Voice of Youth Award Books 2001-2002
7th and 8th grades

Jennifer Armstrong.  Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World.
Stranded in Antarctica, an exploration crew finds itself 100 miles from land with a sinking boat. Join them as they trek across ice floes, navigate small lifeboats on the open sea, and cross treacherous mountain terrain.
Edward Bloor.  Tangerine.
Paul Fisher is legally blind and terrorized by his older brother. His family has just moved to Tangerine County, where their new neighborhood is struck with bizarre natural disasters every day. Paul starts a new life here, but his uncertainty about what caused his blindness leads him to confront his parents about the truth.
Sharon Creech.  Absolutely Normal Chaos.
Mary Lou has a homework assignment over the summer -- she is required to keep a journal. What starts out as homework turns into stories about her wild and wacky summer: romance, homesickness, death, and absolutely normal chaos.
Margaret Peterson Haddix.  Running Out of Time.
In 1840 Jessie lives in a small village. When a diphtheria epidemic hits and there is no medicine to save the children, Jessie's mother tells her that it is really 1996 and they actually live at a tourist site. It is up to Jessie to escape the heartless scientists who have set up the site and get to the outside world for help.
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Will Hobbs.  The Maze.
Rick runs away from the danger he is in at a youth detention center to find himself trapped in the middle of nowhere. He has inadvertently gotten involved in a web of anti-government locals and puts his own life on the line to stop their activities.
Joan Lowery Nixon.  Don't Scream.
There are two new boys at Jess' school who she thinks are cool. What she doesn't know is that the two boys are connected in a mysterious way. One is in the Federal Witness Protection Program and the other is seeking revenge. Jess doesn't know who to trust until her own life is threatened.
Katherine Paterson.  Lyddie.
Lyddie is a factory worker in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1840 trying to earn enough money to reunite her family. When working conditions begin to affect her friends' health she has to decide whether to speak out and risk losing her dream or stay quiet and keep her job.
Gary Paulsen.  Hatchet.
Brian is the sole survivor of a plane crash that leaves him stranded in the wilderness. He has no way to call for help and no one knows where he is. The only thing he has to help him survive is a hatchet.
Richard Peck.  A Long Way from Chicago.
Joey and Mary Alice travel from Chicago to rural Illinois every summer to visit their not-so-typical Grandma Dowdel. Summer with Grandma is never boring. In just one day they see a corpse, trespass and catch the sheriff in his underwear!
Gary Soto.  Baseball in April.
This collection of unique short stories reveals the everyday adventures of Hispanic young people growing up on work farms in California. The small events of daily life illustrate big themes such as love and friendship, youth and growing up, and success and failure. The characters in these stories are both vulnerable and courageous.