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Picture Books

da Costa, Deborah. Snow in Jerusalem. 2001.
Avi lives in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem. Hamudi lives in the Muslim quarter of the city. They do not know each other and are not aware that they are both taking care of the same stray cat. Can two boys from two different worlds be friends? Can it snow in Jerusalem?
Dollinger, Renate. The Rabbi Who Flew. 2001.
An interesting thing happens when Rabbi Frum prays. As he prays harder and harder he lifts off the ground and flies. Everyone in the village of Gill is shocked. Some even call it a miracle. The shoemaker however, is worried about what people will think about the holes in his shoes.
Goldin, Barbara Diamond. A Mountain of Blintzes. 2001.
In the 1920s, a poor family gathers together for the holiday of Shavuot, feast of first fruits. Each member contributes in his or her own way to the celebration.
Hest, Amy. The Friday Nights of Nana. 2001.
Jennie helps her grandmother prepare for Shabbat. Nana is having the whole family over for dinner and there is a lot to do. They make challah, shop for supplies, and set the table. The reward for all this hard work is a wonderful Friday night dinner.
Jules, Jacqueline. The Hardest Word. 2001.
The Ziz, a giant bird from Jewish legend, is a softy at heart. He confesses to accidentally doing wrong and God assigns him a job to make up for it. Is he up for it?
Kimmel, Eric A. Zigazak! A Magical Hanukkah Night. 2001.
A pair of devils makes mischief in the shtetl of Brisk. Can the rabbi put an end to their escapades?
Rael, Elsa Okon. Rivka’s First Thanksgiving. 2001.
After learning all about the holiday in school Rivka wants desperately for her family to celebrate Thanksgiving. The problem is that her family is Jewish and from Poland. They are not sure what pilgrims and Indians have to do with their family. Rivka’s bubbe decides that they should go visit the Rabbi and whatever he says will go. Can she convince the Rabbi that Thanksgiving is for everyone?
Simpson, Lesley. The Shabbat Box. 2001.
When Ira looses his class’s treasured Shabbat box, he has to figure out what to do.
Uhlberg, Myron. Lemuel the Fool. 2001.
Lemuel sets off in search of the city of his dreams, returns home without realizing it, and is astonished that all the people and places look so familiar!

Fiction Books

Alexander, Sue. Behold the Trees. 2001.
J Fiction ALE
In beautiful language, this book on the history of Israel describes how the trees were cut down by war and neglect and how the land became a desert until a new people came and planted new trees.
Attema, Martha. Daughter of Light. 2001.
J Fiction ATT
During the harsh winter of 1944, when food is scarce and electricity has been turned off, nine year-old Ria, whose mother is pregnant, confronts the town’s mayor to convince him to restore the electricity before the baby is born.
Feder, Harriet. Death on Sacred Ground. 2001.
J Fiction FED
She’s back! Vivi Hartman, Rabbi’s daughter and teenage sleuth, uses Talmudic reasoning to solve a crime committed on the Seneca Reservation in New York State.
Kacer, Kathy. Clara’s War. 2001.
Jr. High Fiction KAC
Thirteen year-old Clara and her family are deported from Prague to the concentration camp of Terezin and must try to survive.
Kanefield, Teri. Rivka’s Way. 2001.
Jr. High Fiction KAN
Set in eighteenth century Prague, Rivka longs to leave the safety of the Jewish quarter and venture into the larger world that fascinates her.
Kornblatt, Mark. Understanding Buddy. 2001.
J Fiction KOR
What would you think if there was a new boy in your class who walked hunched over, barely talked, and didn’t do any work? One boy named Sam knows why Buddy, the new kid in class, is not himself. Can Sam help Buddy come back out of his shell and make friends with the other kids?
Koss, Amy. Stolen Words. 2001.
J Fiction KOS
Everything is going wrong on Robyn’s vacation with her family in Austria! As recorded in her diary, Robyn’s comments and observations are filled with deep concern about her mother, who cannot get over the death of her sister.
Matas, Carol. The War Within. 2001.
J Fiction MAT
After General Grant issues an order expelling all Jews from the territory under his control, teenager Hannah Green, a southern belle in the making, begins to question many of the values she took for granted, including slavery.
Milkowitz, Gloria. Secrets in the House of Delgado. 2001.
Jr. High Fiction MIL
Fourteen year-old Maria is an orphan. A priest offers her a job as a maid to a Converso family. The only thing he asks is that if she sees this family do anything that looks like Judaism that she come and tell him. When she starts to genuinely like this family Maria finds herself in trouble.
Schmidt, Gary. Mara’s Stories: Glimmers in the Dark. 2001.
J Fiction SCH
In the night fog of a concentration camp, women and children listen to stories told by a prisoner named Mara, the daughter of a Rabbi.
Steiner, Connie. Shoes for Amelie. 2001.
J Fiction STE
The heroism of the people of the town of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon in France is told through the eyes of one courageous and “ordinary” family who sheltered a Jewish child during the Holocaust.
Vogiel, Eva. Friend or Foe? 2001.
Jr. High Fiction VOG
Nechy Horowitz gets the shock of her life when her mother, who was assumed dead, suddenly appears at the boarding school she attends. Everyone at school thinks she should be overjoyed, but she isn’t. Someone is trying to shut the school down and the principal wants to find out who it is.
Zalben, Jane Breskin. The Magic Menorah: A Modern Chanukah Tale. 2001.
J Easy Fiction ZAL
Stanley does not enjoy Chanukah. He thinks his family is noisy, nosy, and pushy. While cleaning an old menorah in preparation for the holiday, he meets a genie named Fischel. Can Fischel change Stanley’s mind about Chanukah?

Nonfiction Books

Axelrod, Toby. Hans and Sophie Scholl: German Resisters of the White Rose. 2001.
J 943.086 A
A small group of courageous German students resisted Hitler. Read about who they were, how they started, and what they did.
Greenfield, Howard. After the Holocaust. 2001.
J 940.5318 G
Focusing on eight Holocaust survivors now living in the United States, this powerful book shows the hardships faced by young survivors, many of who were without homes, families, or identities.
Ungar, Richard. Rachel Captures the Moon. 2001.
J 398.2089924 U
The foolish folk of Chelm, not content to wait for the moon to rise each evening, try to capture its luminescence permanently. When a ladder, a net, and delicious smelling soup cannot lure the moon down to earth, a little girl named Rachel captures its reflection in a barrel of water.
Warren, Andrea. Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps. 2001.
J 940.5318092 W
An inspiring account of the Holocaust experiences of Jack Mandelbaum, who survived three years as a teen in concentration camps. His zest for life and ability to form friendships enabled him to begin a new life in the United States.