Classic Metal and Hard Rock
Selected CDs

Animated image of guitaristAC/DC. Back in Black. 1980.

AC/DC. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. 1976.

AC/DC. Highway to Hell. 1979.

Aerosmith. Box of Fire. 1993. (MR AERO BF A61)

Black Sabbath. Paranoid. 1970. (MM BLAC PAR B04)

Cooper, Alice. Welcome to My Nightmare. 1975. (MM COOP WMN C83)

Def Leppard. Hysteria. 1987. (MM DEFL HYS D47)

Guns n' Roses. Appetite for Destruction. 1987. (MM GUNS AD G48)

Guns n' Roses. Use Your Illusion I. 1991. (MM GUNS UYI-1 G49)

Guns n' Roses. Use Your Illusion II. 1991. (MM GUNS UYI-2 G20)

Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden. 1980. (MM IRON IM I07)

Iron Maiden. The Number of the Beast. 1982. (MM IRON NB I10)

Judas Priest. British Steel. 1980. (MM JUDA BS J52)

Kiss. Alive! 1975. (MR KISS ALI K77)

Kiss. Destroyer. 1976. (MR KISS DES K78)

Kiss. Kiss. 1974. (MR KISS KIS K74)

Led Zeppelin. Houses of the Holy. 1973. (MM LEDZ HH L39)

Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin. 1969. (MM LEDZ LZ-1 L32)

Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin II. 1969. (MM LEDZ LZ-2 L33)

Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin III. 1970. (MM LEDZ LZ-3 L78)

Led Zeppelin. Physical Graffiti. 1975. (MM LEDZ PG L42)

Megadeth. Peace Sells—But Who’s Buying? 2004. (MM MEGA PSW M24)

Metallica. —And Justice for All. 1988. (MM META AJA M12)

Metallica. Kill 'em All. 1983. (MM META KEA M66)

Metallica. Master of Puppets. 1986. (MM META MP M39)

Metallica. Metallica. 1991. (MM META MET M13)

Metallica. Ride the Lightning. 1984. (MM META RL M96)

Motley Crue. Dr. Feelgood. 1989. (MR MOTL DF M29)

Pantera. Vulgar Display of Power. 1992. (MM PANT VDP P58)

Queen. A Night at the Opera. 1975. (MR QUEE NO Q72)

Scorpions. Gold. 2006. (MM SCOR GOL S45)

Slayer. Reign in Blood. 2007. (MM SLAY RB S82)

Van Halen. Best of. Volume 1. 1996. (MR VANH BES-1 V32)

Van Halen. Women and Children First. 1980. (MR VANH WCF V39)