Tasty Music
Selected CDs

Alpert, Herb. Definitive Hits. 2001. (MJ ALPE DH A86)

Alpert, Herb. Whipped Cream & Other Delights. (MJ ALPE WCO A68)

Armick. Cafe Romantico. 2004. (GG ARMI CR A12)

Bach, Johann Sebastian. Bach for Breakfast. 1995. (EA BACH BB P30)

Clip artBasie, Count. Farmers Market Barbecue. 1982. (MD BASI FMB B23)

Buffett, Jimmy. Meet Me in Margaritaville: The Ultimate Collection. 2003. (MR BUFF MMM B81 OVERSIZE)

Café Greece: Ouzo & Olives, Bouzoukis & Islands. 2003.

Carmichael, Hoagy. Ole Buttermilk Sky. 1998. (MA CARM OBS C41)

Chestnut, Cyrus. Soul Food. 2001. (MJ CHES SF C90)

Davis, Alana. Fortune Cookies. 2001. (MA DAVI FC D04)

Dinner: Chip Davis’ Day Parts. 1992. (MA COLL DIN A01)

For Sunday Brunch. 2004. (EC COLL FSB D55)

French Cafe. 2003. (MW FRAN FC P19)

Gershwin, George. Of Thee I Sing; Let ‘Em Eat Cake. 1987. (K GERS OTI M22 OVERSIZE)

Getz, Stan. Café Monmartre. 2002. (MJ GETZ CM G55)

Guy, Buddy. Sweet Tea. 2001. (MB GUYB ST G51)

Helfer, Erwin. I’m Not Hungry but I Like to Eat – Blues! 2001. (MB HELF INH H01)

Honey: Music from & Inspired by the Motion Picture. 2003. (L HONE HON E25)

Italian Cafe. 2005. (MW ITAL IC P38)

Ketchup. Hijas del Tomate. 2002. (ML KETC HT K33 OVERSIZE)

Lee, Peggy. Black Coffee and Other Delights. 1994. (MA LEE-P L22 OVERSIZE)

Lee, Peggy. Sugar ‘n’ Spice. 2001. (MA LEE-P SNS L49)

Letters to Cleo. Wholesale Meats and Fish. 1995. (MR LETT WMF L13)

Macias, Enrico. Oranges Ameres. 2003. (MW FRAN MACI M34)

Mancini, Henry. Days of Wine and Roses. 1995. (L MANC DWR M03 OVERSIZE)

Martini Madness. 1996. (MA COCK MM R38)

Matto, Cibo. Viva! La Woman. 1996. (MR MATT VLW M89)

Merrill, Helen. Lilac Wine. 2004. (MJ MERR LW M20)

Music from the Chocolate Lands. 2004. (MW COLL MCL P30)

Music from the Coffee Lands II. 2001. (MW COLL MCL P94)

Music from the Tea Lands. 2000. (MW COLL MTL P80)

Music from the Wine Lands. 2006. (MW COLL MWL P52)

No Reservations: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack. 2007. (L NORE NR D97)

Party: Music That Cooks. 1992. (MA COLL PAR A02)

Party 2: Music That Cooks. 1995. (MA COLL PT A05)

Pink Martini. Hang on Little Tomato. 2004. (MA PINK-M HLT P02)

A Putumayo Blend: Music from the Coffee Lands. 1997. (MW COLL PBM P35)

Raven, Eddy. Cookin’ Cajun. 1996. (P CAJUN RAVE R40)

Rolling Stones. Live Licks. 2004. (MR ROLL LL R77 OVERSIZE)

Sousa, John Philip. Peaches and Cream: Marches and Dances. 1984. (H SOUS PC K05)

Tortilla Soup: The Soundtrack. 2001. (L TORT TS N66)

Tchaikovsky, Peter I. Tchaikovsky's Greatest Hit: The Ultimate Nutcracker. 2004.

Yankovic, Al. The Food Album. 1993. (MR YANK FA Y21)