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Baker, Jeannie. Window. 1991.
J Picture Book BAK
Wordless vistas through a window show how a neighborhood changes over a boy's life. Where there is wilderness when he is an infant cradled in his mother's arms, there are now, 24 years later, house plots for sale.
Barkan, Joanne. Big Wheels. 1996.
J Picture Book BAR
The city is building a new transportation hub and lots of work machinery is on hand to get the job done just right.
Boland, Janice. Annabel Again. 1995.
J Picture Book BOL
Annabel is looking for more excitement in her life. She decides to seek a new place to live, but can a little pig really make a home in a bird's nest or on a lily pad?
Burton, Virginia Lee. The Little House. 1942.
J Picture Book BUR
While first curious about the distant lights, a little house grows increasingly unhappy as a city is being built all around it. Will it ever again enjoy daisies in the springtime?
Carter, Don. Get to Work, Trucks!. 2002.
J Picture Book CAR
Come along for a long day at a construction site! Bulldozers and various types of trucks are building a bridge, but who is that, getting in their way on every page?
Christiansen, C.B. My Mother’s House, My Father’s House. 1989.
J Picture Book CHR
A little girl lives half the week with her mother and the other half with her father. She dreams of her permanent future house that will include unique features of both of her parents homes -- but no suitcase.
Crum, Shutta. The House in the Meadow. 2003.
J Picture Book CRU
It takes many hands to build a house. Come along on the countdown from the ten friends planning to the one inspector checking.
De Regniers, Beatrice Schenk. A Little House of Your Own. 1987.
J Picture Book DER
A big box, an old blanket over two chairs, or even an umbrella could make the perfect secret house to hide in when you want to be all by yourself.
Derby, Sally. My Steps. 1996.
J Picture Book DER
Front steps are great for hopping up and down, relaxing, or even playing school, but best of all, when you walk up your front steps, you know you’re almost home.
Desimini, Lisa. My House. 1994.
J Picture Book DES
Collages, photographs, and paintings portray a house at different times of day and different seasons throughout the year.
Duke, Kate. If You Walk Down This Road. 1993.
J Picture Book DUK
If you walk down this road you will meet all the residents of Shady Green. Knock on the log of the lizard family, climb the tree to greet Old Brown Owl and make sure to welcome the brand new neighbors just moving in.
DuQuette, Keith. The House Book. 1999.
J Picture Book DUQ
Rhyming verse guides us through a typical house.
Fleming, Denise. Alphabet Under Construction. 2002.
J Picture Book FLE
A little mouse is hard at work, constructing the entire alphabet. From the airbrushed A to the zipped Z, it turns out beautiful.
Fox, Christyan. What Shape is That, PiggyWiggy?. 2002.
Youth Board Book FOX
PiggyWiggy really knows his shapes. Watch him and his friends build houses looking like rectangles, diamonds, stars and more.
Gliori, Debi. New Big House. 1991.
J Picture Book GLI
When their house gets too small for this ever growing family, they decide to look for a bigger one. This turns out to be harder than expected and mom and dad come up with an even better solution.
Hoban, Tana. Construction Zone. 1997
J Picture Book HOB
Make sure to wear your hard hat when you enter the construction zone! Come up close and watch a dump truck, a tamper, a cherry picker, and more earthmoving equipment at work.
Hoberman, Mary Ann. A House is a House for Me. 1978.
J Picture Book HOB
Anything that holds something else can be a house, "and the earth is a house for us all."
Johnson, D.B. Henry Builds a Cabin. 2002.
J Picture Book JOH
When Henry decides to build a cabin in the woods, his friends are there for him with helping hands and lots of advice.
Krauss, Ruth. A Very Special House. 1953.
J Picture Book KRA
In this very special house, children are free to do all the fun things normally not allowed: put their feet on the table, draw pictures on the wall, swing with the door, and even bring home special friends like monkeys, skunkeys, and a very old lion.
Maynard, Joyce. New House. 1987.
J Picture Book MAY
After observing carefully how a house is constructed, Andy knows exactly how he will build his very own tree house.
McDonald, Megan. My House Has Stars. 1996.
J Picture Book MCD
Eight children around the world describe their vastly different looking homes and discover that all have one thing in common: a roof of stars.
Merriam, Eve. Bam Bam Bam. 1995.
J Picture Book MER
Rhyming verse describes the demolition of old houses to construct a brand new skyscraper.
Minarik, Else Holmelund. Percy and the Five Houses. 1989.
J Picture Book MIN
When Percy the beaver finds some gold by the river, Ferd the fox persuades him to spend it on a membership in the house of the month club. Can any of the houses he receives over the next five months replace his cozy home?
Miranda, Anne. Does a Mouse Have a House?. 1994.
J Picture Book MIR
Find out where mice, spiders, crocodiles, and fourteen other animals make their homes.
Neitzel, Shirley. The House I’ll Build for the Wrens. 1997.
J Picture Book NEI
A little boy plans and builds a bird house for the wrens in his neighborhood.
Rogers, Emma and Paul. Our House. 1991.
J Picture Book ROG
The story of a year old house told through the voices of the four generations of children who have lived in it.
Rylant, Cynthia. Bunny Bungalow. 1999.
J Picture Book RYL
A rabbit family moves into a bungalow and makes it into their perfect bunny home.
Shefelman, Janice. Victoria House. 1988.
J Picture Book SHE
Victoria, an old house standing in the country is about to be demolished. An architect family recognizes this treasure, moves it into the city to remodel it and finally makes it their home.
Skorpen, Liesel Moak. We Were Tired of Living in a House. 1999.
J Picture Book SKO
Three siblings pack their sweaters, socks, mittens, and earmuffs and decide to find a new place to live. Life in a tree is just perfect –- until they tumble out. They then try out a pond, a cave, and the seashore, but ultimately discover that home is where they least expected it.
Sobel, June. B is for Bulldozer. 2003.
J Picture Book SOB
Curiosity builds as loads of construction workers with heavy machinery spend an entire year creating a new attraction in town.
Suen, Anastasia. Raise the Roof!. 2003.
J Picture Book SUE
It’s a big job to build a house, especially if you have a dog helping out. From "make a plan" to "done at last," watch how a construction site becomes a real home.
Vainio, Pirkko. The Dream House. 1997.
J Picture Book VAI
Lucas builds his dream house on a tiny island in the sea. It's so small that he can only build up, one room on top of another. When his house-tower is finished, it is beautiful, but something is missing in Lucas' life.
Watanabe, Shigeo. I Can Build a House!. 1982.
J Picture Book WAT
A little bear is determined to build a house for himself. Will he succeed?