporary Noir (from 1970 to the present)

Against All Odds. R. 1984. DVD

Angel Heart. R. 1987. DVD 

Atlantic City. R. 1981. DVD 

Bitter Harvest. R. 2001. DVD 

The Black Dahlia. R. 2006. DVD 

Blade Runner. R. 1982. DVD SF/Fantasy 

Blood Simple. R. 1983. DVD 

Blue Velvet. R. 1986. DVD 

Body Heat. R. 1981. DVD

Brick. R. 2005. DVD

Chan is Missing. Not rated. 1982. DVD Action/Adventure

China Moon. R. 1991. DVD

Chinatown. R. 1974. DVD

Croupier. Not rated. 1998. DVD

Dead Again. R. 1991. DVD 

Deep Cover. R. 1992. DVD Action/Adventure

The Departed. R. 2006. DVD

Desperate Hours. R. 1990. DVD

Devil in a Blue Dress. R. 1995. DVD 

Double Identity. R. 2008. DVD Action/Adventure 

Fight Club. R. 1999. DVD 

The Good German. R. 2006. DVD 

The Grifters. R. 1990. DVD 

Hard Eight. R. 1997. DVD

Heat. R. 1995. DVD Action/Adventure

A History of Violence. R. 2005. DVD

Hollywoodland. R. 2006. DVD

House of Games. R. 1987. DVD

The House of Yes. R. 1997. DVD Comedy

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. R. 2003. DVD

Infernal Affairs. R. 2002. DVD World (Chinese)

Insomnia. Not rated. 1997. DVD World (Norwegian)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. R. 2005. DVD

L.A. Confidential. R. 1997. DVD

The Long Goodbye. R. 1973. DVD

The Lookout. R. 2007. DVD

The Man Who Wasn’t There. R. 2001. DVD

The Manchurian Candidate. PG-13. 1962. DVD

Manhunter. R. 1986. DVD Horror

Memento. R. 2000. DVD 

Miller’s Crossing. R. 1990. DVD 

Monsieur Hire. PG-13. 1989. DVD World (French)

Mulholland Dr. R. 2001. DVD Horror 

Mulholland Falls. R. 1995. DVD

Night Moves. R. 1975. DVD

Pulp Fiction. R. 1994. DVD

Red Rock West. R. 1992. DVD

Reservoir Dogs. R. 1992. DVD

Rounders. R. 1998. DVD

Se7en. R. 1995. DVD

Sin City. R. 2005. DVD Action/Adventure

The Spanish Prisoner. PG. 1998. DVD

Swoon. R. 1992. DVD

The Talented Mr. Ripley. R. 1999. DVD

Taxi Driver. R. 1976. DVD

Tequila Sunrise. R. 1988. DVD

True Romance. Not rated. 1993. DVD Action/Adventure

Twilight. R. 1997. DVD

The Two Jakes. R. 1990. DVD

Under Suspicion. R. 1999. DVD

The Usual Suspects. R. 1995. DVD 

With a Friend Like Harry. R. 2000. DVD World (French)

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