Teacher Loan and Bookbag Service
2012-2013 school year

The following guidelines are established for material loans to schools serving the children of Skokie:

  1. Teachers working in schools that serve the children of Skokie are eligible for Skokie Public Library cards and the Teacher Bookbag Service. The principal must sign an authorization form and send a staff list approving use of the card by the administrators, teachers, and aides included on the list.  Each person authorized for checkout privileges will have a separate barcode with the card issued first to the school, followed by the person's name. (E.g.  EDISON- Linda Jones). Cards will be given to each school for distribution to school personnel.  
  2. Each teacher may borrow a maximum of 30 items from the Library for a period of three (3) weeks. Materials can be renewed online. Teachers may also download eAudiobooks and eBooks according to Library guidelines. Depending on demand, it may be necessary to limit the number of items permitted to ensure materials are also available for the general public. Adult materials may be checked out for school use as well. (eReader devices are excluded from school loans.)  Generally five (5) items in a Dewey classification area will be available. Established loan periods for all materials apply. Limits for all materials are subject to the discretion of the librarian.
  3. Fines will be waived on school loans but prompt return of materials will insure continued access to this service. We count on the school’s and each teacher’s cooperation in order to make materials available to all patrons.  Schools are responsible for the cost of lost or damaged materials, including the bag used for the school loans. Overdue notification will initially be sent to the individual three times via email.  If the person fails to respond in a timely manner, the school administration will be notified and loan privileges for the individual will be suspended. Continued abuse will result in termination of the individual’s school loan privileges.  At the beginning of the school year, loan privileges will be frozen for any school with teachers who have outstanding accounts from the previous year. Overdue, missing or damaged material must be returned or paid for in order for the account to be cleared.
  4. Bookbag requests may be called in, faxed or emailed to the Youth Services Department’s School Services Liaison at the Library.  A minimum of seven (7) days notice is required, and as much lead-time as possible is suggested, when a teacher wishes to have materials selected by Youth Services staff.  If the school is near a scheduled Bookmobile stop, the bookbag can be put on the Bookmobile for pick-up.  Bookbags will be held at the Youth Services Desk for 3 days after pickup notification unless special arrangements have been made. 
  5. The bookbag will include a list of all of the loaned materials.  The due date for materials will be included on this list.  Materials should be returned to either the East or West desk of the Circulation Department or the Bookmobile.
  6. Teachers may also come to the Library to select their own materials at any time. They may use the automated checkout stations or the West Circulation desk to check out materials.  A list of materials with due dates is provided. 
  7. Using their library card number teachers may place reserves on materials that are currently checked out. In order to contact teachers who place reserves on materials, the Library must have the teacher’s email address on file.