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Adler, David A. Andy Russell, NOT Wanted by the Police. 2001.
Youth Fiction ADL
Andy and his friend Tamika are watching their neighbors’ house while they are away. The Perlmans have been gone for two months— so why is their garbage can full of garbage? And why do their lights mysteriously go on and off at odd hours?
Adler, David A. Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones. 1981.
Youth Easy Fiction ADL
Fifth-grader Cam Jansen has a photographic memory. Her mind can take pictures of things she sees, down to the slightest detail. When Cam and her class visit the natural history museum, she knows instantly that something is very wrong with the dinosaur exhibit: three of the bones are missing! Can she find the thief?
Byars, Betsy. Wanted... Mud Blossom. 1991. *
Youth Fiction BYA
Oh, no! The class hamster that Junior Blossom is taking care of for the weekend has vanished! All evidence points to the Blossom family’s dog, Mud, as the culprit. But did Mud really commit the crime?
Cazet, Dennis. Minnie & Moo and the Seven Wonders of the World. 2003.
Youth Easy Fiction CAZ
Minnie and Moo, cows and best friends, are back. This time, Moo involves Minnie in a money-making scheme to save the farm from being sold. The cows turn the farm into a museum of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s a great success— until the appearance of giant footprints that lead into the woods.

Clements, Andrew. Room One: A Mystery or Two. 2006. *
Youth Fiction CLE
It’s a good thing that 12-year-old Ted Hammond loves to read mysteries, because now he’s got a real-life mystery on his hands. Why is there a face peering out of the Anderson’s second story window— even though their house has been empty for two years?
Conford, Ellen. A Case for Jenny Archer. 1988.
Youth Easy Fiction CON
It’s summer, and Jenny Archer is bored. When her mother suggests a trip to the library, Jenny gets hooked on mysteries— and starts to wonder about some mysterious goings-on in the house across the street.
Cushman, Doug. Inspector Hopper. 2000.
Youth Easy Reader CUS
Mysteries are everywhere in the insect world. Join Inspector Grasshopper and his sidekick McBugg as they tackle three creepy-crawly cases.
DeFelice, Cynthia. The Ghost and Mrs. Hobbs. 2001. *
Youth Fiction DEF
Allie’s 6th-grade teacher has given the class a special assignment: interview an elderly person for Elder’s Day. Why in the world does Allie want to interview Mrs. Hobbs, the meanest, scariest cafeteria lady in the school? Allie doesn’t know herself, but there is a reason— a ghostly reason.
Ferguson, Dwayne J. The Case of the Missing Ankh. 1997.
Youth Fiction FER
Kid Caramel, ace 5th-grade detective, is visiting the museum with his friend Ernest, when suddenly the world-famous African artifact known as the Crystal Ankh disappears in a cloud of smoke! Can Kid Caramel solve this one?
Giff, Patricia Reilly. Kidnap at the Catfish Café. 1998. *
Youth Fiction GIF
Sixth grader Minnie is a detective without a case until the day she finds a mysterious cat playing with an amber ring. Where did the ring come from? And where did the cat come from?
Greer, Gery and Bob Ruddick. Billy the Ghost and Me. 1997.
Youth Easy Reader GRE
Sarah is a young cowgirl who lives in Cactus Junction. Her best buddy is a cowboy ghost named Billy. When the Cactus Junction bank is robbed, Sarah and Billy are ready and willing to find out who did it, and they have a real advantage: the only person who can see Billy is Sarah!
Hale, Bruce. Farewell My Lunchbag. 2001. *
Youth Fiction HAL
First the eggs beat it. Then the bananas split. No bones about it, someone is definitely stealing food from the school cafeteria. This is a case for Chet Gecko, a detective with a hunger for mystery— and a taste for bad puns!
Joosse, Barbara M. Ghost Trap: A Wild Willie Mystery. 1998.
Youth Fiction JOO
Willie has a problem. His old best friend Kyle has moved back to town, and his new best friend, Lucy, doesn’t want anything to do with Kyle. But when the three friends find a secret passageway in Kyle’s new house, they have to summon all their courage and work together to find out what it means.
Keane, David. The Haunted Toolshed. 2006.
Youth Fiction KEA
Do you like your mysteries with a dash of slapstick humor? Then you’ll love Joe Sherlock, 4th-grade detective, as he tries to find out who has stolen a glass eyeball from his neighbor’s house— and why!

Krensky, Stephen. Arthur Accused! 1998.
Youth Easy Fiction KRE
Arthur is in trouble. The quarters he has been collecting for Mrs. McGrady’s school charity drive are missing! Will his detective friend Buster be able to clear Arthur’s name?
Labatt, Mary. Spying on Dracula. 1999.
Youth Easy Fiction LAB
Samantha is a very unhappy sheepdog. She is certain that her new neighborhood will be dull, dull, dull. Samantha, you see, is a dog-detective who is used to solving crimes. Little does she know that adventure is literally right around the corner!
Levy, Elizabeth. Frankenstein Moved in on the Fourth Floor. 1979.
Youth Easy Fiction LEV
There’s a new neighbor in Sam and Robert’s building. He’s pale and thin, works with electricity and lots of wires, and strange unearthly noises come from his apartment. Could he be... Frankenstein?
Preller, James. The Case of Hermie the Missing Hamster. 1998.
Youth Fiction PRE
Seven-year-old Jigsaw Jones is an ace Private Eye. Good thing, too, because his best friend Wingnut’s Hamster Hermie is missing. Could Hermie have become a meal for Wingnut’s brother’s snake? Leave it to Jigsaw, Wingnut, and their sidekick Mila to find out.
Roy, Ron. The Absent Author. 1997.
Youth Easy Fiction ROY
Dink is thrilled! His favorite author, has agreed to come to town for a book signing. When the author fails to show up, Dink suspects foul play.
Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective. 1963. *
Youth Fiction SOB
Fifth-grader Encyclopedia Brown remembers everything he reads and uses his knowledge to solve mysteries. In fact, there has not been an unsolved crime in Idaville for a whole year, thanks to his uncanny sleuthing skills. But can he keep it up? Ten new mysteries await him!
Stanley, George Edward. Third Grade Detectives: The Clue of the Left-Handed Envelope. 2000.
Youth Easy Fiction STA
If you like cracking codes, you’ll love this series. Noelle and Todd love their new 3rd-grade teacher. Mr. Merlin used to be a spy, and knows all about secret codes and police work. It’s a good thing, too, because someone has sent Amber a mysterious letter. Solve this mystery with Noelle and Todd— and learn some great codes too!
Warner, Gertrude Chandler. The Dog-Gone Mystery. 2009.
Youth Fiction WAR
The Alden children take their dog, Watch, to obedience class. Meeting the other dogs and their owners is a lot of fun. But it’s not so much fun when, one by one, the dogs start disappearing!
Wright, Betty Ren. The Ghost of Popcorn Hill. 1993.
Youth Easy Fiction WRI
Peter and Martin are brothers who share a bedroom in their family’s cabin on Popcorn Hill. Lying in bed on a dark night, they hear strange, eerie laughter. Peter thinks Martin is trying to scare him. But it wasn’t Martin who laughed.