Election 2004
News and Information for Kids and Teachers

Even if you're too young to vote, you can still keep up with the 2004 presidential election at the Library and on the Web! Follow the links to background information on the election process, news and information from the campaign trail, election vocabulary, and election-related books.

Election 2004Books and reading

Youth fiction and nonfiction books about elections.

Youth biographies of United States presidents and first ladies.

Election-Related Books for Children, a booklist for children in kindergarten through junior high.

Election-related websites

...for kids

BrainPOP: Election
Put on your headphones and learn about the election process with this fun animated  video and quiz.
Connect For Kids: Young Journalists Share Views on Election 2004
New York City students interview politicians and share their views about the 2004  Republican and Democratic National Conventions.
Election 2004: Glossary from By the People
Make sense of election words and phrases with this glossary of more than 100 terms that you'll probably hear throughout the 2004 election season.
Election of the President & Vice President: Electoral College from Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Learn about the election process, from the electoral college and election of the president to voter registration and more!
Election 2004 from Scholastic
Follow the election process and more! Read about choosing a new president, how to run for President, and what life is like for the President. Find out what's going on at the elections and conventions from student reporters on the campaign trail, and keep up to date with the countdown to the 2004 Presidential Election.
Election Connection 2004 from Time for Kids
Get the scoop on top stories and election news reports from student reporters on the election trail. You can also meet the candidates, read about important issues, and learn some election vocabulary.
The PBS Kids Democracy Project
Take a kids tour of United States government, follow the President for a day, and decide which election issues are most important to kids. The site includes classroom resources for teachers, too!
The Presidency and Electoral Politics from Grolier
This collection of information about the presidency and election politics features articles from five different Grolier encyclopedias for students in elementary school through college. Topics include elections, congress, the presidency, and more.

...for teachers

Election 2004: Lesson Plans from By the People
Bring the 2004 election into the classroom with this collection of lesson plans organized by grade level and topic. Content is designed to tie to state and national standards for civics, history, math, and language arts.
CNN Election Express
Keep up with election news from the CNN Election Express Bus as it travels around the country. Topics include the conventions, the candidates, the polls, and more.
Connect for Kids Special Presentation: Bush, Kerry Answer Connect for Kids
Find out where President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry stand on issues affecting kids, families, and communities.
Elections: The American Way from Library of Congress American Memory
Especially for teachers, the website uses primary sources from the American Memory collections to investigate election processes. Topics include candidates, voters, the party system, the election process, and issues.
Vote Smart Classroom from Project Vote Smart
A collection of activities can be used in the classroom to evaluate candidates and monitor their work after they are elected.
Voting Information from Skokie Public Library
A selection of voting links for candidate information, election news, and much more.