Mysteries for Beginning Readers

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Ada, Alma Flor. Daniel's Mystery Egg. 2001.
J Easy Reader ADA
Daniel finds a small egg and puts it into a box. What do you think will hatch?
Adler, David. Cam Jansen (series). *
J Easy Reader ADL
Cam Jansen has an amazing memory, just perfect for solving any mystery.
Benchley, Nathaniel. The Strange Disappearance of Arthur Cluck. 1967.
J Easy Reader BEN
Arthur, the baby owl, is missing. Can Mama Cluck find him on her own?
Bonsall, Crosby. The Case of the Hungry Stranger. 1963. *
J Easy Reader BON
A thief has stolen the blueberry pie and the Private Eyes Club is determined find the guilty one.
Bonsall, Crosby. The Case of the Scaredy Cats. 1971. *
J Easy Reader BON
Help! The girls are trying to take over the club house!
Cushman, Doug. Inspector Hopper. 2000.
J Easy Reader CUS
Grasshopper Detective Hopper can solve any mystery bugging the bugs of the neighborhood.
Dussling, Jennifer. The Bunny Slipper Mystery. 1997.
J Easy Reader DUS
Fozzie's fuzzy slippers are missing, but fortunately he knows just whom to call.
Grambling, Lois. Miss Hildy's Missing Cape Caper. 2000.
J Easy Reader GRA
What's a detective to do when her detecting cape turns up missing –- on Halloween night?
Hanel, Wolfram. Mary and the Mystery Dog. 1999.
J Easy Reader HAN
A whole week on the beach –- in March when it's too cold to swim? Mary gets bored and goes exploring on her own. Could that really be famous Mystery Dog she meets?
Hayes, Geoffrey. The Secret of Foghorn Island. 1988.
J Easy Reader HAY
Four shipwrecks in the same month? Something is definitely wrong. Leave it to Otto and Uncle Tooth to solve the crimes.
Hoban, Lillian. The Case of the Two Masked Robbers. 1986.
J Easy Reader HOB
Mrs. Turtle's eggs are missing! Leave it to the raccoon twins Arabella and Albert to find the culprits.
Levy, Elizabeth. Parents' Night Fright. 1998.
J Easy Reader LEV
Charlene is overjoyed when her story is picked for parents' night read-aloud. When it disappears mysteriously, she is lucky to have the Invisible Inc. detective trio ready to spring into action.
Levy, Elizabeth. The Snack Attack Mystery. 1995.
J Easy Reader LEV
Who but Invisible, Inc. could figure out what is happening to the missing lunch time snacks?
Obrist, Jurg. Max and Molly and the Mystery of the Missing Honey. 2000.
J Easy Reader OBR
What's wrong with grandpa this summer? First he gives Max and Molly way too many chores and then he accuses them of stealing his valuable honey!
O'Connor, Jane. Eek! Stories to Make You Shriek. 1992.
J Easy Reader OCO
That monster on Halloween night could not have been his friend Danny –- he was at home sick. But then, who was it? Solve this and two more mysteries!
Osborne, Mary Pope. Pandora's Box. 1987.
J Easy Reader OSB
Don't open the box, Pandora! Can she keep the promise or will her curiosity win?
Platt, Kin. Big Max in the Mystery of the Missing Moose. 1977.
J Easy Reader PLA
Big Max to the rescue! The moose is missing from the zoo.
Quackenbush, Robert. Sherlock Chick (series).
J Easy Reader QUA
Hatched with his detective hat and magnifying glass, this chicken is a born detective.
Rocklin, Joanne. The Case of the Backyard Treasure. 1998.
J Easy Reader ROC
Can Liz the Whiz and Company crack the case and discover the treasure? It takes lots of brains and even more teamwork.
Rylant, Cynthia. High-Rise Private Eyes (series).
J Easy Reader RYL
Bunny and Jack often bicker and argue, but they are two of the best detectives in town.
Scary Stories to Read When it's Dark. 2000.
J Easy Reader SCA
Get the shivers as you read these seven chilling stories.
Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman. Nate the Great (series). *
J Easy Reader WEI
Nate the Great, the detective "who likes to work alone," is an expert at tracking down all types of criminals.
Skofield, James. Detective Dinosaur (series).
J Easy Reader SKO
Whose scary shadow could that be? Can you follow the clues and help Detective Dinosaur solve this and other mysteries?
Stevenson, James. The Mud Flat Mystery. 1997.
J Easy Reader STE
Duncan is away on vacation when a package is delivered to his house. All the friends and neighbors can hardly wait to find out what is inside.