Jews in Chicago
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Cutler, Irving. The Jews of Chicago from Shtetl to Suburb. 1996.
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Eastwood, Carolyn. Chicago's Jewish Peddlers. 1991.
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History of the Jews of Chicago. 1990.
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Leonard, Joann Rose. The Soup has Many Eyes: From Shtetl to Chicago: A Memoir of One Family's Journey Through History. 2000.
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Rosen, Louis. The South Side: The Racial Transformation of an American
. 1998.
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Samors, Neal. Neighborhoods Within Neighborhoods: Twentieth Century Life on Chicago's Far North Side. 2002.
977.311 S PBK
The Sentinel's History of Chicago Jewry, 1911-1986. 1986.
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Wirth, Louis. The Ghetto (Studies in Ethnicity). 1998.
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Jewish Life and Culture

Kraus, Bea. The Cantors: Gifted Voices Remembered. 1996.
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Kraus, Bea. Time to Remember: History of the South Haven Jewish Resort Area. 1999.
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Sorkin, Sidney. Bridges to an American City: A Guide to Chicago's Landsmanshaften, 1870-1990. 1993.
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Wolke, Jay. All Around the House: Photographs of American Jewish Life. 1998.
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Law and Order

Down, Donald. Nazis in Skokie: Freedom, Community and the First Amendment. 1985.
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Neier, Aryeh. Defending My Enemy: American Nazis, the Skokie Case, and the Risks of Freedom. 1979.
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Rockaway, Robert. But--He Was Good to His Mother: The Lives and Crimes of Jewish Gangsters. 1993.
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Roth, Walter. An Accidental Anarchist: How the Killing of a Humble Jewish Immigrant by Chicago's Chief of Police Exposed the Conflict Between Law and Order and Civil Rights in Early 20th Century America. 1998.
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Berkow, Ira. Maxwell Street: A Survival in a Bazaar. 1977.
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Line Five, the Internal Passport: Jewish Family Odysseys from the USSR to the USA. 1992.
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Polacheck, Hilda. I Came a Stranger: The Story of a Hull House Girl. 1989.
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Springer, Morris. The Chayder, the Yeshiva, and I. /Eva Gross. Memories of the Manor. 1993.
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The University of Chicago: Teachers, Scientists and Scholars. 1991.
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Echoes of a Nightmare. 1987.
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The Jews of Chicago from Shtetl to Suburb. 1996.
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Streets and Alleys: Stories with a Chicago Accent. 1998.
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Guides and Directories

Directory of Chicago Ethnic Organizations. 1996.
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The Guide: The Whos, Whats and Wheres of Jewish Chicago. Annual.
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Guide to Jewish Living in Chicago. Annual.
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Heimovics, Rachel. The Chicago Jewish Source Book. 1981.
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Lindberg, Richard. Passport's Guide to Ethnic Chicago. 1993.
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Synagogues of Chicago. 1991.
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The Chicago Jewish News
Chicago Jewish Star

Literary Works

Bellow, Saul. The Adventures of Augie March. 1953.
Bello, Saul. The Dangling Man. 1944.
Bellow, Saul. The Dean's December. 1982.
Bellow, Dean. Herzog. 1964.
Bellow, Saul. Humboldt's Gift. 1975.
Bellow, Saul. What Kind of Day Did You Have? in Him With His Foot in His Mouth and Other Stories. 1984.
Birmingham, Stephen. The Auerbach Will. 1983.
Epstein, Joseph. The Goldin Boys. 1991.
Halper, Albert. This is Chicago: An Anthology. 1952.
Hecht, Ben. Erik Dorn. 1963.
Hecht, Ben. A Thousand and One Afternoons in Chicago. 1927.
Howland, Bette. Blue in Chicago. 1978.
Kaminsky, Stuart. Lieberman's Choice. 1993.
Levin, Meyer. Compulsion. 1959.
Lieberman, Syd. Streets and Alleys: Stories with a Chicago Accent. 1995.
Rand, Robert. My Suburban Shtetl: A Novel About Life in a Twentieth-Century Jewish American Village. 2001.
Schaeffer, Susan Fromberg. Love. 1980.