Voice of Youth Award Books 2008-2009
3rd and 4th grades

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Bauer, Marion Dane. A Bear Named Trouble. 2005.
Jonathan is new to Anchorage, where his dad is a zookeeper. When a young, injured bear wanders into his backyard looking for food, Jonathan is fascinated. Soon thereafter the bear, which has little fear of humans, unintentionally kills Jonathan’s favorite zoo animal, Mother Goose. Jonathan is torn. Although he is angry at the bear and mourning the death of the goose, he knows the fate that awaits the bear once it is caught: death!
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Eager, Edward. Half Magic. 1954. *
Unlike all of their friends who have exciting vacations in the country or at the beach, Jane, Mark, Katharine, and Martha never go on a trip. Summers are quite boring. One day, though, Jane finds a coin, a magic coin that grants wishes. Will all their desires come true now? Not quite, because this magic coin only grants half wishes.
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Hoberman, Mary Ann. You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together. 2001.
Reading is always lots of fun, but taking turns reading great stories together with your friend is at least twice as enjoyable as reading alone.
Kurlansky, Mark. The Story of Salt. 2006.
Can you imagine your pizza without salt? Read about these little white granules that have influenced world history in more ways than you could possibly imagine!
Love, D. Anne. The Puppeteer’s Apprentice. 2003.
Medieval England: Mouse, a shy maid, finally can’t take being treated badly any more and runs away from Dunston Manor, the place where she was abandoned as an infant and has lived ever since. Life on the outside isn’t easy, but when she meets a puppeteer, she is truly hopeful for the first time in her life. Seeing him make the puppets come to life fills her with awe, and she can imagine nothing better than becoming his apprentice. When he rejects her, Mouse stows away and then continues to beg him. Will her perseverance pay off and her dream to become a puppeteer’s apprentice come true?
Martin, Ann M. The Doll People. 2000. *
Annabelle Doll is 8 and has been that age for more than a hundred years. She and her family are leading an ordinary doll life during the day, but at night they come to life! When Annabelle discovers a diary left by her auntie Sarah, she goes on a mission to solve the mystery behind her disappearance 45 years ago. Maybe Tiffany Funmart, her new neighbor will be able to help when they venture out into the “big” house after dark.
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Pennypacker, Sara. Clementine. 2006.
Monday started off just fine. Not only did Clementine have the perfect number of banana slices in her cereal, she was also excused from journal writing so she could finish an art project. It’s what happened after that that made this the start of a “not so good week”. What’s Clementine to do when her best friend Margaret cuts some glue out of her hair and the hair cut needs fixing? And how is one to know that one doesn’t answer the phone in the principal’s office?
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Van Draanen, Wendelin. Attack of the Tagger. 2004.
Nolan, the 5th grade nerd, aka cyber hero Shredderman, is back in action! When graffiti is discovered around Cedar Valley he is determined to catch the culprit. Things get a little hairy when Shredderman is then suspected of committing the crimes.
Wiles, Deborah. Love, Ruby Lavender. 2001.
Ruby is crushed! Her eccentric grandmother and favorite “partner in crime,” Miss Eula, is off to Hawaii for the whole summer to spend time with her new granddaughter. Nothing ever happens in Halleluia, Mississippi, and Ruby is convinced that this will be the most boring summer ever.
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Winkler, Henry and Lin Oliver. Niagara Falls, or Does It? 2003.
Writing is definitely not Hank’s strength, so when his fourth grade teacher assigns a five-paragraph essay about summer vacation on the first day of school, he knows he is in trouble. Maybe his creativity can save him and get him a good grade. After all, building Niagara Falls and bringing it into the classroom is a really grand idea– or is it?