Reading Aloud with Your Family
Celebrate Family Reading Night Every Week, All Year Long

Why you should read to your kids
How to make reading together a family tradition
Stories to read aloud
More good books and how to share them

Why You Should Read to Your Kids

Children can listen to stories that are three to four grade levels higher than their own reading level. Children must be exposed to new vocabulary words so that they can integrate those words into their speaking, reading, and writing. Watching television does not expose children to the grammar and organization of the written word. Primetime television shows are generally written at a middle school level and do not provide the breadth of vocabulary that developing minds need.

Listening to stories will help foster a love of stories and reading. Make it a positive experience. Stories reach both the mind and the heart. Stories teach compassion, courage, and love. Your children will feel more connected to others. Children will also do better in school if they have experienced many stories. This helps to provide a framework for learning.

The more your child reads, the better your child will be at writing. Writing is a critical communication skill that will benefit them throughout their lives.

How to Make Reading Together a Family Tradition

  • Get everybody together.
  • Shut off the TV.
  • Put on the answering machine and don't take any calls.
  • Forget the dishes and chores for one hour.
  • Read stories together and talk about them!
  • Even high school kids will benefit from this special family time.
  • On special holidays when the extended family is gathered together, have a special story time and get the rest of the family in on the tradition you have started!
  • Everyone loves a good story.

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