Patriotic Music
Selected CDs

America. 2005. (P BOST AME L03)

America the Beautiful. 2003. (P COLL AB S34)

America: A Tribute to Heroes. 2001. (MR COLL ATH U88)

Clip art American Anthem: Songs and Hymns. 2001. (P COLL AA R88)

The Best of America. 2002.(P COLL BA C27)

Boston Pops Orchestra. America. 2005.

Boston Pops Orchestra. America the Beautiful. 1996. (EA BOST AB W91)

Boston Pops Orchestra. I Love a Parade. 1991. (ZP BOST ILP S47)

Celebrate America: Songs for the 4th of July. 2011. (P COLL CAS D52) 

Cleveland Symphonic Winds. Stars & Stripes. 1984. (H CLEV SS C99)

Cohan, George M. George M! 1968. (K GEOR GM G00)

Cohan, George M. Yankee Doodle Dandy. 2002. (L YANK YDD C02)

Copland, Aaron. The Music of America. 1997. (EA COPL MA K39)

Cyrus, Billy Ray. I'm American. 2011. (MC CYRU IA C02)

Enduring Freedom: America’s Greatest Hits. 2003. (P COLL EFA D58)

Edwards, Sherman. 1776: Broadway Cast. 1969. (K SEVE SEV D15)

Edwards, Sherman. 1776: The New Broadway Cast Recording. 1997. (K SEVE SEV S50)

Freedom : Songs From the Heart of America. 2002. (P COLL FSH C79)

God Bless America. 2001. (P COLL GBA C00)

God Bless America: A Star Spangled Spectacular! 2002. (P COLL GBA R89)

God Bless America: The Ultimate Patriotic Album. 2002. (P COLL GBA D06)

Houston, Whitney. The Star Spangled Banner; America the Beautiful. c2001, 1991.

McDermott, John. Remembrance. 1999. (P MCDE-J REM M81)

Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The Majesty of America. 2002. (C MORM MA M50)

Now That's What I Call the U.S.A.: The Patriotic Country Collection. 2010.

O'Connor, Mark. Liberty! The American Revolution Original Soundtrack to the PBS Television Series. 1997. (L LIBE LIB O16)

Parton, Dolly. For God and Country. 2003. (MC PART FGC P56)

A Patriotic Salute to the Military Family. 2000. (P COLL PSM A12)

Patriotic Super Hits. 1998. (MC COLL PSH C63)

A Patriot's Songbook. 2003. (P COLL PS H90)

Rodriguez, Daniel. The Spirit of America. 2002. (MA RODR SA R64)

Sing America. 1999. (P COLL SA W45)

Slatkin, Felix. USA. 1986. (H COLL USA E22)

Song of America. 2007. (P COLL SA T46)

Sousa, John Philip. The Invincible Eagle. 1971. (H SOUS IE B17)

Sousa, John Philip. Peaches and Cream: Marches and Dances. 1984. (H SOUS PC K05)

Sousa, John Philip. Sousa Original II. 1998. (P SOUS STO U 55)

Sousa, John Philip. Sousa Original 3. 1999. (P SOUS SOT U56)

Sousa, John Philip. Sousa Original 4. 2001. (P SOUS SOF U64)

Stars and Stripes Forever. 1995.(P COLL SSF V27)

United States Air Force Band. On Dress Parade. 2000. (H UNIT ODP U02)

United States Coast Guard Band. Always Ready. 2001. (H UNIT ARS U70)

United States Navy Band. 75th Anniversary Collection. 2000. (H UNIT SAC U00)

United States Navy Band. Victory at Sea. 1998. (H UNIT VS U22)

The Voices of Liberty. 2008.(P COLL VL I23)

Williams, John. The Patriot: Orignal Motion Picture Score. 2000. (L PATR PAT W58)