United States Historical Fiction
... for grades 7 and 8

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Colonial period: 1600-1775   World War II: 1939-1945
Revolutionary period: 1775-1783   Vietnam War: 1964-1975
Civil War: 1861-1865   Other titles of interest
World War I: 1914-1918    

Colonial Period: 1600-1775

Speare, Elizabeth George. The Witch of Blackbird Pond. 1986. *
J Fiction SPE
Kit has just arrived in a Quaker colony. She is targeted as a witch because she can swim and she picks the wrong friend. She has to run for her life as the outrage against her expands.

Revolutionary Period: 1775-1783

Avi. The Fighting Ground. 1984. *
J Fiction AVI
Jonathan wants to fight in the Revolutionary War, but his father won't let him. When Jonathan unexpectedly gets involved and is taken prisoner, his understanding of war changes.
Fast, Howard. April Morning. 1961. *
J Fiction FAS
On April 19, 1775 Adam Cooper, age 15, joins the Lexington militia. His next 24 hours change him forever as he encounters terror, panic, and violent deaths.
Rinaldi, Ann. A Stitch in Time. 1994.
J Fiction RIN
The year is 1788, just after the War of Independence, and Hanna's controlling father is destroying her family. When family secrets begin to surface and Hanna's other siblings run off, she's left to weave the pieces of the family back together again.

Civil War: 1861-1865

Carbone, Elisa Lynn. Storm Warriors. 2001.
J Fiction CAR
Twelve-year-old Nathan has lost too many battles. The Ku Klux Klan scared him out of his home and disease took his mother. He's looking for a battle he can win. He wants to be a "Storm Warrior." Unfortunately, his father seriously objects to the danger in being a life-saver.
Forman, James D. Becca's Story. 1992.
J Fiction FOR
Two boys are in love with Becca and she doesn't know whom to choose. The Civil War erupts and both boys join the battle. One boy disappears and the other has to fight for her love.

World War I

Voigt, Cynthia. Tree by Leaf. 1988.
Jr. High Fiction VOI
Clothilde's father has returned from the Great War and is horribly disfigured. Problems arise in the family, her brother leaves, a servant is fired, and her mother wants to sell the peninsula that belongs to her. Clothilde tries to reverse all the mess and finds it a great challenge.

World War II

Greene, Bette. Summer of My German Soldier. 1973. *
J Fiction GRE
Patty, a Jewish girl and Anton, a German soldier, become friends when she helps him escape a POW camp in Arkansas. When the world finds out what she has done, everything is taken from her except the knowledge Anton gave her.
Salisbury, Graham. Under the Blood-Red Sun. 1994. *
Jr. High Fiction SAL
Tomi lives in Hawaii and has a nice life. On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor is attacked. Tomi's father and grandfather are arrested and placed in a Japanese internment camp. Tomi is now the man of the family and has to help his mother and sister survive.

Vietnam War

Easton, Kelly. The Life History of a Star. 2001.
Jr. High Fiction EAS
There's a ghost in Kristin's attic and her family won't talk about it. She is surrounded by politics that are affecting her family, Watergate, Vietnam, and rock music. She has to find a way for her family to deal with the ghost.

Other Titles of Interest

Crew, Linda. Brides of Eden: A True Story Imagined. 2001.
Jr. High Fiction CRE
A young charismatic preacher named Joshua leads the female population in Corvallis, Oregon in 1903 astray. Nothing seemed terribly strange in the beginning, until they are asked to ignore their domestic duties, burn their worldly possessions, and follow him as a prophet of Christ.
Hesse, Karen. Witness. 2001. *
Jr. High Fiction HES
Leanora, an African-American, and Esther, who is Jewish, live in a small Vermont town in 1924. No one is safe, especially these two, when the Ku Klux Klan moves in and their own town turns against them.
Holm, Jennifer L. Boston Jane: An Adventure. 2001. *
Jr. High Fiction HOL
Sixteen-year-old Miss Jane Peck has been schooled in the lessons of etiquette of 1854. She begins a journey to the Washington territory to meet her fiancé, but her feminine etiquette is of little use in killing fleas, avoiding rats, bathing with seawater, and being seasick.
Nixon, Joan Lowery. Land of Promise. 1992.
J Fiction NIX
Rose Carney, age 15, has just arrived in Chicago from Ireland. She is happy, has a good job, and is saving money for tickets to America for her mother and sisters. But in her new home, her father has a drinking problem and her brother is involved with a radical group. Both bring violence and tragedy into Rose's life.
Osborne, Mary Pope. Adaline Falling Star. 2000. *
J Fiction OSB
In the 1840s after Adaline's mother dies and her famous father, Kit Carson, is gone on an exploration, she is sent to live with prejudiced relatives. She runs away to the wilderness with only a mongrel dog for company.
Paterson, Katherine. Lyddie. 1991. *
J Fiction PAT
Lyddie's father is gone, her family is in debt, and when a hungry bear breaks into the house her mother flees with the babies. Lyddie and her brother are hired out under conditions no better than slaves. In hopes of getting her family reunited, Lyddie runs to Lowell, Massachusetts, for a factory job.
Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Uncle Tom's Cabin. 1929.
Jr. High Fiction STO
Eliza's child is about to be sold and she can't prevent it. She is a slave in 1852 and by law the child belongs to her owner. She runs north toward freedom with the help of the Underground Railroad. Slave catchers are after her while another slave, Uncle Tom, is sent to be sold.
Wisler, G. Clifton. Caleb's Choice. 1996.
J Fiction WIS
When 14-year-old Caleb is sent to Texas to live with his grandmother in 1858, he encounters people who are violently divided by the new Fugitive Slave Law. His own life is endangered when he gets involved with vicious slave catchers.