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Classical music is the name given to the musical style that was popular from around 1750 to 1820. Some famous classical music composers are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Journey through the world of classical music with these links to books, videos, and websites filled with fun facts and information about music, life stories of composers and musicians, games, music, and more. Many of the websites have music and sound, so turn up your speakers or put on your headphones to fully enjoy the experience!

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Youth nonfiction and fiction books, biographies, and videos about famous composers

Youth nonfiction and fiction books and videos about musical instruments

Youth nonfiction and fiction books and videos about the orchestra

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On the Web

...all about composers

Classics for Kids
Have fun while learning about classical music! This website uses music and stories to bring to life some of history's greatest composers.
Essentials of Music: Composers
Learn about the history of music through the life stories of the composers who created the music.
The Symphony: An Interactive Guide from the ThinkQuest Library
If you love music and want to learn more about the symphony, this is the place to visit! Find biographies of major musical composers, recordings of great symphonies (some performed by youth orchestras!), a symphonic quiz, and more.

...musical fun and games Music: Kids
Learn about music and the people who make it! This website is filled with games and activities about the orchestra, instruments, composers, and more.
DSO Kids: Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Step into the Music Room and learn about the symphony orchestra with this cool collection of games and activities!
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra: Encounter
Learn about the instruments in the orchestra through sound, images, background information, musical vocabulary, videos, interviews, and more.
Learn about music and the orchestra by making your own music, reading about the lives of musicians, and visiting the New York Philharmonic Kidzone.
SFKids: Fun with Music
The San Francisco Symphony kids website offers a fun way to hear, learn, and have fun with music. Try the Music Lab to experiment with the sights and sounds of music, or Instruments of the Orchestra to learn about the different musical families that make up the orchestra.