Beach Music
Selected CDs

All the Best from Caribbean. 2002.

B-52s. Nude on the Moon: The B-52s Anthology. 2002. (MR BFIF NMB B57)

Baha Men. Move It Like This. 2002.

Baha Men. Who Let the Dogs Out? 2000.

Beach Boys. The Best of the Beach Boys. 1990.

Beach Boys. Greatest Surfing Songs! 1990. (MR BEAC GSS B40)

Beach Boys. Little Deuce Coupe; All Summer Long 1990. (MR BEAC LDC B16)

Beach Boys. Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of the Beach Boys. 2003.

Beach Boys. Summer Love Songs. 2009. (MR BEAC SLS B99)

Beach Boys. 20 Good Vibrations, The Greatest Hits. Volume 1. 1999. (MR BEAC TGV B18)

Beach Boys. The Warmth of  the Sun. 2007. (MR BEAC WS B64)

The Beach Music Sound: Sand in My Shoes: 25 More Classic Hits. 2006.

Big Kahuna. Shake Those Hula Hips. 2001. (MJ BIGK STH B60)

Buffett, Jimmy. Beach House on the Moon. 1999. (MR BUFF BHM B60)

Buffett, Jimmy. License to Chill. 2004. (MR BUFF LC B70)

Calypso. 2002. (MW COLL CAL P05)

Caribbean Party. 1997. (Q CARIB CP P32)

Dancin' on Sunshine: Summertime Hits. 2005. (MR COLL DSS S32)

50s Summer Dance Party: Jukebox Legends. 2001. (MR COLL FSD A62)

French Caribbean. 2003. (MW CARIB FC P11)

Gilberto, Bebel. Tanto Tempo. 2000. (Q BRAZ GILB G26)

Grease: The Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture. 1978. (L GREA GRE P95)

Ho, Don. A Night in Hawaii with Don Ho. 1988. (P HAWA HO H01)

The John Test Project. Sax on the Beach. 1995. (MN TESH SB T53)

Kalapana, Harrry. Guitares Hawaïennes. 198?. (P HAWA KALA K47)

Kohala. Island Treasures. 1998. (P HAWA KOHA K11)

Lilo & Stitch. 2002. (L LILO LS W34)

Masterbeat S.P.F. (Summer Party Favorites). 2006 (J COLL MSP-06 M62)

Na Leo Pilimehana. Hawaiian Memories. 2002. (P HAWA NALE N14)

Novabasso: Red Hot on Verve. 1996. (MW BRAZ NRH V84)

#1 Hits of the Summer: Beach Party. 2006. (MA COLL NOH C46)

#1 Hits of the Summer: Summer Classics. 2006. (MA COLL NOH C52)

#1 Hits of the Summer: Summer Hits. 2006. (MA COLL NOH C47)

Ocean Surf: Timeless and Sublime. 198? (MN RELAX OS L04)

Presley, Elvis. Blue Hawaii. 1997. (L BLUE BH P59)

Riding Giants: Music from the Motion Picture. 2004. (L RIDI RG M86)

Simpson, Cody. Surfer's Paradise. 2013. (MA SIMPS SP S36)

Six Degrees 100. 2004. (MR COLL SDO S00)

Surfin’ Hits. 1989. (MR COLL SH R89)

Surf's Up: Music From the Motion Picture. 2007. (L SURF SU S09)

Thicker Than Water Soundtrack. 2003. (L THIC TW B74)

Torrence, Dean. The Dean Torrence Anthology: Legendary Masked Surfer Unmasked. 2002. (MR TORR DTA T49)

Trinadad Steel Band. Calypso Festival. 1990. (Q CALY CF T80)

25 All-Time Greatest Summer Songs. 2000. (MA COLL TAG V48)

Vangelis. Oceanic. 1996. (J VANG OCE V53)