Movies about Weddings and Engagements
Movie Recommendations

Accidental Husband. PG-13. 2008. DVD Comedy

American Wedding. R. 2003. DVD Comedy

Arranged. Not rated. 2007. DVD Drama

The Bachelor. PG-13. 1999. DVD Comedy

Bend it Like Beckham. PG-13. 2002. DVD Comedy

The Best Man. R. 1999. DVD Comedy

Betsy’s Wedding. R. 1990. DVD Comedy

The Birdcage. R. 1996. DVD Comedy

Blood Wedding. Not rated. 1981. DVD World (Spanish)

Bollywood Hollywood. PG-13. 2002. DVD Comedy

A Breath of Scandal. Not rated. 1960. DVD Drama

Bride & Prejudice. PG-13. 2004. DVD Musical

Bride Wars. PG. 2009. DVD Comedy

Caramel. PG. 2007. DVD World (Arabic)

Casanova. R. 2005. DVD Comedy

Cold Comfort Farm. PG. 1995. DVD Comedy

Confetti. R. 2006. DVD Comedy

The Decoy Bride. PG. 2011. DVD Comedy and Blu-ray Comedy

Double Wedding. Not rated. 1937. DVD Comedy

Double Wedding. Not rated. 2011. DVD 791.4572 DOU TV

Ever After. PG-13. 1998. DVD Drama

Emma. PG. 1996. DVD Comedy

Ever After. PG-13. 1998. DVD Drama

Everyone Says I Love You. R. 1996. DVD Comedy

Father of the Bride. Not rated. 1950. DVD Comedy

Father of the Bride. PG. 1991. DVD Comedy

The Five Year Engagement. R. 2012. DVD Comedy and Blu-ray Comedy

Flower Drum Song. Not rated. 1961. DVD Musical

Fools Rush In. PG-13. 1997. DVD Comedy

Four Weddings and a Funeral. R. 1993. DVD Comedy

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. PG-13. 2009. DVD Comedy

The Groomsmen. R. 2006. DVD Comedy

A Guy Thing. PG-13. 2002. DVD Comedy

High Society. Not rated. 1956. DVD Musical

Honeymoon in Vegas. PG-13. 1992. DVD Comedy

How to Deal. PG-13. 2003. DVD Comedy

How to Marry a Millionaire. Not rated. 1953. DVD Comedy

I Capture the Castle. R. 2003. DVD Drama

I Do (But I Don't). Not rated. 2004. DVD 791.4572 IDO TV

In & Out. PG-13. 1997. DVD Comedy

The In-Laws. PG. 1979. DVD Comedy

The In-Laws. PG-13. 2003. DVD Comedy

It Had to Be You. PG. 2000. DVD Comedy

It Happened On Night. Not rated. 1934. DVD Comedy

Late Marriage. Not rated. 2001. DVD World (Hebrew)

Leap Year. PG. 2010. DVD Comedy

License to Wed. PG-13. 2007. DVD Comedy

Love, Wedding, Marriage. PG-13. 2011. DVD Comedy

Made of Honor. PG-13. 2008. DVD Comedy and Blu-ray Comedy

Margot at the Wedding. R. 2007. DVD Comedy

Meet the Parents. PG-13. 2000. DVD Comedy

Miami Rhapsody. PG-13. 1995. DVD Comedy

A Midsummer Night’s Dream. PG-13. 1999. DVD Comedy

Monsoon Wedding. R. 2001. DVD Comedy

Monster-in-Law. PG-13. 2005. DVD Comedy

Moonstruck. PG. 1987. DVD Comedy

Much Ado about Nothing. PG-13. 1993. DVD Drama

Muriel’s Wedding. R. 1994. DVD Comedy

My Best Friend’s Wedding. PG-13. 1997. DVD Comedy

My Big Fat Greek Wedding. PG. 2002. DVD Comedy

Once Upon a Wedding. PG. 2005. DVD Comedy

Only You. PG. 1994. DVD Comedy

Our Family Wedding. PG-13. 2010. DVD Comedy

Over Her Dead Body. PG-13. 2008. DVD Comedy

The Philadelphia Story. Not rated. 1940. DVD Comedy

Picture Bride. PG-13. 1995. DVD World (Japanese)

Polish Wedding. PG-13. 1998. DVD Comedy

Pride & Prejudice. PG. 2005. DVD Drama

The Prince & Me II: Royal Wedding. PG. 2006. DVD Drama

The Princess Bride. PG. 1987. DVD Comedy and Blu-ray Comedy

The Princess Diaries II: Royal Engagement. G. 2004. Youth DVD

The Proposal. PG-13. 2009. DVD Comedy

Rachel Getting Married. R. 2008. DVD Drama

Rana's Wedding. Not rated. 2002. DVD World (Arabic)

Road to a Greek Wedding. PG. 2003. DVD Comedy

Romeo & Juliet -- Get Married. Not rated. 2005. DVD World (Portuguese)

Royal Wedding. Not rated. 1951. DVD Musical

The Royal Wedding: William & Catherine: April 29, 2011 . Not rated. 2011.
DVD 392.508621

Rumor Has It. PG-13. 2005. DVD Comedy

Runaway Bride. PG. 1999. DVD Comedy

Sense and Sensibility. PG. 1995. DVD Drama

Sense and Sensibility. Not rated. 2008. DVD 791.4572 SEN TV

Serendipity. PG-13. 2001. DVD Comedy

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Not rated. 1954. DVD Musical

Sleepless in Seattle. PG. 1993. DVD Comedy

The Slipper and the Rose. G. 1976. DVD Musical

Sweet Home Alabama. PG-13. 2002. DVD Comedy

Sweet Land: A Love Story. PG. 2005. DVD Drama

The Syrian Bride. Not rated. 2004. DVD World (Arabic)

That Old Feeling. PG-13. 1997. DVD Comedy

27 Dresses. PG-13. 2008. DVD Comedy

Walk By Faith: The Runaway Bride. Not rated. 2007. DVD Comedy

A Wedding. PG. 1978. DVD Comedy

The Wedding Banquet. R. 1993. DVD Comedy

Wedding Crashers. R. 2005. DVD Comedy

The Wedding Date. PG-13. 2005. DVD Comedy

Wedding Daze. R. 2006. DVD Comedy

Wedding for Bella. PG-13. 2001. DVD Comedy

Wedding in Galilee. Not rated. 1987. DVD World (Hebrew)

The Wedding Planner. PG-13. 2001. DVD Comedy

The Wedding Singer. PG-13. 1998. DVD Comedy

Wedding Wars. Not rated. 2006. DVD 791.4572 WED TV

The Wood. R. 1999. DVD Comedy

The Wooden Man's Bride. Not rated. 1995. DVD World (Chinese)