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Fiction for Kids

Berenstain, Stan. My Potty and I: A Friend in Need. 1999.
Youth Board Book BER
Carlson, Nancy L. It’s Going to be Perfect. 1998.
Youth Picture Book CAR

Caseley, Judith. Annie’s Potty. 1990.
Youth Picture Book CAS
Cole, Joanna. My Big Boy Potty. 2000.
Youth Picture Book COL
Cole, Joanna. My Big Girl Potty. 2000.
Youth Picture Book COL
Elya, Susan Middleton. Oh No, Gotta Go! 2003.
Youth Picture Book ELY
Ford, Bernette. No More Diapers for Ducky! 2006.
Youth Picture Book FOR
Genechten, Guido Van. Potty Time. 2000.
Youth Picture Book GEN
Lewison, Wendy Cheyette. The Prince and the Potty. 2006.
Youth Picture Book LEW
Lewison, Wendy Cheyette. The Princess and the Potty. 1994.
Youth Picture Book LEW
Lindgren, Barbro. Sam’s Potty. 1986.
Youth Picture Book LIN
Miller, Virginia. On Your Potty! 1994.
Youth Board Book MIL
Munsch, Robert N. I Have to Go! 1987.
Youth Picture Book MUN
Rogers, Paul and Emma Rogers. Ruby’s Potty. 2001.
Youth Picture Book ROG
Ross, Anna. I Have to Go! Featuring Jim Henson’s Sesame Street Muppets. 1990.
Youth Picture Book SESAME
Ross, Tony. I Want My Potty. 1986.
Youth Picture Book ROS
Wilson-Max, Ken. Flush the Potty! 2000.
Youth Board Book WIL
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Nonfiction for Kids

Cole, Joanna. Your New Potty. 1989.
Youth 649.62 C
Ehrlich, Fred. Does a Pig Flush? 2002.
Youth 649.62 E
Frankel, Alona. Once Upon a Potty: Boy. 1979.
Youth 649.62 F
Frankel, Alona. Once Upon a Potty: Girl. 1979.
Youth 649.62 F
Lansky, Bruce, and Robert Pottle. Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Tot: Songs and Rhymes for Toilet Training. 2005.
Youth 649.62 T
Reiner, Annie. The Potty Chronicles. 1991.
Youth 649.62 R
Rogers, Fred. Going to the Potty. 1997.
Youth 649.62 R
Sears, William. You Can Go to the Potty. 2002.
Youth 649.62 S
Willems, Mo. Time to Pee! 2003.
Youth 649.62 W
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Books for Parents

Azrin, Nathan H. Toilet Training in Less Than a Day. 1974.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.62 A
Brazelton, T. Berry. Toilet Training: The Brazelton Way. 2004.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.62 B
Faull, Jan. Mommy! I Have to Go Potty! A Parent’s Guide to Toilet Training. 1996.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.62 F
Hewitt, Debbie. Behavior Matters: Making Child Care Work for You. 2005.
Youth Parent-Teacher 362.712 H
Kinnell, Gretchen. Good Going! Successful Potty Training for Children in Child Care. 2004.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.62 K
Lansky, Vicki. Toilet Training: A Practical Guide to Daytime and Nighttime Training. 1993.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.62 L
Schaefer, Charles E. Toilet Training  Without Tears. 1997.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.62 S
Thoennes Keller, Kristin. Parenting a Toddler. 2001.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.122 T
Van Pelt, Katie. Potty Training Your Baby: A Practical Guide for Easier Toilet Training. 1996.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.62 V
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Audiovisual Resources

Preschool Videos and DVDs

Bear in the Big Blue House: Potty Time With Bear. 1999.
Youth Preschool Video B
Big Comfy Couch: All Aboard for Bed– Molly’s Potty Lesson. 2004.
Youth Preschool Video B
No More Diapers. 2005.
Youth Preschool DVD N

Nonfiction Videos and DVDs

I Gotta Go!: A “Must-Have” for Every Stage of Potty Training. 2002.
Youth 649.62 I
Once Upon a Potty for Him. 2004.
Youth 649.62 O
Once Upon a Potty for Her. 2004.
Youth 649.62 O
Potty Power for Boys & Girls. 2004.
Youth 649.62 P

Parent/Teacher Videos and DVDs

The Perfect Guide to Potty Training. 1996.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.62 P
Winston’s Potty Chair: I'm a Big Kid Now! 1990.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.62 W
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Special Needs

Baker, Bruce. L. Steps to Independence: Teaching Everyday Skills to Children with Special Needs. 2004.
Youth Parent-Teacher 371.9 B
Dunlap, Glen. Toilet Training for Children with Severe Handicaps: A Field Manual for Coordinating Training Procedures Across Multiple Community Settings. 1984.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.620874 D
Koegel, Lynn Kern & Claire LaZebnik. Overcoming Autism. 2004.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.154 K
Wheeler, Maria. Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism & Related Disorders. 1998.
Youth Parent-Teacher 649.620874 W
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