Boxed Sets
Selected CDs

AC/DC. Bonfire. 2003. (MR ACDC BB A07)

Africa: 50 Years of Music: 50 Years of Independence.
2010. (MW AFRICA AFY D62) Clip art of boxes

Aerosmith. Box of Fire. 1993.

America. Highway: 30 Years of America. 2000.

American Roots Music. 2001. (P COLL ARM P75)

Atlantic Rhythm and Blues 1947-1974. 1991.

Armstrong, Louis. The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings. 2000. (MJ ARMS CHF A27)

Bee Gees. The Studio Albums, 1967-1968. 2006.

Bennett, Tony. Forty Years: The Artistry of Tony Bennett. 1997. (MA BENN FYA B60)

The Best of Broadside 1962-1988: Anthems of the American Underground from the Pages of Broadside Magazine. 2000. (P COLL BBN S30)

Björk. Livebox. 2003. (J BJOR LIV B55)

Björling, Jussi. Jussi Björling. 2008. (B BJOR JB E13)

Black Sabbath. Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath. 2004.

Bon Jovi. 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong--the Premiere Collection. 2004.

Bowie, David. David Bowie Box. 2007. (MR BOWI DBB B32)

Bowie, David. Sound + Vision. 2003. (MR BOWI SV B11)

The Bristol Sessions, 1927-1928: The Big Bang of Country Music. 2011.

The Brit Box. 2007. (MR COLL BBU R04)

The Byrds. There is a Season. 2006. (MR BYRD TIS B24)

Cash, Johnny. The Complete Sun Recordings 1955-1958. 2005. (MC CASH CSR C03)

Cash, Johnny. The Legend. 2005. (MC CASH LEG C02 )

Chapin, Harry. Story of a Life. 1999. (MA CHAP SL C75)

Chicago. Chicago. 2003. (MR CHIC CHI C71)

Clapton, Eric. Crossroads. 1988. (MR CLAP CRO C61)

Cooper, Alice. The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper. 1999. (MM COOP LCA C80)

Coltrane, John. The Heavyweight Champion: The Complete Atlantic Recordings. 1995. (MJ COLT HCC C84)

The Complete Motown Singles. Vol. 11A, 1971. 2008. (MB COLL CMS M79)

Creedence Clearwater Revival. Creedence Clearwater Revival. 2001. (MR CREE CCR C34)

Crosby, Stills & Nash. CSN. 1991. (MR CROS CSN C19)

CTI Records: The Cool Revolution. (MJ COLL CTI M21)

The Cure. Join the Dots. 2004. (MR CURE JDB C43)

Dave Matthews Band. Europe 2009. 2009. (MR MATT-D EUR-09 M24)

Dave Matthews Band. Fenway Park, Boston, MA July 7-8, 2006. 2006.

Dave Matthews Band. Weekend on the Rocks. 2005. (MR MATT-D WR M59)

Davis, Miles. The Complete On The Corner Sessions. 2007. (MJ DAVI CCS D39)

Diamond, Neil. In My Lifetime. 1996. (MA DIAM IML D13)

Diamond, Neil. Stages: Performances 1970-2002. 2003. (MA DIAM SP D40)

Domino, Fats. Walking to New Orleans: 100: Legendary Imperial Recordings 1949-1962.  2002. (MR DOMI-F WNO D74)

The Doobie Brothers. Long Train Runnin': The Doobie Brothers 1970-2000.  1999.

The Doors. The Doors Box Set. 1997. (MR DOOR DBS D23)

The Doors. Live in New York. 2009. (MR DOOR LNY D57)

The Doo Wop Box: 101 Vocal Group Gems from the Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll. 1993.

Dylan, Bob. The Original Mono Recordings. 2010. (MR DYLA-B OMR D42)

Dylan, Bob. Rare & Unreleased, 1961-1991. (The Bootleg Series) 1991. (MR DYLA RU D72)

Electric Light Orchestra. The Classic Albums Collection. 2011. (MR ELEC CAC E62)

Electric Light Orchestra. Flashback. 2000. (MR ELEC FLA E23)

The English Beat. The Complete Beat. 2012 (MR ENGL CB E76)

Enya. Only Time, the Collection. 2002 (MN ENYA OTC E11)

Everybody Dance Now! 2004. (J COLL EDN S10)

Fahey, John. Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You: Fonotone Years 1958-1965.
2011. (P FAYE YPC F21)

‘50s Love Songs. 2008. (MA COLL FLS S95)

Fitzgerald, Ella. Twelve Nights in Hollywood. 2009. (MJ FITZ TNH F20)

Foreigner. Foreigner. 2008. (MR FORE FOR F12)

Four Decades of Folk Rock. 2007. (MR COLL FDF T15)

Franklin, Aretha. Queen of Soul. 1992. (MB FRAN-A QS F63)

Franklin, Aretha. Take a Look: Aretha Franklin Complete on Columbia. 2011.

Freedom: Songs from the Heart of America. 2002. (P COLL FSH C79)

Freestyle: the Ultimate Collection. 2008. (J COLL FUC U62)

Front Row Center: The Broadway Gold Box, 1935-1988. 1996. (K COLL  FRC M53)

Gaye, Marvin. The Master 1961-1984. 1995. (MB GAYE MAS G92)

Genesis. Genesis 1970-1975. 2008. (MR GENE GEN G08)

Genesis. Genesis 1983-1998. 2007. (MR GENE GEN G60)

Genesis. Live, 1973-2007. 2007. (MR GENE LIV G43)

The Grateful Dead. Rocking the Cradle: Egypt 1978. 2008. (MR GRAT RCE G59)

GU Mixed. 3: Unmixed DJ Version. 2008. (J COLL GUM-3 G40)

Guthrie, Woody. My Dusty Road. 2009. (P GUTH-W MDR G62)

Guy, Buddy. Can’t Quit the Blues. 2006. (MB GUYB CQB G67)

Hall and Oates. Do What You Want, Be What You Are. 2009. (MR HALL DYW H74)

Hendrix, Jimi. The Jimi Hendrix Experience. 2000. (MR HEND JHE H16)

Hendrix, Jimi. West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology. 2010.

The Hip Hop Box. 2004. (MP COLL HHB U88)

The History of Indian Film Music. 2009. (MW INDIA HIF T28)

Holiday, Billie. The Ultimate Collection. 2005. (MJ HOLI UC H18)

Hornsby, Bruce. Intersections [1985-2005]. 2006. (MR HORN INT H92)

I Want My 80’s Box. 2001. (MR COLL IWM H58)

Jackson, Michael. Hello World: the Motown Solo Collection. 2009.

Jackson, Michael. The Ultimate Collection. 2004. (MR JACK-M UC J00)

Joel, Billy. The Complete Hits Collection, 1973-1997. 1997. (MR JOEL CHC J07)

Joel, Billy. My Lives. 2005. (MR JOEL ML J20)

Johnson, Syl. Complete Mythology. 2010. (MB JOHN-S CA J22)

Jones, Quincy. Q: The Musical Biography of Quincy Jones. 2001. (MJ JONE QMB J63)

Joplin, Janis. Box of Pearls: The Janis Joplin Collection. 1999. (MR JOPL BPJ J42)

Journey. Time 3. 1992. (MR JOUR TT J19)

Lennon, John. Gimme Some Truth. 2010. (MR LENN GST L29)

Little Walter. The Complete Chess Masters. 2009. (MB LITT-W CCM L36)

The Long Road to Freedom: An Anthology of Black Music.  2001.  (P COLL LRF B56)

Magic Moments: the Best of '50s Pop. 2004. (MA COLL MMB S80)

Manilow, Barry. The Complete Collection and Then Some. 2003. (MA MANI CCS M72)

Marley, Bob. Man to Man. 2005. (MW REGGAE MARL-B M26)

Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: A Musical Journey. 2003. (L MART MSP H93)

Matador at 21. 2010. (MR COLL MT M00)

McCartney, Paul. Memory Almost Full. 2007. (MR MCCA-P MAF M58)

Moments to Remember: The Golden Hits of the 50’s and 60’s. 2006.(MA COLL MRG S46)

Moody Blues. Time Traveller. 1996. (MR MOOD TT M23)

The Motown Box. 2005.  (MB COLL MB S99)

Nash, Graham. Reflections. 2009. (MR NASH REF N76)

New Order. Retro. 2002. (MR NEWO RET N34)

Nicks, Stevie. Enchanted. 1998. (MR NICK ENC N93)

Nirvana. With the Lights Out. 2004. (MR NIRV WLO N27)

O.A.R. Rain or Shine. 2009. (MR OAR RS O12)

Osbourne, Ozzie. Prince of Darkness.  2005. (MM OSBO PD O60)

Parton, Dolly. Dolly. 2009. (MC PART DOL P86)

Pearl Jam. Live at the Gorge. 2007. (MR PEAR LG P96)

Peter, Paul, and Mary. Carry It On. 2003. (P PETE CIO P07)

Petty, Tom. The Live Anthology. 2009. (MR PETT LA P65)

Petty, Tom. Playback. 1995.  (MR PETT PLA P75)

Phish. At the Roxy.  2008. (MR PHIS AR P41)

Phish. Live Phish. 14: 10.31.95: Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, Illinois.  2002.
(MR PHIS LP-14 P07)

Plant, Robert. Nine Lives.  2006. (MR PLAN NL P78)

The Police. Message in a Box: The Complete Recordings. 1993. (MR POLI MB P50)

Presley, Elvis. Close Up. 2003. (MR PRES ECU P37)

Presley, Elvis. Elvis: From Nashville to Memphis. 1993. (MR PRES ENM P60)

Presley, Elvis. Elvis 75: Good Rockin' Tonight. 2009. (MR PRES ESG P25)

Presley, Elvis. HitStorey. 2005. (MR PRES HIT P76)

Presley, Elvis. I Believe: The Gospel Masters. 2009. (MG PRES IBG P84)

Presley, Elvis. Today, Tomorrow & Forever. 2002. (MR PRES TTF P15)

Presley, Elvis. Young Man with the Big Beat: The Complete '56 Elvis Presley Masters. 2011. (MR PRES YMB P42)

The Pretenders. Pirate Radio, 1979-2005. 2006. (MR PRET PR P70)

Progressions: 100 Years of Jazz Guitar. 2005. (MJ COLL POH S62)

Rahman, A.R. A Music Storm. 2010. (MW INDIA RAHM S29)

Rolling Stones. Get Yer Ya-ya's Out!: The Rolling Stones in Concert. 2009.

Rolling Stones. Singles Collection: The London Years. 1989. (MR ROLL SCL R12)

Rolling Stones. Singles 1963-1965. 2004. (MR ROLL SIN R92)

Rolling Stones. Singles 1965-1967. 2004. (MR ROLL SIN R02)

The Rounder Records Story. 2010. (MA COLL RRS R95)

Santana. Santana, The Collection. 2005. (MR SANT SC S64)

Simone, Nina. To Be Free: The Nina Simone Story. 2008. (MJ SIMO TBF S09)  

Sinatra, Frank. Vegas. 2006. (MA SINA VEG S99)

The ‘60s Rock Experience. 2005. (MR COLL SRE S84)

Smith, Bessie. The Complete Recordings. Vol. 2. (MB SMIT-B CR-2 S71)

Sondheim, Stephen. The Story So Far--. 2008. (K SOND SSF S55)

Spinners (U.S.). The Chrome Collection. 2003. (MB SPIN CC S80)

Springsteen, Bruce. The E Street Band Live/1975-85. 2002. (MR SPRI-B LIV S70)

Springsteen, Bruce. The Promise: The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story. 2010.

Steely Dan. Citizen Steely Dan: 1972-1980. 1993. (MR STEE CSD S81)

Steve Miller Band. Steve Miller Band Box Set. 1994. (MR STEV SMB S26)

Stevens, Cat. Cat Stevens. 2006. (MA STEV-C CS S26)

Sting. 25 Years. 2011. (MR STIN TY S01)

Streisand, Barbra. Just for the Record. 2003. (MA STRE JR S77)

The Temptations. Emperors of Soul.  1994. (MB TEMP ES T38)

Thompson, Richard. Walking on a Wire (1968-2009).  2009. (MR THOM-R WW T87)

Traveling Wilburys. Traveling Wilburys Collection.  2007. (MR TRAV TWC T04)

Turner, Tina. The Collected Recordings. 1994. (MR TURN-T CR T24)

'Twas the Night Before Hanukkah: The Musical Battle Between Christmas and the Festival of Lights. 2012. (R HANU TNH I20)

The Ultimate Jukebox Hits of the 80s. 2001. (MR COLL UJH-80 C26)

Valli, Frankie. Jersey Beat: the Music of Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons. 2007.

Vaughan, Stevie Ray. SRV. 2000. (MR VAUG SRV V14)

Vee-Jay: The Definitive Collection. 2007. (MB COLL VDC S85)

Voices of India. 2010. (Q INDIA VI S32)

Waller, Fats. If You Got to Ask, You Ain't Got It! 2006. (MJ WALL IYG W25)

Who. Thirty Years of Maximum R&B.1994. (MR WHO TYM W20)

Windham Hill. A Quiet Revolution: 30 Years of Windham Hill. 2005. (MN COLL QRT W57)

Yankovic, Al.  Permanent Record: Al in the Box. 1994. (MR YANK PRA Y24)

Yaz. In Your Room. 2008. (MR YAZ IYR Y93)

Young, Neil. Neil Young Archives. Vol 1, (1963 – 1972). 2009. (MR YOUN-N NYA-1 Y92)

ZZ TOP. Chrome, Smoke & BBQ. 2003. (MR ZZTO CSB Z76)