Midnight on the Moon: A Magic Tree House Adventure
June 23, 2004

"Are we really going to the moon or is it a part of our imagination?"

This was the question posed by a child who started the summer with a trip to the moon... Skokie Public Library style! The young astronauts made energy packs to help them breathe in outer space, and then they climbed aboard the Magic Tree House that would bring them to the moon. Before departing, they chanted this incantation:

book coverFull moon's light to wake the night!
Full moon's light to guide our flight!
Midsummer will bring life to the moon.
A Magic Tree House will bring us home soon!

After the chant, each child sat in the tree house and said, "I want to go to the moon" and POOF!... they were on the moon!

The Library moon was filled with all kinds of activity stations including a moon surface complete with moon rocks, a small moon rover and moon buggy, and a weigh station (that calculated in moon pounds, of course!). Luckily none of the young astronauts fell into the craters.

Before they left the moon, and to be true to Mary Pope Osborne's Midnight on the Moon book, the astronauts had to find fifteen items hidden on the moon that began with the "M" sound.

Did we really go to the moon? Only the astronauts know for sure!

Youth Services librarian and lead astronaut Cathy Maassen builds energy packs with her crew of Magic Tree House adventurers.
photo photo
Young astronauts on board the Magic Tree House get ready for a soft landing...
photo photo
...and then take a ride in the moon buggy.

Thank you to the following local businesses for their generous support of Midnight on the Moon: A Magic Tree House Adventure...

  • Papa Romeo's Pizza for donating energy pack supplies
  • Toys 'R' Us in Niles, Illinois for loaning us the moon buggy