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Allard, Harry. Miss Nelson Has a Field Day. 1985.
J Picture Book ALL
The Horace B. Smedley School football team hadn't won a football game all year – they hadn't even scored a single point. With Coach Armstrong out of action, it was up to Miss Viola Swamp, the terrible tyrant of a substitute teacher from Miss Nelson’s Room 207, to step in and get the team into shape for the big Thanksgiving game.
Arnold, Marsha. The Pumpkin Runner. 1998.
J Picture Book ARN
Joshua Summerhayes, an eccentric sheep farmer from Blue Gum Creek, and his faithful companion Yellow Dog, enter the Koala-K Race from Melbourne to Sydney. Clad in overalls, running in gumboots, and energized only by various pumpkin creations, Joshua runs the 542-mile race against much younger and supposedly better-trained opponents.
Barber, Barbara. Allie’s Basketball Dream. 1996.
J Picture Book BAR
Allie's dad gives her a new basketball and drops her off at the playground so she can try it out. She doesn’t have much success making baskets and her friends try to discourage her because they think it’s a "boys" game. Allie keeps practicing, and as she begins to make baskets, is cheered on by her friends.
Boelts, Maribeth. Big Daddy, Frog Wrestler. 2000.
J Picture Book BOE
Curtis, a young frog and "All-Frog Wrestling" fan, is thrilled to discover that his father, Big Daddy, was once a professional wrestling champion. Curtis brags about his father to his friends which draws crowds of challengers to their backyard. Big Daddy defeats them all and receives an invitation to go on the world wrestling tour.
Carlson, Nancy. Arnie and the Skateboard Gang. 1995.
J Picture Book CAR
When Arnie gets a new skateboard for his birthday, he can’t wait to go to the park where all the coolest skateboarders hang out. With lots of practice, Arnie gets good enough to become a regular member of the skateboard gang. Arnie must decide what to do when the skateboard gang’s leader, Fly, wants him to ride down a steep, dangerous hill.
Caseley, Judith. Field Day Friday. 2000.
J Picture Book CAS
Mickey and Longjohn are neighbors and best friends who do everything together. During Field Day at school, they enjoy all the races, whether their team is winning or losing. But then comes the 50 yard dash – Longjohn and Mickey are tied until Mickey’s shoe falls off. Longjohn wins and Mickey loses, and their friendship is put to the test.
Dodds, Dayle Ann. The Great Divide. 1999.
J Picture Book DOD
And they're off! Eighty daring racers explode from the starting gate, determined to win the hazardous cross-country race. Dangers loom at every turn, waiting to divide the group once, twice, three times, and more. Will anyone remain to cross the finish line?
Farrell, John. It’s Just a Game. 1999.
J Picture Book FAR
A soccer team is having lots of fun before the game, but once the game begins, the fun ends. Some of the coaches are yelling at players and some adult fans are criticizing the kids. It takes the young players to remind the grown-ups that learning, trying your hardest, practicing good sportsmanship, and having fun are more important than winning and losing.
Harder, Dan. Colliding with Chris. 1997.
J Picture Book HAR
Chris is so eager to get behind the wheel of his brand-new bicycle that he doesn't realize the trouble that awaits him. Chris has not yet learned the most important skill in biking – braking! Chris' innocent bike ride turns into a hilarious obstacle course as he collides with plants, trees, and animals.
Hellman, Gary. The Karate Way. 2001.
J Picture Book HEL
When a young boy frets about school bullies, his parents sign him up for a mysterious school activity which is to remain unknown until the first day of class arrives. Relief and then confidence replace his fears as he learns the finer points of karate.
Jay, Betsy. Swimming Lessons. 1998.
J Picture Book JAY
Jane doesn't want swimming lessons. No matter what Momma says to try to convince Jane, nothing works – not even the new pink bathing suit with the yellow dinosaur on the front that turns purple when it gets wet. Neighbor boy Jimmy taunts her with "Chickens and girls can’t swim." What will Jane do now?
Mammano, Julie. Rhinos Who Surf. 1996.
J Picture Book MAM
Surfing is an exciting sport with a lingo and look all of its own – and it becomes even more fun when three radical rhinos take to the waves. This fun look at surfing also includes a glossary of surfing lingo.
Martin, Bill. Swish!. 1997.
J Picture Book MAR
Two girls' basketball teams go head-to-head for the championship. They both play hard and the suspense builds until there is only one second left on the clock, and time for one last shot. Who will win – the Cardinals or the Blue Jays?
Miller, William. Night Golf. 1999.
J Picture Book MIL
James loves sports, but he's too short for basketball and too small for football. However, he finds an old golf club one day, and he realizes quickly that golf comes naturally to him. After discovering the town golf course only allows white players, James reluctantly becomes a caddy. But James worries that he’ll never get to play, until he befriends a veteran caddy who teaches him that there is a way: playing at night!
Myers, Bernice. Sidney Rella and the Glass Sneaker. 1985.
J Picture Book MYE
Poor Sidney Rella leads a terrible life. More than anything else, Sidney wants to be a football star. Instead, while his parents are at work and his two older brothers are at football practice, Sidney is left to do all the chores. With a little help from his fairy godfather, Sidney becomes a football player.
Ogburn, Jacqueline. The Masked Maverick. 1994.
J Picture Book OGB
The Masked Maverick was the best wrestler in the American Wrestling League. He won most of his matches, he had a great costume that he had designed himself, and he loved his work. But the crowd didn’t love him – they booed and hissed at him – until they saw something they had never seen before.
O’Malley, Kevin. My Lucky Hat. 1999.
J Picture Book OMA
Frank's lucky hat helped him win two tickets to the Knights baseball game. Now it's the bottom of the ninth inning. There are two players on base, two outs, and the batter has two strikes. Is there enough luck left in Frank's hat to help the Knights win?
Pinkney, J. Brian. Jojo’s Flying Side Kick. 1995.
J Picture Book PIN
When Master Kim announces that JoJo is ready to take the test for her yellow belt promotion, butterflies start fluttering in her stomach. JoJo loves Tae Kwon Do, but can she really do a perfect flying side kick and break a board in two?
Rappaport, Doreen. Dirt on Their Skirts. 2000.
J Picture Book RAP
It's the bottom of the 14th inning of the 1946 championship game of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League between the Racine Belles and the Rockford Peaches. Margaret and her family are in the stands; Margaret dutifully keeps score, waits for her team to come through, and endures her brother’s teasing about scabby knees.
Rey, Margret. Curious George Plays Baseball. 1986.
J Picture Book REY
George watches his friend Jimmy play in a baseball game and becomes curious to see if he can hit a baseball also. He winds up interfering with the game and gets chased away by angry players. Later, George makes a catch and a rescue that none of the other players could and becomes the hero of the day.
Saltzberg, Barney. The Soccer Mom From Outer Space. 2000.
J Picture Book SAL
The night before Lena's first soccer game, her father tells her a story about how his mother used to act strange at his soccer games and embarrass him. Could it be that Lena's soccer-crazed grandmother really was an alien from outer space?
Schuurmans, Hilde. Sidney Won’t Swim. 2001.
J Picture Book SCH
Sidney's class is about to have its first swimming lesson, but Sidney is reluctant to get into the water. "It’s dumb and boring," he says. Or could it be that he is a little bit afraid? Sidney's classmates help him get over his nervousness of the water.
Schwartz, David. Supergrandpa. 1991.
J Picture Book SCH
Sixty-six year old Gustaf Hakansson tries to enter the 1,000 mile long Swerige-Loppet bicycle race across Sweden but is turned away because of his age. Determined to ride in the race anyway, he bikes an extra 600 miles to get to the starting line. He finishes the race ahead of the other racers but is denied the trophy because he was not officially entered in the race. Gustaf wins the hearts of spectators who affectionately call him "Supergrandpa."
Simon, Francesca. Camels Don’t Ski. 1998.
J Picture Book SIM
Calamity the Camel hates the heat and the sun and the sand of the desert. But most of all Calamity hates carrying the heavy loads. She longs for the cold, cold snow, and so she heads for the nearest ski resort – even though, as everyone knows – "camels don’t ski!"
Tavares, Matt. Zachary’s Ball. 2000.
J Picture Book TAV
When his father takes him to his first major league baseball game, Zachary is amazed by the sights and sounds of Fenway Park. But when his father catches a foul ball and gives it to Zachary, something magical happens. Zachary finds himself on the pitcher's mound, wearing a Red Sox uniform, with one more out to go to win the game.
Yolen, Jane. Moon Ball. 1999.
J Picture Book YOL
Danny always strikes out. One night, after yet another disappointing game, Danny suddenly finds himself floating out his bedroom window to play baseball with the All-Stars - Orion, Dipper, Rigel, and the rest. They face the intimidating pitcher Moon and his team, the Orbits. Up to bat, Danny watches the ball all the way in and hits the home run of his dreams.