A Place to Start
"First Reads" for Beginning Readers

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Series books that help teach letters and letter sounds
Books with pictures in the story’s text to aid in pre-reading
More "good reads" for beginning readers

Series Books That Help Teach Letters and Letter Sounds

Moncure, Jane Belk. Sound Box.
J Easy Reader MON
This series emphasizes the letter sounds by using many words that start with the featured letter.
Moncure, Jane Belk. Word Bird.
J Easy Reader MON
Word Bird makes learning to read fun!
Rookie Reader.
J Easy Reader
These books use tried-and-true stories and methods.
Wonder Books.
J Easy Reader
These books use actual photographs with which children can easily identify.

Books with Pictures in the Story’s Text to Aid in Pre-reading

Cocca-Leffler, Maryann. Silly Willy. 1995.
J Easy Reader COC
Willy is trying to get dressed but cannot help being silly about where each item of clothing is meant to go.
Cole, Joanna. Monster and Muffin. 1996.
J Easy Reader COL
Easy words and rebus pictures tell the story of two dogs and their adventures.
Dubowski, Cathy East and Dubowski, Mark. Picky Nicky. 1996.
J Easy Reader DUB
Nicky has his own idea of what he should eat. A humorous book that both children and adults will enjoy.
Edwards, Roberta. Dot Has Spots. 1996.
J Easy Reader EDW
Dot gets the chicken pox and has to stay at home. Find out what Dot and her mom do while she is sick.
Edwards, Roberta. Space Kid. 1996.
J Easy Reader EDW
Children and adults will enjoy reading about the daily activities of a space kid.
Herman, Gail. Otto the Cat. 1995.
J Easy Reader HER
Can Otto the cat get used to the new puppy in the house? Read together and find out.
Lewison, Wendy Cheyette. Don’t Wake the Baby. 1996.
J Easy Reader LEW
Baby is a sound sleeper. Many noisy things happen and the baby sleeps soundly until a fly buzzes by and wakes the baby.

More "Good Reads" for Beginning Readers

Berenstain, Stan and Jan. Old Hat, New Hat. 1970.
J Easy Reader BER
Can Bear find a new hat that will be as good as his old hat?
Brown, Margaret Wise. I Like Stars. 1998.
J Easy Reader BRO
Enjoy reading this poem about stars with your child. The pictures are beautiful.
Coxe, Molly. Cat Traps. 1996.
J Easy Reader COX
Cat is hungry so he decides to set a trap but he ends up catching the wrong thing.
Eastman, P.D. Go, Dog, Go!. 1961.
J Easy Reader EAS
Dogs certainly can go! Enjoy this bouncy adventure.
Foster, Kelli C. and Erickson, Gina C. The Bug Club. 1991.
J Easy Reader FOS
A close group of bugs have an adventure while investigating the contents of a jug.
Foster, Kelli C. and Erickson, Gina C. A Mop for Pop. 1991.
J Easy Reader FOS
A boy brings his rabbit to an ice cream shop and chaos ensues.
Gikow, Louise. Red Hat! Green Hat!. 2000.
J Easy Reader GIK
Who would have thought that with just three words a whole story could develop? Use the pictures to tell this fun story.
Greene, Carol. Rain! Rain!. 1982.
J Easy Reader GRE
Clouds overhead signal to two children that it will rain -- and then it does!
Haskins, Lori. Ducks in Muck. 2000.
J Easy Reader HAS
A group of ducks escapes from a truck that is stuck in the muck.
Hulme, Joy N. Bubble Trouble. 1999.
J Easy Reader HUL
Bubbles can be fun, until they pop. Not to worry, you can make more!
Seuss, Dr. Hop on Pop. 1963.
J Easy Reader SEU
Engaging Seuss fun with words and pictures.
Stamper, Judith Bauer. Boom! Zoom!. 1997.
J Easy Reader STA
Follow young Ray as he takes off in his ship, lands on another planet, and deals with an alien.
Wildsmith, Brian. Cat on the Mat. 1982.
J Easy Reader WIL
Cat is happy just sitting on the mat, until it gets crowded by other animals.
Ziefert, Harriet. Sleepy Dog. 1984.
J Easy Reader ZIE
This is a wonderful bedtime story.