Hockey Books for Kids of All Ages

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Picture books
Fiction books
Nonfiction books

Picture Books

Gauthier, Bertrand. Zachary in the Championships.
JX Picture Book
When Zachary’s father oversleeps, he comes close to missing his team’s championship game. 
Maloney, Peter. The Magic Hockey Stick.
JX Picture Book
When Wayne Gretsky’s hockey stick is sold at an auction, he begins to lose his magic touch until a young girl helps him out.
Stevenson, James. Sam the Zamboni Man.
JX Picture Book
Matt’s grandfather is the Zamboni driver for hockey games and when Matt goes to visit him, he is in for a surprise!

Fiction Books

Brooks, Bruce. Wolfbay Wings (series).
Fiction BRO
A series full of hockey action and surprise endings that will the reader hungry for the next book.
Christopher, Matt. Cool as Ice.
Fiction CHR
Chris, who is small for his age, is picked to be on an all-star hockey team where he overcomes prejudice and develops strong friendships.
Dadey, Debbie. Frankenstein Doesn’t Slam Hockey Pucks.
Paperback B
Bailey City is filled with some unusual grown-ups, but could the new hockey coach actually be Frankenstein?
DeClements, Barthe. Tough Loser.
Fiction DEC
Mike is a terrific hockey player on a horrible team, but if he can’t stop being a tough loser, he might just lose his place on the team.
Korman, Gordon. The Chicken Doesn’t Skate.
Fiction KOR
Wild things happen at the South Middle School when Milo's science project, Henrietta the chicken, becomes the hockey team's mascot and their only chance for a winning season.
Krensky, Stephen. Arthur and the Goalie Ghost.
JM Fiction KRE
Arthur and his hockey teammates, as well as the ghost of the greatest goalie of all time, help out when Buster worries he'll never be as good a goalie as his hero.
Lynch, Chris. Iceman.
Fiction LYN
Eric is one of his team’s best players, fast and dangerous, but could he be too violent for hockey?
Marzollo, Jean. Hockey Hero.
Easy Reader
Hal joins a new hockey team and learns that scoring goals is not as important as enjoying the game.
Warner, Gertrude Chandler. The Hockey Mystery.
Fiction WAR
When a famous hockey player comes to town to open his own rink, the Boxcar Children must discover who is trying to stop his plans!

Nonfiction Books

Avery, Joanna. Two Many Men on the Ice: women's hockey in North America.
796.962082 A
Not all hockey players are men as this book shows the history of women playing the sport.
Duplacey, James. A Century of Hockey Heroes: 100 of the Greatest NHL All-Time Stars.
796.962 D
Using both statistics and photographs, this book chronicles 100 of the greatest hockey players in history.
Jensen, Julie. Beginning Hockey.
796.962 J
Teaches how to do everything from pass, check, shoot, and power skate as well the basic rules of hockey.
Muskat, Carrie. The Composite Guide to Hockey.
796.962 M
Includes the stories of great hockey players as well as the history and facts of the game.
Rockwell, Bart. World’s Strangest Hockey Stories.
795.962 R
Filled with unusual and funny stories, from the time a fan threw a squid at the referee to the time the Montreal Canadiens left the Stanley Cup on the side of the road.
Rossiter, Sean. Hockey, The NHL Way: Basics.
796.9622 R
An illustrated guide of hockey tips and skills practiced by the stars of the NHL.
Sullivan, George. All About Hockey.
796.962 S
Provides an overview of hockey, explaining basic rules, equipment, terms, as well as skills and techniques needed to succeed.