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Factiva provides powerful tools for researching and monitoring a wealth of global sources including nearly 9,000 publications, over 100,000 company reports, and 4,000 editorially selected news websites.  Subjects covered include accounting, business, economics, finance, management, and news.  The coverage varies according to the source and/or data but generally includes from 1980 to the present, and is updated hourly.  This database is full text and sources include newspapers, newswires, magazines, trade journals, SEC filings, financial data, and stock quotes.

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Why Use Factiva?

Factiva provides global content, full text articles, and access to:

  • continuously updated Dow Jones and Reuters newswires
  • major national and regional newspapers
  • magazines, trade journals, and media transcripts
  • top business and news websites
  • pictures from Reuters and Knight-Ridder news services
  • historical market data and interactive charting

The following are examples of the kinds of questions that can be answered using Factiva:

  • I need company information on Forsythe Technology.
  • What's the sports news for the last 24 hours?
  • What is the most recent financial market news on low-cost airlines?
  • Can I find some information on Lee Scott, the Wal-Mart CEO?


Basic searching

Enter your search terms in the dialog box to the right of the "free text" label.  Use the drop-down menu below the dialog box to select the time period you want to search.

More search options

To refine or limit your search results, make selections from any of the menu options in the "Select Sources and Factiva Intelligent Indexing" dialog box:

  • Source - choose specific publications to search
  • Company - search for articles relating to a specific company
  • Subject - search for articles relating to a specific subject
  • Industry - select an industry in which to search
  • Region - limit your search to a specific geographic region
  • Language - search for material in a particular language

Under the Select Sources dialog box, click on the Expand image button to specify which fields (full text, headline, lead paragraph) to search, exclude republished articles, obituaries, recurring data and other choices, and sort search results.

Tips for Effective Searching

  • Combine words and phrases using the operators "and", "or", and "not" between words, such as Nestle and emerging markets, Michelin or Firestone, wireless not cellular.
  • Use parentheses when using more than one operator, such as online banking and (retail or consumer).
  • The near operator (near) helps you find certain words near another word.  Software near3 license retrieves articles with software no more than three words before or after license.
  • The asterisk (*) may be added to the end of a word to search for variant spellings, plurals, or multiple forms of a word.  For instance, the search environment* will return results with the word environment, environments, environmental, environmentalism, environmentalist, and so on.
  • The question mark (?) may be used to replace any single character, anywhere inside the word or at the end of a word. For example, the search wom?n will return results including the words woman and women.

For a complete list of connectors and operators, and a guide to their use, click the Examples link on the top left of the main Search screen.

Special Features


At the top of the main Search screen click on Companies/Markets to access:

  • Company Quick Search - To search by company name for overviews including financial data, current news, and other content related to a publicly traded company
  • Quotes - To obtain quotes from nearly two hundred exchanges in more than seventy countries; instruments covered include global stocks, market indexes, funds, corporate bonds, and currencies
  • Charting - Use this area to chart prices of different stocks and compare them against different market indices

Factiva Intelligent Indexing

Factiva Intelligent Indexing™ is a unique indexing process that assigns four types of codes (Company, Industry, Regional, and Subject) universally across all content in the Search area. You can use these codes to find all articles with the same codes assigned.


Factiva has Help that may be accessed by clicking on the Support link in the top right corner of the screen. 

Handling Your Results

To manage search results

  • To view a specific article, click its underlined headline or title.
  • There are several basic formats to view your articles.  Click on the tab at the top of your results page to choose which format to use.  The Full text option displays the full text of the document.  The Headline and lead paragraph option will display the headline and lead paragraph only.  The Key Word in Context will display words on either side of your search terms.
  • To proceed to the next page of search results, click Next Page in the light grey bar at the top or bottom of the search results.  To return to the previously viewed search results, click Previous Page.

To print, email, or save single articles

  • To format search results for printing, choose the Print image icon. You can then choose Print from the browser’s file menu.
  • To format search results for saving onto a disk, choose the Save image icon.
  • To email search results, choose the Email image icon.

To mark multiple articles for printing, emailing or saving

  • Mark articles for printing, emailing or saving by clicking in the checkbox next to the article headline.
  • To view only those items you have marked, click on the View image icon, which is located at the top of the search results listing.
  • Email, print, or save your list of articles by clicking on the appropriate icon on the grey bar in the center of the screen.

Other Resources

There are numerous other resources that will provide you with up-to-date information on current events, politics, lifestyle issues, science, and medicine.

  • ArticleFirst is an index of tables of contents from more than 12,000 journals of science, technology, medicine, social science, business, the humanities, and popular culture.
  • Chicago Tribune via NewsBank contains the full text of articles from the Chicago Tribune newspaper.  Coverage begins in 1985 and continues to the present.
  • CQ Researcher covers current and controversial issues of the day with complete summaries, insight into all sides of an issue, and more.
  • eLibrary provides easy access to a vast array of general information resources, all in full text.
  • General Reference Center is an online index of popular periodicals, many of which are full text. With a straightforward search interface, this database is often the best place to start a periodical search.
  • WilsonSelect Plus is an index of more than 1,600 full text journal articles from a variety of popular interest magazines.

In addition, librarians at Skokie Public Library have selected and compiled the most useful databases and Web sites for magazine, newspaper, and journal articles.  Please check the Articles from Magazines & Newspapers category of our Research section for more resources.