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Clip artDixon, Willie. I Am the Blues. 1993.

Guy, Buddy. Every Day I Have the Blues. 2000.

Muddy Waters. Fathers and Sons. 2001.

Reed, Jimmy. The Very Best of Jimmy Reed. 2000. (MJ REED VBJ R02)

Taylor, Koko. Old School. 2007. (MB TAYL-K OS T15)

Wells, Junior. Live at Buddy Guy's Legends. 1997. (MJ WELL LBG W12)

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The Chicago Principal. 2003. (EC COLL CPF D25)

Pine, Rachel Barton. Solo Baroque. 2004. (GV PINE SB B78)

The Ying Quartet. LifeMusic. 2004. (F COLL LM Y03)

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Barlowgirl. How Can We Be Silent. 2007. (MG BARL HCW B97)

Caesar , Shirley. You Can Make It. 2000. (MG CAES YCD C71)

Staple Singers. The Best of the Staple Singers. 1986. (MB STAP BSS S07)

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Barber, Patricia. Mythologies. 2006. (MJ BARB MYT B64)

Cole, Nat King. Nat "King" Cole, 1936-1940. 1994. (MA COLE NKC C57)

Elling, Kurt. Live in Chicago. 1999. (MJ ELLI-K LC E11)

Lewis, Ramsey. Ramsey Lewis. 2002. (MJ LEWI RL L69)

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Disturbed. Indestructible. 2008. (MM DIST IND D32)

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Common. Be. 2005. (MP COMM BE C70)

Fiasco, Lupe. Food & Liquor. 2006. (MP FIAS FL F59)

West, Kanye. Graduation. 2007. (MP WEST GRA W41)

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Academy Is.... Almost Here. 2004. (MR ACAD AT A71)

Alkaline Trio. Crimson. 2005. (MR ALKA CRI A09)

BBird, Andrew. Armchair Apocrypha. 2007. (MR BIRD AA B58)

Cheap Trick. Cheap Trick at Budokan: The Complete Concert. 1998. (MR CHEA CTB C27)

Chevelle. Wonder What’s Next. 2002. (MR CHEV WWN C57)

Chicago. Best of Chicago. 2007. (MR CHIC BC R16)

Fall Out Boy. From Under the Cork Tree. 2005. (MR FALL FUC F40)

Fiery Furnaces. Widow City. 2007. (MR FIER WC F89)

Hogan, Kelly. Because it Feels Good. 2001. (MR HOGA-K BIF H79)

Kill Hannah. For Never and Ever. 2003. (MR KILL FNE K64)

The Like Young. So Serious. 2004. (MR LIKE-Y SS L93)

OK Go. Oh No. 2005. (MR OKGO ON O00)

Phair, Liz. Exile in Guyville. 1993. (MR PHAI EG P51)

Poi Dog Pondering. Volo Volo. 1992. (MR POID VV P60)

The Ponys. Turn the Lights Out. 2007. (MR PONY TLO P35)

The Redwalls. De Nova. 2005. (MR REDW DN R77)

The Sea and Cake. Everybody. 2007. (MR SEAA EVE S86)

Smashing Pumpkins. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. 1995. (MR SMAS MCI S61)

Sonia Dada. My Secret Life. 1998. (MR SONI MSL S90)

Styx. Greatest Hits. 1995. (MR STYX GH S87)

Umphrey's McGee. The Bottom Half. 2007. (MR UMPH BH U56)

Waco Brothers. Freedom and Weep. 2005. (MR WACO FW W19)

Wilco. Sky Blue Sky. 2007. (MR WILC SBS W88)

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Chi-Lites. The Chi-Lites. 2005. (MB CHIL CHI C92)

Kelly, R. Unfinished Business. 2004. (MB KELL UB K90)

Khan, Chaka. Funk This. 2007. (MB KHAN FT K22)

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