Live Homework Help™
troubleshooting tips

Skokie Public Library wants you to have a smooth, trouble-free experience using Live Homework Help from your home or school computer. The following tips should help you solve common problems connecting to Live Homework Help, entering the Online Classroom, and reaching a tutor.

Click to connect with Live Homework HelpWhat are the system requirements for Live Homework Help?

Your computer must meet the following system requirements to run Live Homework Help:


Processor: 300 megahertz or faster

Memory: 128 megabytes minimum (256 megabytes recommended)

Display: Super VGA at 800x600 or higher resolution

Internet connection: 56K or faster

MAC USERS! See the Live Homework Help Support FAQ


Operating system: Windows Vista, XP, or 2000; Mac OS X

Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Firefox 2.0 or higher, or Safari 2.0 or higher (for Mac OS X only)

Plug-in: Adobe Flash 8.0 or 9.0

For best results, shut down all other computer programs while running the Live Homework Help Online Classroom

Does Live Homework Help work with AOL?

The AOL Web browser can become unstable when running Live Homework Help. For best results, minimize the AOL browser after connecting to the Internet and then open Internet Explorer to connect to Live Homework Help.

Does Live Homework Help work with Firefox or Netscape?

Live Homework Help is designed and tested to work with the most widely used browsers. At this time, and in order to serve the greatest number of students, Live Homework Help works with Internet Explorer, Firefox (2.0 and higher), and Safari.

I clicked on the Live Homework Help logo (or hyperlink) on Skokie Public Library’s Live Homework Help page but the Remote Access Login page did not open.

If this is the first time during your current Internet session that you have had to enter your Skokie Public Library barcode and the Remote Access Login page does not open when you click on the Live Homework Help logo (or hyperlink), this could be due to a firewall restriction on your computer. Try adjusting your firewall to allow access to port 2048 and above (if necessary, ask a grown-up to help you).

When I enter my Skokie Public Library barcode number and last name into the Remote Access Login page, I receive an error that says “Either some or all of the information you entered was incorrect….”

Your barcode number must be entered exactly as it appears on your Skokie Public Library card (but with no spaces). Your last name must be entered exactly as it was provided when you applied for your Skokie Public Library card.

I was able to get past the Remote Access Login screen with my Skokie Public Library barcode number and my last name, but the Live Homework Help website isn’t coming up right.

This could mean that Live Homework Help is having technical problems. During Library hours, please call the Skokie Public Library Youth Services Computer Lab at 847.324.3186 and ask a staff member to try connecting to Live Homework Help from the Library’s website. If we are unable to access Live Homework Help from inside Skokie Public Library, then Library staff will contact Live Homework Help for assistance and work toward a prompt resolution of the problem.

Why do I receive a "page cannot be displayed" error when I try to connect to the Online Classroom?

This can happen if you try to connect to the Online Classroom without going through the Live Homework Help link on the Skokie Public Library website. You can find a Live Homework Help link at the top of every page in the Kids and Teens sections of the Skokie Public Library website.

To avoid the "page cannot be displayed" error, do not bookmark the Live Homework Help website, the Online Classroom, or save either in your Favorites folder. Instead, bookmark the Live Homework Help page on the Skokie Public Library website and use that page as your link to Live Homework Help. This will ensure that you are always connecting to Live Homework Help through the Library’s subscription.

My computer gets stuck on the "connecting" page when I try to get to the Online Classroom.

If this happens, you may need to make some adjustments to your computer. Make sure any pop-up blocker, Internet firewall, anti-virus, and security software on your computer is either turned off when using Live Homework Help or set up to allow you to connect to Live Homework Help.

If you are still unable to connect to the Online Classroom, click the Live Tech Support link on the Live Homework Help opening page for immediate assistance from a technical support representative.

I got past the "connecting" page, but I’ve been in line for 20 minutes (or more) and I still haven’t reached a tutor.

You should be able to reach a tutor within one minute after getting in line, but sometimes the wait can be longer than five minutes. This usually means that all of the Live Homework Help tutors are busy working with students, that the tutoring sessions are lasting longer than usual, or that there are many more students waiting for help than there are tutors to help them. The wait can also be longer depending on the subject and time of day.

If you have other work to do on your computer, minimize the Live Homework Help window and it will pop up when a tutor is ready to begin working with you.

For additional assistance, visit's Live Homework Help Support FAQ.