Dinner Music
Selected CDs

Afshar, Lily. A Jug of Wine and Thou. 1999. (GG AFSH JWT A36)

Baltimore Consort. The Ladyes Delight. 1998. (F COLL LD B52)

Bella Tuscany: Music Inspired by Tuscany. 2004.

Basie, Count. April in Paris. 1985. (MD BASI AP B75)

Big Night. 1996. (L BIGN BN T40)

Clip artBranford Marsalis Quartet. Eternal. 2004. (MJ MARS-B ETE M09)

Celtic Twilight. 1994. (Q CELT CT H04)

Chieftains. The Celtic Harp. 1993.

Classical Chillout. 2002. (L COLL CC E37)

Davis, Miles. Sketches of Spain. 1986.(MJ DAVI SS D78)

Dinner by Candlelight. 1999. (MJ COLL DC C01)

Dinner: Chip Davis’ Day Parts. 1992. (MA COLL DIN A01)

Dinner Party Classics: Favorites for an Elegant Evening. 2005. (EA COLL DPC S60)

Dinner With Friends. 2005. (MA COLL DF G28)

Ellington, Duke. Classic Ellington. 2000. (MJ ELLI CE S14)

Feinstein, Michael. Such Sweet Sorrow. 1995. (MA FEIN SSS F40)

Haden, Charlie. Always Say Goodbye. 1994. (MJ HADE ASG H01)

The Italian Album. 1989. (EA COLL IA C44)

The Japanese Album: Traditional Japanese Melodies. 1989. (Q JAPAN JAT C46)

Jazz for the Quiet Times. 1998. (MJ COLL JQT T97)

Ma, Yo-Yo. Paris: la Belle Epoque. 2003. (GS MAYO PAR M87)

Monk, Thelonious. Monk Alone. 1998. (MJ MONK MA M95)

Mozart, Wolfgang. Mozart on the Menu: A Delightful Little Dinner Music. 1995.

Mulligan, Gerry. Night Lights. 1984. (MJ MULL NL M71)

No Reservations: Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack. 2007. (L NORE NR D97)

Portman, Rachel. Chocolat. 2000. (L CHOC CHO S72)

Puccini, Giacomo. Puccini Without Words. 2006. (EA PUCC PWW W82)

The Romantics: A Windham Hill Sampler. 1995. (MA COLL ROMA W71)

Sound of Life: Dinner for Two. 2008. (MJ COLL SLD Q04)

Thibaudet, Jean-Yves. Aria: Opera without Words. 2007. (GP THIB AOW T31)

Winter, Paul. Canyon Lullaby. 1997. (ZLN WINT CL L33)

Winter, Paul. Celtic Solstice. 1999. (MN WINT-P CS W29)