Getting Ready for Kindergarten
... a booklist for parents

The following titles have been selected by Youth Services staff to help parents and caregivers prepare young children for the beginning of school. Click a title to check the Skokie Public Library catalog for the book's status and shelf location.

A companion booklist is also available. Getting Ready for Kindergarten: A Booklist for Children features picture books about kindergarten for parents and children to read together.

Bernard, Susan and Yager, Cary O. The Mommy and Daddy Guide to Kindergarten: Real Life Advice from Parents and Other Experts. 2001.
Adult Non-fiction 372.218 B
Based on interviews with parents, teachers, principals, and other experts, the information presented in this book takes a comprehensive look at what going to kindergarten is all about. Among the topics included are age-appropriate developmental tasks, first day jitters, special needs children, and kindergarten readiness.
Elovson, Allana. The Kindergarten Survival Handbook. 1993.
Youth Parent/Teacher 371.042 E and Adult Non-fiction 649.68 E
This guide for parents provides ideas, suggestions, and checklists for how to prepare children for kindergarten. It lists many basic skills and concepts that children need to know and how parents can work on them at home.
Golant, Susan K. and Golant, Mitch. Kindergarten: It Isn’t What It Used to Be: Getting Your Child Ready for the Positive Experience of Education. 1999.
Adult Non-fiction 372.218 G
This practical guide helps parents to identify and assess kindergarten readiness. There is a wide range of topics covered including looking at your child’s learning style, what to look for in a kindergarten class, and how to handle the school visit. There is a good listing of appropriate Web sites and software programs.
Hearne, Betsy Gould with Stevenson, Deborah. Choosing Books for Children: A Commonsense Guide. 1999.
Youth Parent/Teacher 028.55 H
This book is filled with information abut children’s literature including selecting titles in different genres and how to actively engage your child in reading. Each chapter is accompanied by an annotated list of recommended titles.
Karnofsky, Florence. How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten. 1993.
Youth Parent/Teacher 371.042 K and 649.68 K
This book contains tips for parents to help make the transition to kindergarten a bit easier. Many checklists are also included to aid parents in knowing what to expect from their child and suggestions for how to help bring out the best in them.
Van Beek, Daniel A. Everything Your Kindergartner Needs to Know. 2004.
Youth Parent/Teacher 372.218 V
This is a practical guide to assist the parent with children in a standard classroom as well as the homeschooling parent. It gives advice on how to enhance their children’s learning experiences in all curriculum areas. Included are suggestions for books, software, and other teaching tools.
Walmsley, Sean and Walmsley, Bonnie Brown. Kindergarten: Ready or Not?: A Parent’s Guide. 1996.
Youth Parent/Teacher 372.218 W
Readiness is just one area addressed in this book that answers many questions that parents have about kindergarten. Many other kindergarten issues are discussed to assist parents in making their child’s transition to school an easy one.
Your Five- and Six- Year Old as They Grow. 2000.
Youth Parent/Teacher 649.1 Y
This title gives parents a "window inside their child’s mind" with tips on how best to nurture intellectual, social, and physical milestones in their sons’ and daughters’ lives.