Voice of Youth Award Books 2007-2008
7th and 8th grades

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Abrahams, Peter. Down the Rabbit Hole: An Echo Falls Mystery. 2005. *
Ingrid decides to run to soccer practice instead of waiting for her ride. When she gets lost in a not-so-good part of town, an eccentric woman, Katie, calls her a cab. When Ingrid learns of Katie’s murder she is stunned, but things get really bizarre when Ingrid’s cleats are found at the murder scene.
Avi. Nothing but the Truth: A Documentary Novel. 1991.
Ninth-grader Philip is disappointed that because of his poor English grade he can’t be part of his school’s track team. When he hums along with the national anthem, ignoring Mrs. Narwin’s “respectful, silent attention” rule, he gets a two day suspension. The altercation that follows leads to a national media frenzy that very soon is totally out of control. Who will win?
Fama, Elizabeth. Overboard. 2002.
Emily’s parents are doctors in Indonesia; Emily would rather be back home in Boston. When the opportunity presents itself for her to “run away” and visit her vacationing uncle on a nearby island, she doesn’t hesitate. Unfortunately things don’t go as planned. Emily’s ferry capsizes and she finds herself clinging to life on the open ocean without a life vest.
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Holt, Kimberly Willis. When Zachary Beaver Came to Town. 1999. *
1971 is definitely the summer of changes for 13-year-old Toby Wilson from Antler, Texas. His mom leaves to become a country singer, his best friend’s brother is off to fight in Vietnam, and now people in town can’t wait to catch a glimpse of Zachary Beaver, weighing in at 643 pounds– the fattest boy in the world.
Kass, Pnina Moed. Real Time. 2004.
Thomas didn’t really come to Israel to just “learn about the country”. He wants to learn the truth about his grandfather. What was his role with the Nazi regime? Did he torture anyone? In Jerusalem he meets others looking for their own answers. While Thomas expected this trip to be life changing, he did not anticipate being caught in a near death experience.
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Lester, Julius. Day of Tears: A Novel in Dialogue. 2005. *
Savannah, Georgia, 1859: Pierce Butler must sell his inheritance of 429 slaves to pay off gambling debts. Families are split up, lovers are separated and “the rain”, one of the slaves remarks “ain't rain, this is God's tears.” Will Butler sell even Emma, the daughter of two slaves he grew up with?
Myers, Walter Dean. The Greatest: Muhammad Ali. 2001.
“I am the Greatest!” he exclaimed, but who was the real Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Clay? Growing up in the truly segregated world of the South in the 1940s, he discovered boxing at the age of 12. He was completely dedicated to it, proving his skills and talent at the age of 18 when he won an Olympic gold medal. Brash, outspoken and courageous, Clay converted to Islam in 1963 and used his religion as the reason to refuse fighting in Vietnam. Who was he really, that frail man that lit the Olympic torch in 1996?
Riordan, Rick. The Lightning Thief. 2005.
Percy Jackson has been trouble since day one. It’s not really his fault though; he is dyslexic and has ADHD. Now he is about to be kicked out of yet another private boarding school. Weird things start happening on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in the midst of the ancient Greek artifacts exhibit. His true forces are released as he vaporizes his pre algebra teacher. What is really going on here?
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Voigt, Cynthia. Homecoming. 1981.
Things are tough already since Dicey’s mom lost her job in Providence, Rhode Island. Now they are on their way to Bridgeport, Connecticut to see if great-aunt Cilla can help. They pull into a mall parking lot where mom tells Dicey and her siblings to wait in the car for a few minutes. Minutes turn into hours before the children realize that they have been abandoned… .
Weeks, Sarah. Regular Guy. 1999.
No way can these really be his parents! Guy’s eccentric parents embarrass him to no end. No normal mother dresses like this and he has yet to meet another grown man who would suck an oyster up his nose just to spit it out – in public! There can only be one reasonable explanation for this, Guy must have been switched at birth and he has even figured out with whom: Bob-o Smith, born on the same day and in the same hospital.
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