Getting Ready for Kindergarten
... a booklist for children

The following books are ideal for parents and children to read together in anticipation of the  first day of kindergarten. Click a title to check the Skokie Public Library catalog for the status of the book in the Youth Services collection.

A companion booklist is also available. Getting Ready for Kindergarten: A Booklist for Parents features books for parents and caregivers to help children prepare for school.

Alter, Anna. Francine's Day. 2003.
Youth Picture Book ALT
Francine Fox is a grumpy, stubborn kindergartener who doesn't want to do anything. She argues about getting out of bed, eating breakfast, and even going to school. After spending the day in kindergarten, her teacher, Mrs. Wendell, helps her to have a more positive attitude about things.
Begaye, Lisa Shook. Building a Bridge. 1993.
Youth Picture Book BEG
Two young girls from very different cultures find out that they share many of the same apprehensive feelings about starting school. To help the girls feel more comfortable, their teacher gives them a set of "magical" building blocks that helps them learn that differences can and should be celebrated.
Brillhart, Julie. Molly Rides the School Bus. 2002.
Youth Picture Book BRI
Riding the school bus and being with the "big kids" are two of Molly's biggest fears about starting school. When she meets a fourth grader named Ruby on the bus, she realizes that the "big kids" can be nice and there was nothing to worry about in the first place. Ruby shares ten helpful safety tips about riding on the school bus.
Carlson, Nancy. Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!. 1999.
Youth Picture Book CAR
It's the first day of kindergarten and Henry is raring to go. He gets ready, packs up, and thinks about all of the exciting activities that will keep him busy. However, when he first arrives, Henry is not so sure he is ready. As he gets involved he quickly finds out that kindergarten is even more fun than he thought it would be.
Cazet, Denys. Born in the Gravy. 1993.
Youth Picture Book CAZ
Margarita shouts "I'm a kindergartener," when she arrives home from her first day of school. She shares a special moment with her Papa when she tells him about all the friends she made and the wonderful things she did that day.
Dannenberg, Julie. First Day Jitters. 2000.
Youth Picture Book DAN
Sarah Jane Hartwell is hiding under the covers because she is feeling uneasy about the first day of school. Mr. Hartwell tries to remind her about all of the things she likes about school, for example, making new friends. After much coaxing Sarah goes to school where she is welcomed by the principal, who shows her to her new class and helps her settle in. Parents and children will enjoy the surprise ending.
Delton, Judy. My Mom Made Me Go to School. 1991.
Youth Picture Book DEL
It's the end of summer and Archie is not ready to go to school. His mother has other ideas as she takes him shopping, to the doctor, and for a new haircut. When he arrives at school he finds out that school is not as bad as he imagined and he even makes a new friend.
Keller, Holly. Harry and Tuck. 1993.
Youth Picture Book KEL
Harrison and Tucker are twins who like to do absolutely everything together. Things change when they arrive at their first day of kindergarten and are separated in two different rooms with two different teachers. At first they are worried but when they get back home and share all about their eventful day, they realize that things will be just fine.
Langreuter, Jutta and Sobat, Vera. Little Bear Goes to Kindergarten. 1997.
Youth Picture Book LAN
As little bear starts off for kindergarten he talks about all of the exciting things he remembers from his visit to the school. Although he is enjoying his new class when he arrives, he does not want his mom to leave. He quickly gets involved in a game with new friends and soon forgets about being sad.
Martin, Ann M. Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-Off. 1992.
Youth Picture Book MAR
Olivia loves being in Mrs. Bee's class, that is, until a new girl joins the class. Olivia tries to be nice to her, but Rachel Elizabeth Parker turns out to be a bit of a show-off. Their teacher has a creative solution to help the girls become friends. Find out how they solve their problem.
McGhee, Alison. Countdown to Kindergarten. 2002.
J ABC/123 Books MCG
Ten days before kindergarten is to begin, a young girl is quite nervous about starting school. She has heard that the number one rule is that you have to know how to tie your shoes and she doesn't know how yet. Count down from ten with her as she tries to figure out how she will handle her dilemma.
Munsch, Robert. We Share Everything!. 1999.
Youth Picture Book MUN
Amanda and Jeremiah have a problem: they both want to play with the same blocks and it's only the first day of kindergarten. Their teacher repeats the same words all day, "In kindergarten we share. We share everything." Amanda and Jeremiah take this lesson one step too far and the class is in for a hilarious surprise.
Penn, Audrey. The Kissing Hand. 1993.
Youth Picture Book PEN
Chester Raccoon is very reluctant about starting school. His mother shows him a special way to feel comfortable and confident about going. She reassures him that everything will turn out fine and it does.
Rockwell, Anne. Welcome to Kindergarten. 2001.
Youth Picture Book ROC
Tim gets a note from his kindergarten teacher inviting him to come and see what his new class will be like. At first he thinks the class just may be too big for him but as he explores the different centers in the room he changes his mind and realizes kindergarten will be just right for him.
Rogers, Jacqueline. Kindergarten ABC. 2002.
Youth ABC/123 Books ROG
It's A day and a class of kindergarten students is searching for acorns. On B day they bring their backpacks. Learn the ABC's of kindergarten with this classroom of children as they go through each letter of the alphabet. Readers can play the search and find game for every letter on each page.
Rogers, Jacqueline. Tiptoe into Kindergarten. 1999.
Youth Picture Book ROG
An eager preschooler tiptoes into her older brother's classroom and finds out what kindergarten is all about. She looks forward to the day she will go there after her wonderful experience at school.
Rose, Debra Lee. The Twelve Days of Kindergarten. 2003.
Youth Picture Book ROS
"On the first day of kindergarten, my teacher gave to me the whole alphabet from A to Z," so begins this poem about kindergarten with the familiar pattern of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Readers learn all about what happens in the classroom and can try singing the words to the tune as they read.
Schwartz, Amy. Annabelle Swift, Kindergartner. 1982.
Youth Picture Book SCH
Annabelle has her big sister Lucy, a third grader, to thank for preparing her for kindergarten. Lucy has taught her many things but not all of her advice works out. Annabelle learns for herself what to do in kindergarten.
Slate, Joseph. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten. 1988.
Youth Picture Book SLA
Follow Miss Bindergarten's new kindergarten class as they get ready for their first day of school. Miss Bindergarten is also getting ready as she gathers her materials and transforms her class from a dark unappealing room to a bright, cheerful, interactive classroom. The rhyming alphabet pattern makes this book fun to follow and easy to read.
Smalls, Irene. Beginning School. 1997.
Youth Picture Book SMA
Follow Alicia on her journey through her first days and weeks of kindergarten up until winter vacation. Each day Alicia and her friend Roger learn to enjoy all the special qualities of kindergarten.
Wells, Rosemary. Timothy Goes to School. 1981.
Youth Picture Book WEL
Timothy's first few days of school are not easy, as he has a bit of trouble with a bully named Claude. Things change when Timothy meets Violet and he realizes that there are other children that he can be friends with.
Wild, Margaret. Tom Goes to Kindergarten. 2000.
Youth Picture Book WIL
Tom's whole family is excited as they walk Tom to school for his first day of kindergarten. Tom wants his family to stay and they do -- enjoying all of the fun activities kindergarten offers. When they arrive the next day, planning to spend the day again, they are a bit disappointed when Mrs. Polar Bear the teacher has to tell them they can't stay.
Woodruff, Elvira. Show and Tell. 1991.
Youth Picture Book WOO
Andy never has anything interesting to bring to kindergarten for show and tell, until one day he finds a blue bottle that says "Caution: Bubbles may cause trouble." Show and tell will never be the same for this kindergarten class after Andy shares his special bubbles.