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ALLDATA Online is an online resource of diagnostic and repair information for foreign and domestic cars that provides access to manufacturers' automotive repair manuals from 1982 to the present.  Included are maintenance schedules, illustrated diagnosis and repair procedures, as well as all the most recent technical service bulletins and recall notices, which are updated daily.

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Why Use ALLDATA Online?

ALLDATA Online is useful for finding information for a particular make and model of vehicle including parts, labor, and repair information.  Printable diagrams are available for almost all makes and models of automobiles.  Factory Recall and Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) provide information on reliability and performance, special warranty provisions and extensions, fixes for common problems, and updated factory repair procedures.

The following are examples of the kinds of questions that can be answered using ALLDATA Online:

  • I need removal and installation instructions for the disc brake pads on my car.
  • Is there a diagram for routing the windshield washer hose on a 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback Limited?
  • What is port fuel injection?
  • What are the Federal and State air quality (emissions) standards for Illinois?
  • My ABS Warning Light is on; is it still safe to drive?
  • What is the timing belt replacement interval for my car?
  • How many KG Cm of torque in five Newton Meters?


Click on arrow image Select Vehicle then choose a year, then the make, model, and engine type of the vehicle you are looking for.

You are brought to the Vehicle Level and you can either follow the links under Component Selection, or type in what you want in the Component Search window at the top right of the screen.

Tips for Effective Searching

Information in ALLDATA Online is organized into the vehicle level about the entire vehicle, and the vehicle component level about subsystems and components/parts of the vehicle.

Vehicle Level Shortcuts

  • Maintenance - repair, parts and labor information
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes - trouble code testing and inspection information
  • Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) - information includes revised part numbers, manual revisions, recalls, test, and repair procedures
  • Specifications - electrical, mechanical, pressure, capacities, fluid types, and tune-up
  • Diagrams - visual details to help with repairing your vehicle
  • Locations - helps you find locations of components in your vehicle

Component Selection List

By clicking on the links you can find information categories specific to a selected system and a list of subsystems and components that make up your selected system.

Information Categories

Each vehicle you select may display different Information Categories since vehicles are built with differing systems, subsystems, and component/parts.

Special Features

Technician's Reference

Quick reference resources such as an emissions Quick Reference Guide, Timing Belt Replacement Intervals, Conversion Tables & Formulas, and Automotive Glossary & Acronyms are all available in ALLDATA Online.

Conversion Calculator

A Conversion Calculator is available from the Technician's Reference section or click on the Conversion Calculator link at the top right corner of the Select Vehicle screen. This feature provides you with conversion options for different types of measurement units including: area, distance/length, force, pressure, temperature, torque, vacuum, volume, and weight.


ALLDATA Online has Help that may be accessed by clicking on the Help link in the top left corner of the Select Vehicle screen.

Handling Your Results


Display the information to be printed and use the print button on your browser. For a larger image of diagrams, click on the Sized for Print button, and then click on the print button on your browser.


To save or download a screen of information from Select a Vehicle, insert a computer disk into the computer’s disk drive, then select "Save as" from the File menu.  From the "Save as type" box, save the information as a Text file (*.txt) to save the information as plain text. Saving search results from TBS, Shop Information, and Technician's Reference is not available from the limited browser menu in the new window that pops up for these sections of the database.


Emailing search results is not available from this database.

Other Resources

Print Resources

ALLDATA Online is a unique online reference resource; no other online source is as comprehensive a collation of automobile diagnostic and repair information.  Print sources provide information on automobile repair in the Skokie Public Library circulating collection, like Chilton's Total Car Care Series and the Haynes Automotive Repair Manual Series.

Online Resources

In addition, librarians at Skokie Public Library have compiled the most useful websites for automobile information in the Automobiles section of our Consumer Information page.